Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Performance of Rodrigo Goldfish disappoint Dorival Júnior

Coach Dorival Júnior became visibly disappointed with the performance of striker Rodrigo Goldfish defeat Vasco for Figueirense 2 to 1 on the evening of Tuesday, San Gennaro, the Series B According to the coach, the player was instructed to act in a way, but did the opposite.

- The problem is that he entered a wrong way. I put it to play as a tip. Covers this in his locker room. I'm not blaming the Goldfish, but the way he came on was wrong. If it were to mark, I had put the Paulo Sergio, who was on the bench. I wish I had a player more acute, but the opposite has happened. Coached the player in a way, but he ended up performing a different function - the coach explained vascaíno.

Even recovering from a knee injury, not Goldfish had been related to the Vasco games in Serie B. The player came into the relationship of some matches, but was always cut to the bench. On Tuesday, he had an opportunity, but ended up wasting.

On Saturday, Vasco will face Bragantino, in São Paulo state, the 27th round of the Serie B. The team of the Hill is the leader of the competition with 55 points, three more than the Guarani in second position.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Élton suffers ankle sprain and doubtful for the game saw the 3rd

The attacker may miss Elton Vasco's next game Tuesday against Figueirense, San Gennaro, the 27th round of the Serie B. The player suffered a sprained right ankle and will be reevaluated in the coming days. The trend is that he left out of the game in front of Santa Catarina.

Midfielder Carlos Alberto scored the victory over the Duque de Caxias, on Saturday night, lamented the possible absence of Elton, the team's top scorer in Serie B with 13 goals.

- The Elton has been decisive are many rounds. He did some things that are not normal in his match against the Duke of Caxias. It's a shame that he ended up injuring. I hope he can play and help us - said Carlos Alberto.

When asked if he could act in the position of partner, Carlos Alberto admitted the hypothesis, but left the option to the technician Dorival Júnior.

- I am always willing to help in any way possible and within my limitations. It's hard to think what Dorival think. The most important is the predisposition of the players - said the captain.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Ramon: "If we get into the hype, we're in trouble '

At the same time in the first round of Series B, Vasco lived a period of uncertainty. At that time, the team had lost to the Parana in Curitiba, and tied with Sao Caetano in Rio de Janeiro, and Guarani in Campinas. In return, the story is quite different. The team of Hill won the fighting against the Parana and Sao Paulo and now faces the Duque de Caxias.

In turn, tie in 0 to 0. Now, the confrontation in the Maracanã, the expectation of the players and the fans is another. However, the left-Ramon wants to avoid the sense of "already won" propagated by cruzmaltinos the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The player has a warning to colleagues.

- The fans have to be excited by the role we are playing, but it will not affect us in the field. Many people think that the table, Duque de Caxias will be easy. It is a tough opponent, who is looking out of the relegation zone. We have to prepare even more. We maintain the same concentration, the same will and the same spirit of struggle to achieve win. But if we get into the hype, we'll have problems - said the side.

Even working out of San Gennaro, Ramon thinks that Vasco will have advantages for playing at Maracanã. For him, the team of the Hill is accustomed to act in the "World's Biggest.

- We are more acclimatised to the Maracana because we have always played here. For us it is better to play in Maracana than in Edson Passos - examined the player.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Adriano says that Vasco would also make a good role in Serie A

Vasco has been leading the Series B of the Brazilian Championship and has good chances of getting one of the four places to Serie A in 2010. Incidentally, speaking elite of Brazilian soccer, try to predict how many would be the team's First Division. On Monday, after training at Vasco-Barra, striker Adriano has been questioned on the subject.

The Monday was like any Rio asked: sun and heat. Many took advantage of the holiday of Independence Day to go to the beach. However, in Vasco, it went away. Coach Dorival Júnior would not hear of drowsiness and put the group to work. The players made a strong physical work, which lasted about two hours.

The player did not want to make many comparisons, but warned that Vasco would be doing a good job in Serie A, also fighting for spots on the competition.

"It's really hard to talk to the Vasco would be in the Premiership at the moment. I can not make an exact comparison. But with our squad and our quality players, we were also playing up there," he said.

However, as football exists only in virtual video game, Adriano know that the reality of Vasco is to Serie B. On Friday, the Box Elder sees the Parana, at 21h, San Gennaro, the 23 th round of the competition.

The striker, suspended, has not been in the field score of 2 to 2 with Atlético-GO, last Saturday in Las Vegas, in Goiania. The trend is that the player makes the company Elton in front, as Aloysius, injured, doubt as follows.

"I have all week to do to prepare. The match will be complicated, but we can win," Adriano ended, noting that the Vasco leads the Serie B of the Brazilian Championship with 43 points, two ahead of runner-athletic - GO.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Featuring Vasco already back in training on Monday

The cast of Vasco Torino returns to practice tomorrow in the morning, the Vasco Bar. Is scheduled for early afternoon landing of the players at Santos Dumont Airport. The supporter Carlos Alberto, who once said he would try to anticipate his return in order to spend more time with his son Lucca, who was born last Tuesday, will travel with the rest of the group's club of St. Januarius.

With the expulsion of the match against Atletico Goianiense, the shirt 19 is out of the game next Friday against the Parana, Sao Januario.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Souza, on the game against Atlético-GO: "It's a cup final '

Vasco e Atlético-GO are the top two Series B of the Brazilian Championship and face off Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, in a match with the air of finals. With 42 points, Vasco comes from defeat by 2 to 0, at home, Ceará, while Flamengo Goias, with 40 points, tied as a visitor in 2 to 2, with Bragantino.

- It's a cup final, because if they win the pass and we can increase to five points advantage. Their motivation should be great, but we must be even greater. Let's try to win this game - the wheel Souza said.

Convened by the Brazilian under-20 to compete in the World, between this month and October, the Engito, the player is suspended as the confrontation on Saturday, not back to work soon for the club since arriving at the next Tuesday.

Source: Lancenet

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vasco is in talks with the company to stamp mark on the shorts

Vasco's leaders say they already have advanced negotiations with a company to stamp the time of the shorts from 2010. The board keeps the company name, but said the agreement would yield to the coffers of the club about $ 4 million per year. The major sponsors of the country are shorts Unimed and Lupo.

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