Saturday, June 27, 2009


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Great back to be related by Dorival Júnior

The Great half, which debuted by Ceará against Vasco in the 2nd round of Series B, again be related by Dorival Júnior and be in front of the bank reserves Figueirense. The information is the newspaper Lance.


Coutinho is in bank reserves against Figueirense

Satisfied with the presentation of Philippe Coutinho in 0 to 0 tie in with the Duque de Caxias, the last round of Series B, Dorival Júnior related to the departure against Figueirense. The supporter of 17 years, will be the bank of reserves and is one of the weapons of Vasco.

- The sequence of drills and games will be important for my adaptation to professionals - said.

Source: Lance

Vasco meeting will take 'decisive' Lusoarenas with the next 15 days

The negotiations for the reform and modernization of Januário following are in full swing. The board of Vasco met this week with Marco Antonio Herling, vice president of Lusoarenas, and a new meeting, considered crucial, is scheduled for the next 15 days.

- We are near the mature design of the partnership. Still missing some points, but if everything goes well, hope to have part of the reform ready by the end of next year, and another in 2011 - said Luso Soares da Costa, vice president general.

If the meeting is successful the 15th, missing only the endorsement of the president, Roberto Dynamite. Then, a protocol of intent was signed and work, in fact, would start.

Source: Lance


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Friday, June 26, 2009


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Ramesh r Gian Rodrigo and should return against Bragantino

The doctor Paulo Cesar Andrade, Rodrigo ramesh r the attacker is released from the medical department and should be available for the game on Tuesday against Bragantino. The defender must also Gian back.

Source: This Day Online

Edmundo on Showbol: 'I am accustomed to using this style of game'

In the second match of the night, between Vasco and Sao Paulo, the striker Edmundo scored six goals and helped the team win the Rio is the score by Pauline-11-7.

The Vasco went ahead with Maciel, but then draw Douglas for São Paulo. The Rio team in the game grew and came to open a five-goal advantage. The São Paulo threatened a reaction to Wilson, but Brener marked the first time and closed at 7 to 2 for the time carioca.

In return for the second time was for the Captain Sao Paulo, Vasco but was not intimidated and was over the opening time paulista advantage of seven goals. At the end of the departure, the São Paulo scored four more goals, but it was late and the game ended 11 to 7 for Vasco.

- I'm accustomed to using that style of play, but time moves a lot, which just helping - Edmundo commented that total 9 goals and is the striker in the competition.

Source: ClicRbs

Carlos Alberto set to renew this Friday

In the middle of training, Carlos Alberto - that should define the outcome of future negotiations between Vasco and Werder Bremen - gave a scare to leave the field in pain in the shoulder. But it was only a contraction and it is confirmed for the game. Dorival Júnio today already have the answer of the request for suspensive effect of the sentence of 30 days.

Source: This Day Online

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

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Players made recreational training in the afternoon

In the last training before starting this Saturday (06/06) against São Caetano the 5th round of the Brazilian Championship - Series B, the players competed Vasco's a lively and traditional entertainment. And in turn, who won the team was yellow. Ramon opened the scoring, but Matthew twice, and Titi, led his team to victory. Further, the players trained charges of misconduct.

In the list related to the departure of two innovations: the defender Rafael Moriscos and side / half Ernani will concentrate and stay in the bank reserves against Azulão.

Source: official site of Vasco

Elton uses his shoe equal to that of Messi

On 23 June the adidas campaign starts in Brazil the world's new F50i his shoe, which has the star as ace Messi.

The player debuted the new model in the final of the UEFA Champions League, on May 27 and celebrated his goal, which ensured the victory of Barcelona, its kissing his shoe blue metallic.

The campaign's new F50i brings big difference as a commercial, produced in Barcelona, with the special participation of Zinedine Zidane.

Also as part of the actions of activation of the season, from June 14, the Brazilian players and Jorge Henrique Felipe (Corinthians), Hernandes (São Paulo), Kleber Pereira (Santos), Williams and Marquinhos (Palmeiras), Thiago Neves (Fluminense), Elton (Vasco) and Ciro (Sport) has come into the field with new models F50i.

The shops themselves of adidas and the main sports shops in the country also promote a specific campaign for the new arrival of his shoe in the colors blue and black, available from June 20.

Source: Adnews

For expulsion against Paraná, Enrico may be suspended for 2 games

The technical committee of Vasco has to trust the legal department of the club for the half Enrico is able to play the next rounds of the Series B. Reported by the Prosecutor of the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) for the expulsion, in confrontation with the Paraná, on May 30, the player is likely to be suspended for up to two more games. The Third Disciplinary Commission considers the case from the 16h of next Wednesday, 10th.

According to the report in the summary of the arbitrator that whistle and the match between Parana Vasco, Enrico was expelled due to the second yellow card on 39 minutes the first time to have reached his opponent with a shoe in dispute ball.

The Prosecutor's STJD denounced the player cruzmaltino unfair act or practice for inconvenience during the match, or equivalent proof - Article 250 of Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (CBJD), which provides for suspension as a penalty to three games.

Enrico does not act in the match against São Caetano on Saturday, day 6, then perform the automatic suspension. If punishable with maximum accuracy, it also defalcate Vasco in the clashes with the Guarani, day 13, and Duque de Caxias, 19 days.

This trial will follow you in real time here in

Source: Website Justice Sports

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