Monday, April 26, 2010

Ramon praises fans in the Northeast

Fullback Ramon participated in the 1-1 tie between Vasco and Victoria last year, the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup. At that time, with the result, the Hill Giant went to the semifinals of the tournament. Now, in 2010, next Wednesday, at 21h50m (GMT), in Salvador, the player will face his rival again, curiously the same stage in the national competition. And the shirt 33 know what can make a difference to the team from Bahia.

- The downside of this game in Salvador is the fact of having the crowd against. The Victoria will compete to win a classic and will excite even his supporters. If this occurs, the stadium will be full on Wednesday. The crowd excited and the Northeast can be a downside for us - assessed the player.

Ramon, however, takes the sample lived in the competition prior to alert his companions. According to the side, the team needs to use the qualities of 2009 to overcome the rival next Wednesday. Last year, in the first leg, Vasco thrashed the victory by 4-0, in San Gennaro.

- The power of concentration and labeling of our defensive system made life easier for staff from the front. That first result was important because we killed the game. As much as they talked they would make three goals in ten minutes in the game back, the wave was determined. But are games, teams and different mentalities. We must be careful - warned the player vascaíno.

On Monday, players will return to Vasco train in St. Januarius at 9am. In the afternoon, the delegation will sail to Salvador, at 15h20m.


Rodrigo Goldfish has tendonitis in both knees

Striker Rodrigo Goldfish facing a difficult time in Vasco under the medical point of view. He has tendonitis in both knees and therefore unable to train with the ball. In parallel with clinical recovery, he still does a lot of muscle strengthening. Goldfish has no provision for return to play.

Philippe Coutinho Gaucho praises: "He is out of range '

The beginning was exciting and justified the anxiety that many had to see the promising young Vasco in the field. Philippe Coutinho enchanted with dribbles, plucked, kicks and goals, justifying all the expectation created. However, in recent games, the performance of the supporter was not the same. More marked, he has had difficulty developing the plays, which already does being questioned by the crowd.

In the club, everyone's confidence in the player. His place in the team is assured mainly by the characteristics of play, only the cast vascaíno. In daily life, their more experienced and also the coach Gaucho seek to give more moral talk to the boy, just 17 years.

There is also concern about the anxiety over its future. In the middle of the year, Cunningham will have to report to Inter Milan a few weeks ago, the president of Vasco, Roberto Dynamite, said that he had hit the residence of Coutinho. However, the Italian club have not confirmed the loan. The goal is to have none of this take the focus of the club.

Coach vascaíno is unfazed with the situation. Former coach of the juniors, followed Gaucho player development in the basic categories. Close contact, now taken over the command of professionals, made Gaucho carnations Coutinho is one of the most amazing players I've ever lived in football.

"He is outstanding. In recent years, is one of the greatest players I ever met. It's extraordinary. Play ball he knows so well. Go well or badly is normal, same thing at the moment. But I'm sure it will grow much further in the future, "Gaucho, who heads training today at 9am in St. Januarius.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Credito oferecido à você!

Ovation credit é um comporação sem fins lucrativos dedicada à prestação de serviços educacionais com a educação financeira dos consumidores e dos recursos de que necessitam. Nosso objetivo é fornecer aos consumidores informações não apenas referentes aos campos especificados em que estamos presentes, mas também proporcionar-lhes um bom serviço de referência que será capaz de suprir as suas necessidades, na eventualidade de que não estamos aptos a ajudá-los.

Como uma empresa, nós nos esforçamos para apresentar aos consumidores material abrangente sobre temas como Orçamento, credit repair, Financiamento e Compreensão de Crédito Índices Encargos. Sobre temas tais como impostos e Home Mortgages, temos trabalhado para fornecer links para recursos extensos para ajudar os consumidores a encontrar as respostas de que precisam.

O fix credit oferecidos aos consumidores pelos bancos e sociedades financeiras. Este programa combina as contas que um consumidor está olhando para incluir em um pagamento mensal e as taxas de juros são geralmente reduzidas ou eliminadas. Se um consumidor das contas estão a ser faturado tarde ou excesso de limitar os honorários irá parar quando a conta é criada.

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