Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vasco give up a hit with Habib's new sponsor and will have up his sleeve

Vasco withdrew its partnership with Habib's and enter the 2010 season with new sponsor on the sleeve of the uniform. The termination of the contract will run until the end of the year and was decided at the board meeting held last week. The club is awaiting the settlement with the new sponsor to terminate the contract with the fast-food.

The club intends to follow the example of Flamengo, with Adriano and Corinthians, with Ronaldo, and use the space of the sleeve to enable the arrival of reinforcements weight. The survey Keirrison the attacker made by Dorival Júnior, would be based on that possibility.

Another negotiation, this more advanced with respect to space in the shorts. The new revenue will be essential to provide the club re-signed a few players. Moreover, Vasco still awaiting the opening of the store Penalty in San Gennaro, which would generate between $ 800 thousand and R $ 1.2 million per month.

Source: Lance

Players discard party mood against the Youth

Over the past few days Vasco players are calling on fans to the game next Saturday at 16:10 (GMT), against the youth, in the Maracanã, the 34th round of the Series B do Campeonato Brasileiro. This is because, in case of victory, the mathematically Cruzmaltina will declare its access to the elite of Brazilian soccer.

Despite the situation and call, the cast vascaíno ensures that there is no mood to party in San Gennaro. The idea is to avoid any statement that may generate contempt the representative of Rio Grande do Sul in the dispute.

"There is no mood to party, but to make sure that we have many difficulties to achieve a positive result, since the youth is a team that has a system of marking was very strong, has experienced players and for sure will do everything to hinder our lives, "said defender Titi. Thinking like that has the midfielder Carlos Alberto.

"The youth need a positive result to avoid a demotion and, therefore, their players will take the field with the thought of obtaining the victory. Moreover, they know that Vasco want to gain access in this round and will do anything to complicate our lives. We need to be connected and knowing that there is no mood to party, "said Carlos Alberto.

Defender Fernando is one that makes clear that there is no mood to party in Vasco, but believes that the youth is thought to disrupt the celebration any time gaucho. Nevertheless, he thinks that the cast has the need to win to match the care that the fan is giving.

"This week is the highlight of the year, but we need to be aware that it is not the last. We have to prepare psychologically because it will be a very complicated game and the fans are demanding a victory, as it should be. Never I relate so much to the crowd off the field, but at this stage it has a key role, "said defender.

"We live in a country where the warmth is too strong and when we receive a vote of confidence in them, it serves as motivation. But she must wait many difficulties, because the youth comes with everything to put water in our beer," added Fernando.

Source: Sports Gazette

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