Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Gian and Fagner are vetoed for the game against the Tigers, this 4th Monday

Besides Léo Lima, who suffered a right thigh in the stretch and will be reevaluated today, the Vasco can have three more losses to the confrontation with the Tigers. The Fernandinho half with an ankle injury in the law, will also be reassessed, while defender Gian Fagner and right-side, both with contraction in the left thigh, are vetoed. 

Source: Official of Sports

Fernando wants better preparation to avoid errors of the referees' grotesque '

The errors of the arbitration stole ce in the first round of the Carioca championship. In departure from Botafogo and Boavista, for very little done by a goal outside of the network has not been validated. Already in the debut of Flamengo on Sunday, the Friburguense had a legitimate goal nullified by the judge. For these and other, the defender Fernando knows it has good reason to worry. 

For the player, the arbitrators shall be required as the athletes in the field, and therefore need a good preparation to not make mistakes. 

"It is difficult to speak because I do not know they (the referees). I hope to prepare as much as we players. We are very charged, and we hope that the arbitrators are, too. They are human, also make mistakes. But we want is not as grotesque as anything in the first round, "said the defender. 

The Vasco will field the next round of the Carioca tomorrow against the Tigers, in the De Los Larios, at 19h10. 

Source: Official of Sports

Monday, January 26, 2009

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Carlos Alberto play with protection in right hand

The half Carlos Alberto vai enter field Juventus for debut in Campeonato Carioca against Americano with a protection in right hand. Player if hurt in last Wednesday during a divided in training recreational with defender Fernando. Despite susto the radiography not constatou none lesion serious. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Carlos Alberto: "When the ball rolls, I turn me "

With premiere confirmed in the State Championship from tonight at 18:15 in St. Januário against the American the Carlos Alberto supportive, reinforcing the main Basque, send a short message to the adversaries and thick. 

"There is no way. When ball rola, I transform. Son of a viro P. within the field. I everything to win ", threat the shirt 19th 

And he promises it makes. So by STJD was punished for conduct antidesportiva have passed the hand of an opponent in the ass, in a game against Grêmio in Brazilian championship last year, when even the defending Botafogo. 

"Came to Vasco because I believed in the project's director. I received countless proposals but decided to devote my body and soul mission of returning the Vasco to the First division, promises. 

Controversial, Carlos Alberto does not agree to the bad boy label. "None. THE problem is that people enjoy being tricked, hate the truth. I differ. Think what I speak, I am bothered that the true and false politically correct. " 

Today, supporter debut down a difficult and demands patience for fans cruzmaltina. Player lembra that team still desentrosada, most players outside your best. 

"The Americano has a team well armada and goes do everything to complicate our life. Support from fans is fundamental, "asked the player. 

Source: Day Online

Friday, January 23, 2009

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Since 2005, 11 were holders of goleiros Vasco

It is the task of resolving the crisis in that shirt 1 Fernando Prass of 30 years, arrives at Vasco. In theory, the holder of shirt is reserved for the goalkeeper, who will be officially presented this Friday in San Januário. The fact is that since the transfer of Fábio for Cruzeiro in 2005, passed by 11 goleiros goal cruzmaltina. 

Behold, the end of the line comes past Brazilian Rafael. From the third goalkeeper, it becomes the highlight of the last seven rounds at Vasco. However, just resigned to leave the concentration in Old Town without permission and arrive at dawn, on two occasions. 

The exemption of Rafael opened a gap for James, who is the holder of the first team in the Carioca championship, Saturday, against the American. Confident, James will start. 

- This will be the year of the resumption of Vasco and I hope that my check back too. I'm 110% ready physically, technically and psychologically to assume the position as the holder of Vasco. It was a chance that I sought - said. 

Highlight of the Portuguese in the dispute of the Series B, 2007, James was holding in most of last season. However, failed to hold the position until the end, Roberto revezando with which the contract was not renewed, and Rafael, who also had rejected the proposals for renewal of Vasco. 

The uncertainty has the board running behind other names. Cássio of 21 years, was the favorite. The goalkeeper came to set salary and length of contract with Vasco, but was not released by PSV (HOL). In the last two weeks, the club invested in heavy recruitment of Fernando Prass, who was in the Union de Leiria (POR). Indicated by the technical Dorival Junior, he gets to be not only the owner of the shirt 1, but the position ultimately.

Edgar will be presentation of this Thursday for 14 hours

The attacker Edgar contract signed this Wednesday (21/01) and is the latest enhancement vascaíno for the 2009 season. The player of 22 years, revealed by Joinville and Sao Paulo with the passage will be presented in the fifth (22) to 14 hours in São Januário. Edgar was in the Red Star of Serbia. 

The player was happy to be able to don the shirt of Vasco. 

- I was wanting to return to play on a great team and when the interest came from Vasco I liked very much. Now I hope I can play well and win titles here, starting with the Campeonato Carioca - Edgar said.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Dorival: 'Who is the Vasco will have to sweat blood'

The technical Dorival Júnior think the waiver of goleiros Rafael and Anderson will not tarnish the good pre-season held by the group in Vila Velha, in the Holy Spirit. According to the coach, the cast understood the attitude taken by the board meeting and will follow closely the decisions of the technical committee. But if something goes wrong, the captain has sent his message. 

- I want a committed team. Who is the Vasco will have to sweat blood. They were frightened by the fact, but understood the decision. It was a shutdown by a penalty that happened within a workgroup. 

After the act committed by the goalkeeper, Dorival decided to remove the athletes on the night of Monday. Aware that the Vasco must be united to overcome the Series B and return to the elite, the coach has already shown that it will be even more hard-line going forward. 

- If you have not compromised, it will not be in the group in that period I'm working here. I will not change my behavior because it was an isolated fact. Warned that to the players. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Portuguese press confirmed that goalkeeper Fernando goes to Vasco

The goalkeeper Fernando goes back to Brazilian soccer. The SAD hit the transfer of the most important element of the squad for the Vasco da Gama, obtaining a financial fit and avoiding the athlete leave at the end of the season at zero cost. 

Hired in 2005 to Coritiba, Fernando, 30 years, has a total of 98 games in all competitions. Last year total in the league this season and is the only one that met all the official matches. 

Source: Record

Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Fluminense had advanced U.S. $ 300 thousand to Rafael

Apparently, it is about time for the goalkeeper Rafael, currently in Vasco, Fluminense in the land. According to a source connected to the two clubs, the Tricolor had made an advance of $ 300 thousand for the shirt 1. 

Although the investigation of L!, You can say that the Cruzmaltino does more to keep the goalkeeper, who has contract until May 22. 

Despite the evidence, the owner of the athlete, Helinho, still prefers to be cautious, but does not deny that Fluminense could be the destination. 

- I can not say that he is not going to Fluminense. Only I can say is that there is no pre-contract signed. Let's hope he (Rafael) back to the pre-season that could have such peace there. No need to rush things or dealing with such urgency that is being placed because he has a contract with Vasco, the businessman explained. 

The Vasco made an offer of renewal, but Rafael made a counterproposal that caused this impasse. 

Source: Lance

Paulo Sérgio overcame past difficult to play football

In a cast as the Vasco, with an average of 22 years and ten months, players like Sergio Paulo are seen as support for many young people. 

But in this case right-side of 30 years, the oldest of the group, the history of life weighs more than the old. 

Who worked until 20 years planting rice and beans to eat and think in football the livelihood of the mother and 11 brothers, collected lessons to give value to each achievement. 

- It is increasingly difficult to find someone with my history. 

Today everything comes easy for many kids. We must not lose our head for humility - says. 

Holder of Dorival Junior, Paulo Sérgio realized in childhood that their achievements do not come easily. 

- I try to play in a club in the fourth division of Sao Paulo, but my father did not accept. 

When he died, bet on football as the quickest means to help support the family - recalls Paulo Sergio, who started playing in the Business of Mato Grosso. - Age is not enough. If I do not give the maximum, a boy going over. The difficulty now, give value to each achievement. 

He would be Marcilio Dias, Avaí, Figueirense, Northwest and Portugal before, finally, stand out in the Grêmio and Palmeiras. 

Source: The Globe

Friday, January 16, 2009

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Fluminense would be interested in renting the Vasco Bar

According to the journalist Jorge Nunes, of Radio Tupi, Fluminense be interested in the move to use the training center currently leased to Vasco and Vasco called Barra. 

Also according to Jorge Nunes, the Tricolor had offered U.S. $ 120 thousand per month to rent the place, U.S. $ 40 thousand more than the amount paid monthly by Vasco. 


Negreiros, former Urubu, would have agreed with Vasco

Player-turned full exploitation of the media in recent days more will not land in the Ring Tigre. It is the attacker Negreiros, 29 years old, who already served in the Union and was recently in Lithuania where you success. It means that in the talks appeared to Vasco da Gama in his life. On this matter to the Football Manager Vila Aurora Paulo Baggage note released to the press, know the content:

"I come through this, you communicate to all the press, that the coming of the athlete Negreiros for Vila Aurora, nothing more than talks between the board of the Town and the player." The President Jose Carlos Son, the Junior, the athletes talked with talks started, but at no time was confirmed the hiring of the attacker. Unfortunately some people who try to guess our football and I was giving the right to employment. The athlete today announced the board of the village that his employer had made a very good contract with a large team of Brazilian soccer (Vasco da Gama), but despite everything, he has great desire to wear the shirt of Aurora Village. " 

The manager took football to make it clear that, for comments that the Town players are dissatisfied, I think that it is a malicious comment by press, because that does not exist in Daffs. Paulinho also said that as the situations of Luisao and Cristiano, the Luisao is already 100% certain and Cristiano are trying to solve the problem and I'm sure that by the end of the afternoon this Friday everything will be resolved and Professor Toninho Cobra will be able to with the two players quietly. 

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Gian and Jéferson have been emphasizing in training in Vila Velha

The life stories of defender Gian Jéferson half and gave two reasons to believe that the chance for a great time may never come. Less famous members of the group of players recruited by Vasco in 2009, the two shows, at least at the start of pre-season, which may be the intimate crowd. Gian itself as the defender that "simplifies things." But ensures that you know playing out, collect and exploit its faults 1.90 m in the air game. In the new Vasco, Fernandinho, Nílton, Titi, Léo Lima and have also Jéferson 1.80 m or more. Before you join them, Gian knew the less glamorous side of football. At 15 years, began in Rio Branco (SP). It was the Brazilian team under-17 but did not open the doors of the big clubs. Passed by Mogi Mirim, Marília, Juventus and Ipatinga. Only now, at 26 years, is on Vasco:

- You must always believe and work seriously. In Ipatinga was defender of the team that brought 67 goals in the Brazilian and was in last: 

- Games that I had left the field thinking: 'God, will have no way. " 0 of each future was at stake. Already the brasiliense Jéferson comes in agradando midfielder. Before designing the B series at St Andrew, went through Brasiliense, Atlético-GO and Guarani. 

Source: The Globe

Vasco have the eviction action on the Vasco bar for 21 months

Without paying rent 29 months ago - value up to U.S. $ 2.32 million and doubles due to IPTUs late - the action of Vasco suffer eviction of Vasco-bar in the 1st Civil Vara one year and nine months. Legal adviser to the club, Luiz Américo acknowledges the debt, but attempts to negotiate. 

Source: The Globe

Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Edmundo already going for 3 months without receiving the 13 Vasco, says lawyer

The idea of retirement is part of the past. Edmundo will continue playing in 2009 and considers proposals to decide the future, as for the sadness of the fan is far from vascaíno Januário. The striker is out of the plans of directors cruzmaltina work in the restructuring of the club. 

One of the most responsible for the change of thinking is the lawyer for Edmundo Luiz Roberto Leven Siano, who handles the career of the ace. And the fall of Vasco for the Series B also weighed the attacker to move on. The Figueirense has shown interest to hire him. 

- The club made a proposal, and Edmundo are thinking. But he will not stop. That is right. If you happen to be a surprise to me. He has other proposals, in Brazil and abroad, but the Figueirense is a place that appeals he has already played there. And the club that was also raised after he faced a difficult phase - Leven Siano said by telephone to GLOBOESPORTE.COM. 

The lawyer revealed as the player changed his idea during the holidays after announcing it would stop playing after the Brazilian Championship. The first idea would help Edmundo Vasco to return to the elite of Brazilian soccer. 

- There were some conversations we had, and the fact the team of his heart had fallen also weighed. It would be the legal Edmundo stop the team demoted to the Second Division. And the fact he believes that still has gas to play. 

Bye no wages 

Edmundo was discouraged by the situation of Vasco and also with some problems that he noted the day-to-day the club. 

- The team only lost, he saw that some players were not interested in what was happening. The problems did unnerve him. But then came the holidays and you relax the head, begins to rethink - Leven said Siano. 

Despite not being at the board cruzmaltina, Edmundo has a contract with Vasco until the 20th of January. And the club needs to remove the debts with the Animal. He receives no salary since October. On Thursday, will complete three months of delay, beyond the 13th salary, which was not paid. 

- The contract of employment such as image lag. On Thursday, which is the fifth working day of January, he goes to the third month without receiving. Also included is the 13th salary. If considered, would be four months without receiving. 

With the agreement that was made and approved in court, however, the Vasco is honoring the commitment. Edmundo has about $ 6 million to receive the club. 

- Payment is made at the 13 Club. I know how far this is day. Because it was approved in court, if the club fails to pay the fine is large and the discharge of the debt must be immediate and no longer divided in four years - said the lawyer.

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Carlos Alberto Werder Bremem releases to act in Vasco

The half Carlos Alberto was released on the night of Tuesday at Werder Bremen in Vasco to act for six months. Cruzmaltina The board is waiting for a fax with the discharge certificate to announce the player so official. The presentation of the athlete has not been marked by the club. 

In last Monday, the Werder Bremen was stuck negotiating the player, because I wanted to have the athlete in the rest of the season. The team holds the eighth place in the German Cup. 

Carlos Alberto and his businessman Carlos Leite convinced the German club to release the player until the middle of the year. According to the player, the ideal is to reach at Werder Bremen at the start of the season 2008/2009. 

The spent half the year-end celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, after a quick move by Germany, which has left alinhavada their way to Vasco. At 24 years, has half the tickets for Fluminense, Porto, Corinthians, Sao Paulo and Botafogo. 

Carlos Alberto will be the 13th of the hiring season for Vasco in 2009. The 14th may be the goalkeeper Cássio, ex-Grêmio and currently at PSV Eindhoven, the Netherlands. As the half, the shirt 1 also has hit the base with the club cruzmaltino, awaiting a fax discharge. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Mandarino and soon hit the hiring of Nílton and Vandinho

The board hopes to set Vasco in the next few days the situation of two players at the end of the year offered by the boards of Corinthians and Flamengo. The steering wheel Nilton belonging to the club Sao Paulo, and the attacker Vandinho, the red-black team, were approved by technical Dorival Junior and are negotiating with the dome of football cruzmaltino to defend the club in 2009. 
The name of the player corintiano like the board, but there are other priorities to close the list. For now, the greater the need of hiring two attackers to start pre-season, which will be held in Vila Velha, in the Holy Spirit. 

- Players who are interested but need to see to what extent they really are released by their clubs. The Nilton is a Jailton with physical stronger. The Vandinho interests us, but we have to see how this situation will be - Mandarino said. 

The board wants to get the latest hires for the start of pre-season until next Friday. The goal is to allow the coach Dorival Junior already has most of the cast assembled for the start of the State Championship. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Vasco wants to renew the defender Fernando

The contract will expire dc Fernando at the end of June, but the Vasco wants to extend it. The defender will be sought soon to discuss the matter. Fernando Dorival Junior considers one of the most important documents of the group, especially after the confirmation of the exit of Edmundo, captain of the team in 2008. 

- Fernando is in the plans of Vasco. He was interested in the project of reconstruction dc club. Therefore, I believe that we will not have problems at the time to sit down to discuss the renewal of his contract - said Carlos Alberto Lancetti. dc football manager of Vasco. 

Source: Lance

Monday, January 5, 2009

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Vasco can organize the farewell game for Edmundo

The cast of Vasco reapresenta this is second, with several new features for 2009. But the two largest are not yet certain. One is the striker Edmundo, who should appear in São Januário, which already has contracts in place with cruzmaltinos until day 20. Another who can hit is the supporter Carlos Alberto, who has managed the release yesterday of Werder Bremen, Germany, to be loaned to the club's Hill. 

The case of Edmundo, in theory, is more complicated. The player, who had announced the end of their career in the country after kneeling in Brazil, still feels free to defend the Basque team in the Series B. 

But the Animal faces resistance within the club. The attacker does not fit the profile for the planned summit of football for the dispute of the State, the Cup of Brazil and Segundona, despite the endorsement of technical Dorival Júnior. 

The idea is to try to organize a game of farewell to Edmundo, as the club plans to assemble a team with average age low, with few players over 25 years. Meanwhile, the animal is ready to return to the Basque national elite football, as we all know that Edmundo is a vascaíno declared. 

But the agreement with Carlos Alberto only depend on the arrival of the fax with the release of the athlete. He just will not work in Hill if a turnaround in trading, even as wages are set. The supporter will use Vasco as the 'window' for Werder Bremen, which hopes to enhance the player negotiate it in the future. 

Moreover, the leaders vascaínos not yet know whether they can count on only half in the first half or until the end of the year. Everything must be decided after a meeting today. 

Source: The Day Online

Hiring Rodrigo Caetano went through the hands of Carlos Leite

The hiring by Vasco de Rodrigo Caetano, executive director of Grêmio, passed through the hands of Carlos Leite, agent for athletes and Mano Menezes gremistas. Vascaíno, he hit the visits of Léo Lima and Carlos Alberto, its customers, for the club. 

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo - FC Column Panel

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Striker Vandinho of Urubu, can hit with Vasco

The Vasco is looking for attackers to your wish list and strengthening the technical Dorival Junior may be at Gávea: the name is to Vandinho of 22 years. 

The attacker, who has contract as the Rubro-negro until December this year, has proposed several clubs in Brazil, two of Rio de Janeiro: the Vasco and Fluminense. But, according to vice president of football's Flamengo, Kleber Leite, the priority is to release the club from Januário. 

- There is this possibility of him going to Vasco, which has shown interest as well. Everything is already well underway and discussed with the owner of the player, which is already talking with Vasco - said the red-black leader. 

Cruzmaltino by side, however, the position of the board is careful to avoid losing players for which the club showed interest, and later, they followed in the teams that are in the National First Division. 

- Any initiative that is taking me, I have to talk to the coach first. Everything depends on the endorsement of it - it simply said the president vascaíno, Roberto Dynamite. 

The LANCENET! found, however, that the coach cruzmaltino, Dorival Junior, has already given its approval for the continuation of the negotiation. With this, left the club reach a settlement with the athlete. 

The Flemish also announced in 2008 its intention to help the Vasco in 2009. The first step would be to transfer the wheel Jailton. But he does not hit with Cruzmaltino and went to Fluminense. 

Vandinho reached the red-black club in July after highlight at the start of the Series B of the 2008 Brazilian Championship by Avaí. However, only scored two goals and unable to sign. 

The Avaí - that compete for National First Division in 2009 - is one of the interested in having the player. 

The Vasco, in turn, lost striker Leandro Amaral (or hit with Fluminense) and is currently on his list only with the Chilean Mauricio Pinilla, with Alan Kardec and Faiolli for the position. 

The attacker Vandinho fulfills one of the characteristics sought by Cruzmaltino for 2009: to have experience in the Series B dispute, as the club aims to return to the elite. 

Source: Lancenet

Besides Vandinho, Sambueza can also paint the Hill

The Argentine striker Vandinho and half Sambueza can paint in São Januário. The two players of interest to Flamengo and Vasco can be borrowed for the dispute to rival the Carioca championship, the Copa do Brasil and the Series B. The information has been confirmed by the Vice football red-black, Kleber Leite. 

Vandinho is closest to wear the shirt vascaína. The owner of the attacker, Luiz Alberto Oliveira, and the board cruzmaltina already started negotiations. The Flemish and gave priority to Vasco endorsement. 

- The Flemish authorized the conversations and everything is on track. There are several clubs interested in Vandinho as Fluminense, the Avaí and Atlético-PR. But Vasco has the priority to have the player - Kleber Leite said. 

Goleador eighth largest in the Brazilian season, with 29 goals marked, Vandinho rocked the networks 27 times with a shirt of Avaí in 2008. For Flamengo, were only ten games and two goals. He holds the contract with the Rubro-black by the end of 2009 and come to Vasco to compensate for the loss of Leandro Amaral, who is going to Fluminense. 

Already the situation of Sambueza may take longer to resolve. The player is out of the plans of the Flemish, but a contract until August 2009 with the club. The Rubro-negro or extend the loan of half the River Plate from Argentina, which owns the player's federative rights, until the end of the year to lend it to Vasco. 

In 24 years, Sambueza was hired during the Brazilian Championship and disputed seven games with the coach Caio Junior. The Argentine started his career with Darío Conca. In addition to Flamengo and the River Plate, Sambueza defended the Pumas of Mexico. 

- The way it depends on the Basque people can extend the loan for him to stay until the end of the year there - completed Kleber Leite. 

With the fall of Vasco for the Series B, Flamengo announced it is ready to help the rival Rio. The Rubro-negro had released the steering wheel to set Jailton with the Time of the Hill, but the player just going to Fluminense. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

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Congress discuss ban on leaving the athletes' under-22 'to the outside

Congress joined the staff of a text to end spree of sales of our small craques outwards. The proposal is to restrict, not allowing or granting any license, transfer of young athletes to the outside before the 22 years. 

"The expectation of success and money in most developed countries has served to motivate children and adolescents leaving the country. The reality, however, is bleak. Many have been left at random in a situation of extreme gravity, away from family, in distant countries whose language is not family, "said Mr Rodrigo Maia, in justification of the project. 

Source: Blog Ancelmo Gois - Globo Online

Vasco still has not proposed to Edmundo, says the player's lawyer

In the speech of President Roberto Dynamite, the Vasco Edmundo wants to keep. In the speech of the attacker, the Vasco would decide if the natural way to extend careers. 

However, unless a quick conversation in Maracanã, club idol and never discussed the contract. 

In São Januário, to complicate the outcome of the case, Edmundo divides the board. 

The player's lawyer, Luis Roberto Leven Siano, even regretted that the Basque has made a proposal to Edmundo. 

- I even read the Edmundo, even if you are motivated to play, it is at the Vasco. 

But until now nothing has happened. And we must trim edges with some people in this board - says the lawyer. 

Leven Siano criticizes the planning of the club and says the profile of reinforcements can expel Edmundo's back. Playing on a team with other players of expression, carrying the responsibility alone, may not please the attacker. 

- They are repeating mistakes of the early 2008. Hire without so many players indicated by the technical term. 

Apart from trimming the edges, perhaps Edmundo should come in a different philosophy - the prosecutor says the attacker. 

The technical Dorival Junior Edmundo want the list. 

The training of the cast, he says the drop to the B series is hurting the recruitment, since many players awaiting proposals from the First Division clubs. 

Source: The Globe

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