Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alex Teixeira promised munition Alan Kardec

The half-attacker Alex Teixeira, of Vasco, talks about the classic against Barcelona in this Sunday (19/10), at 18h10min, in Maracanã, the 30th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro. 

Though not see working together, the ensure the player relationship with the attacker Alan Kardec. 

"We have been playing around four years ago, since the basic categories. I, Madson - known for a short time - and Alan, I think I will not miss dialogue," said the reporter Mauro Santana, of Radio Tupi. 

The athlete wants to exploit the good air arm to his companion, who usually does not receive many balls from above. 

"The Alan is a player of area. I Madson and we get to the bottom and passing. I think he will decide on the ball and stop the butt, he is very good." 

"I, Madson and he is talking a lot. We will raise the ball in the area for him. I think for sure he will do the Vasco goal and assist." 

Alex praises the zaga's rival. 

"They are experienced. We can not give puerility for them. I think we'll have to use our speed them up, because they are a little slow. Our speed will help much."

The player makes clear that the responsibility can not lie only in that form with two young Alan. 

"The responsibility is the whole team. We are in front. The ball is coming, and the opportunity, we will do the goal." 

The attacker Chilean Pinilla do not care about the criticism of technical Renato Gaucho. 

"I think a player wins the coach with the drills. But my job is not winning the coach. My mission is to play and be available to him. He does not need to be my friend. He is the coach. For me the most important now is that he likes me on the field, I do my job and try to do our best to Late Show. " 

"All criticism is good for me. I think all I can do is improve. It is important, most still comes from the coach, who is a person who is always there with us." 

Source: Vasco Express

Friday, October 17, 2008

Alex Teixeira: 'I will do everything possible and impossible to help the team'

The half-attacker Alex Teixeira, revealed in the basic categories of Vasco, has performed its role tactically speaking under the command of the technical Renato Gaucho. He, who in the first round of the Championship vascaíno Brazilian scored the goal in the defeat to Barcelona, hopes to help the team beat the rival. 

- I will do everything possible and impossible to help the team. I want to make the goal again, give assistance, but this time change everything for victory, will give us tranquility. I will be even happier if we get the victory with a goal man, but the important points are the three-Alex Teixeira said. 

For the half, the classic will be decided in the details. 

- The match will be decided in the details. With a lot of willpower to achieve victory - he said. 

Source: Official site of Vasco

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rafael praises of goalkeeper Urubu

The goalkeeper Rafael must be the holder of Vasco in the classic on Sunday, against Flamengo in the Maracanã. In the tactical training of last Wednesday, the player he served in the main team assembled by technical Renato Gaucho. For the game ahead of arch-rival, he will have ahead of us the red-black shirt 1, Bruno. Aware that the companion of position is one of the highlights of the Campeonato Brasileiro, the athlete of the rival Vasco tore praise. 

- The Bruno, to me, is one of the best in Brazil. It is a big stage and will have the opportunity play against him. It will be a difficult game, he's Flamengo in goal, or am I in Roberto goal of Vasco. It will be a difficult match. I bet on a good performance of the two goleiros, but I leave with a victory on Sunday. 

For the goalkeeper Rafael, the Vasco needs to concentrate on winning the three points and forget about who will be the opponent on Sunday in the Maracanã. 

- We have a responsibility to play for them. We know the difficulties that we have in hand. We know it will be an important game and the less, will be better for us. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Andre does not want to be left out of the game against Urubu

The crowd will of Vasco for another moment of tension in this Wednesday, October 15. Besides not being able to get out of the demotion zone, the club will have to defend the player Andrew, who respond by block as the opponent Kleber of Palmeiras. The presence of the player is guaranteed by the club's lawyer cruzmaltino. The trial will be conducted by the Third Disciplinary Commission, from 16h. 

"Andrew will attend the session. We feel their presence essential for them to clarify the fact that in the game and returned the complaint, "the lawyer said Miranda Martin, the site Justicadesportiva, which continued talking about his expectations for the trial: 

"We will take the video evidence points to count in our favor. We are very optimistic and hopeful as player following the acquittal, "he said. 

The prosecutor made the complaint in accordance with the arbitrator's report in its summary of the match against Palmeiras, held on September 21. According to his notes, at 31 minutes of the second stage, the player was expelled by wedge with a cart your opponent Kleber, at the ankle. 

Andrew served in the automatic suspension starting against Falkirk for the twenty seventh round. If take the minimum penalty, you can not face the Dutch on October 19 and only return to the field against Missouri, in the next round. 

The player will have to respond to Article 254 of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (played violent Practice), which provides a penalty of two to six matches. 

The legal department of Vasco is taking a lot of work this year. In addition to Andrew, the players Jonílson, Roberto, Thiago and Edmundo already sat in the STJD bunch of defendants. The last was the Edmundo, who picked up the suspension of two games, after being denounced by the video evidence, which accused him of pushing the face of his opponent in the match against Falkirk, held on September 28. 

Source: Justice Sport

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pinilla stands out in-training game of Vasco

The reserves of Vasco held on the afternoon of Tuesday, at the headquarters of Vasco-Barra, a game-training and the attacker Chilean Mauricio Pinilla was the highlight cruzmaltino. 

The team defeated the team vascaína of Fame Sport by 2 to 1 - the movement served to give the coach Renato Gaucho pace to athletes and examine some possible options for the classic. 

And the Chilean Mauricio Pinilla took his chance well. The attacker was one of the goals and gave pass to the next, marked by Alan Kardec. 

With a contusion of Leandro Amaral in training this morning, there is the possibility, if the player has not been able to join with the Flemish classic, next Sunday, one of the two cited above win the position. 

Alan Kardec takes advantage being used to come regularly and be the team's vice-gunner in the season, with 13 goals. Pinilla already in shape, ruffled in the training of finalizations (made by bicycle goal on Monday). 

Source: Lancenet

Monday, October 13, 2008

Edmundo trained separately in the Basque Bar

The attacker Edmundo of Vasco did not participate in Monday's physical training and tactical headed by Renato Gaucho in a technical field of Vasco-Bar. 

The athlete was in the room listening to the seat performing specific physical exercises while the rest of the cast worked as grounds passes and finalizations. 

He is suspended for the classic on Sunday, against Flamengo, due to a punishment of the Superior Tribunal of Sports Justice also ruled out that the confrontation against the Sport, last Wednesday. 

The animal is the gunner cruzmaltino the Campeonato Brasileiro, with ten goals, one more than Leandro Amaral - in season balance networks in 21 opportunities (is the largest goleador the club this season). 

Edmundo has already announced that this is his last year as a professional player. Nine rounds left to the end of the competition and Vasco fight against demotion - is currently the penultimate placed. 

Source: Lancenet

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Renato Gaucho: 'It is time to give affection to athletes'

The technician of Vasco, Renato Gaucho, believes the key to getting the team demotion zone of the Brazilian Campeoanto is to give full support to your list. 

- At this moment the player needs a lot of affection and trust. They are criticized, if I step on the club drops to the Second Division - the sentence coach in an interview with TV Globo. 

Remaining nine rounds to the end of the competition, the team cruzmaltino has 27 points and occupies the penultimate position. On the 19th, the adversary is the Flemish in the Maracanã. 

In charge for four games and has accumulated three losses and one tie, the coach plans to give consistency to the team while motivating the athletes outside the four lines to avoid the drop. 

- The player needs to put on his head every day of training, every game, he can give a little more of himself - explains Renato Gaucho. 

Source: Lancenet

Baiano: 'Dream mark in a lack of goal against Flamengo'

Against Sport, the ball hit the goalpost. In indent to be more precise. But Baiano should have a chance to mark his first goal for Vasco in the classic days of 19, against Flamengo, in Maracanã, the 30th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro. 

Hired by the club this year with the tough task of helping the team to escape from sticking, the right-side already dreams of marking his first goal for the team's Hill through his trademark. 

"Dream mark in a lack of goal against Flamengo. Against Middlesbrough almost succeeded in starting ahead of Sport, beat the goalkeeper but the ball hit the goalpost. Who knows against Flamengo I do not have better luck?", Has left in the air. 

The crowd of Vasco does not want to hear or talk about it, but Baiano familiar with the Second Division of the national competition. This is because the side had the opportunity to compete for access when the division was to Palmeiras. 

"I have not only help the Palmeiras to rise for the Series A, but also to reach the Libertadores before I transfer to the Boca Juniors-ARG. But, together with my colleagues, I will work to not let the sharp fall Vasco", ensure. 

Source: UOL

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leandro Amaral praised the group's evolution vascaíno

Author of the two goals of the tie with the Sport in last Wednesday (08/10), the attacking Leandro Amaral praised the development and application of the players in vascaínos confrontation. According to the athlete, the team can grow in the Campeonato Brasileiro. 

- My good performance was due mainly to growth of the team. The coach gave me freedom to play the way I like and also saw a more determined team. That helped - highlighted Leandro. 

The attacker said that a lot can still happen in competition. 

- All teams are very likely, both at the top as the bottom of the table. We have difficult challenges but with great desire can achieve until a vacancy in the South American Cup - said the player. 

Source: Official site of Vasco

Jorge Luiz praises work of Alexandre Mendes

Owner of one of the best physical conditioning of the cast vascaíno, the defender Jorge Luiz believes that breath will not miss the end of the line that Cruzmaltino Campeonato Brasileiro. The player, in practice focus of resistance carried out yesterday, just praise for the work headed by Alexandre Mendes. 

- The team showed more strength against the Sport. In 2006, we were flying with the work of Alexander. The trend is improving by the end of the Arts - he said. 

On the individual performance, Jorge Luiz said that the difficult childhood serves as an inspiration. 

- I always had to run backwards. Nothing was easy for me. I have to train well to play well - he said. 

Source: Lance

Friday, October 10, 2008

Baiano: 'We can not let the demotion happen'

The Vasco is still in the area of the Campeonato Brasileiro demotion, but with high hopes of avoiding the drop in the next nine rounds of the competition. 

One of reinforcements engaged the limit of entries for the dispute to cooperate in the campaign, the right-side Baiano explains its reasons for the Series B feel bad. 

- It is a competition more difficult because the fields are worse, the situation is better in the First Division. We can not let the demotion happen - explained the player. 

Baiano disputed the Series B in 2003 with Palmeiras. The Sao Paulo team was champion of competition and players in the following year was just sorting for the Libertadores. 

Vasco and Flamengo will be playing on October 19, in Maracanã, and are, of the four big teams in Rio de Janeiro, the two who did not suffer with the descent to the Second Division National. 

Source: Lancenet

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vasco appealed the bank loan of U.S. $ 3 million to pay salaries

According to the reporter Rodrigo Campos, of Radio Headline, Vasco put in the day wages of the players through a bank loan of approximately U.S. $ 3 million. 

With the box reset, as the main revenue was anticipated, the club should have difficulties in obtaining new loans. The banks are hindering the granting of credit because of the crisis that has shaken financial markets. 

Source: Supervasco

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jorge Luiz analyzes departure from the Sport

A true championship over the place. This is so that the lives Vasco, flashlight in Asia, with 26 points. At least that way of thinking of defeat Jorge Luiz, which will be companions of position on Wednesday, on the island of Retiro, against Sport, Luiz Eduardo and Fernando. 

- It is always difficult. We played there earlier this year and was a complicated game. The situation now is different and we need to win. We respect the team of Sport but we have to score. The Vasco live a league apart. We know that there playing and complicated, but has no alternative, we have to go there to win, score - told Radio Australia. 

The defeat also spoke about the present time the club: 

- There are several things that happen inside and outside. We have to get the focus, always working. When the stage is not legal, must work to correct the errors. 

Source: Lancenet

Goalkeeper Roberto says he is always ready to act by Vasco

Roberto will be the holder of the shirt Vasco 1 of the departure of Wednesday, compared with the Sport, on the island of Retiro, in Recife, the Campeonato Brasileiro. Willing to help the team win the Hill a victory to leave the area of lowering the competition, the goalkeeper gave a further demonstration that you want to hold the chance tooth and nail. Having learned that would be the holder, he gave the following statement: 

- I am always prepared. I'm done. I will put the shirt and go for the shock. You have to always be prepared for when the opportunity arises. You have to be 300 per hour to help Vasco - says the goalkeeper. 

In starting this Wednesday, Roberto will not use the 12 shirt as it has done lately. In the confrontation in front of Sport, the goalkeeper has already decided the number you use. 

- I go with the shirt 1. Before, I used the 12 because I was entering the time of injury or because of cards. Now, I will be at the option of the holder coach. I come and help. I do it since the 13 years and is the only thing I know to do. 


Technical committee projected target of 14 points at home and 4 away

Until today the round of the calculators of mathematical point to 64% of chances to sink the ship vascaína and get to the second division. For many of the table Vasco is less tortuous, as compared to direct their birthdays in the fight against demotion. According goal outlined by the technical committee, the important thing is to enforce behest of the field and adding up the maximum points away from home, as in starting today. 

With four matches to be held in the cauldron - erased by time - of San Gennaro, the Vasco add twelve points. If perchance draws all the other six games, - which include classic against Flamengo and Fluminense - would have 18. Allied to 26 today, came to 44 points at the end of the championship, which according to experts left the team with less than 1% of chances to fall. 

Leandro Amaral conturbados admits that at times like this, with the right training and the invasions of fear of leaving home, be better off acting. But on the other hand, prefers to rely on the support of the fans, although sometimes it is to turn against them. 

- At this moment it is good work out. But I prefer playing indoors with the support of our fans, as the last game. We have ten games left and we will get out of that situation - Leandro also promised in the Galeao International Airport, before following travel with the delegation to Recife. Already the coach Renato Gaucho rushed crossed the lobby of the place without talking to reporters. 

Source: Jornal do Brasil

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dynamite will accompany the delegation to Recife vascaína

The president Roberto Dynamite, which also builds the post of vice football, confirmed that you travel with the delegation to attend the match against Sport, on the island of Retiro, in Recife, valid for the Campeonato Brasileiro. For the leader, the moment is to add and try to calm the team in the last rounds of the competition. The team of Hill holds the torch of the tournament. 

- I am aware that the board is giving all the support that is necessary, but who needs to get the result within the field are players. We expect this to happen in the next round. We have to put into practice what we speak, what we train, what you think. The problem is that this has not happened - said the manager. 

The Vasco travels to Recife in this Tuesday, at 9h05m in the morning. Coach Renato Gaucho will command the final training before the confrontation at 15h, in Arruda, stage of the Holy Cross. On Wednesday, the team faces the Sport, on the island of Retiro. For the Cup of Brazil in the semifinals valid game, the team's defeat Hill by just 2 to 0. 


Eurico: 'If I take the football with full powers, the Vasco does not fall'

The former president of Vasco Eurico Miranda on the program statement "Casaca in Radio", on Radio Bandeirantes on the night of the 2nd Monday (06/10), was made available to take the football from Vasco to try to avoid in the Campeonato Brasileiro demotion: 

"As I stated this, that there was no chance of Vasco dropped to the second division, I will conclude by saying the following. This is not my team, but is the team that Vasco has today. This is not the team assembled by me But if I take the football from Vasco, with full power to do what I want, not the Vasco drops to the second division. I repeat. If I take the football from Vasco, with full powers, the Vasco does not fall into the the second division. And then starts the next. I saw a business of Hexa. The first to feel the weight will be to Japan. The first is the Flemish to feel the weight, "said Eurico. 

Later, the former president explained that it is not offering to take the football vascaíno, but repeated the challenge: 

"I am not proposing to do anything and not offering me. I am saying: if I take the football from Vasco with full power to do what I want, not the Vasco drops to the second division." 


Dynamite plans to bring players in the level of Brazil in 2009

At no time since taking up the chairmanship of Vasco, Roberto Dynamite hid the financial ills for which the club going. Even with the difficult situation, aggravated by the high risk of demotion in Asia, the commander is believer in better times for 2009. 

"Today the club has to bear, to use a symbolic value, U.S. $ 1 million per month to meet our commitment with the players. There ganharíamos U.S. $ 700 thousand with the elevation of most television and other sources: then we would have to meet it. But we have nothing, because the moment you enter will cover debts, "explained Dynamite to Sportv, criticizing the remnants of the administration of former president Eurico Miranda. 

"The situation was worse than expected. We knew more or less what would be the resources, but never thought that we were so compromised so, "continued the manager, who could not meet requests for reinforcements as charged by former coaches and Antonio Lopes Titan. 

Even with the many difficulties, the trust does not diminish as the planning for the year 2009. Even without the certainty of the dispute Series A - Late Show is put on the last national -, manager believes the arrival of players with 'conditions to wear the shirt of Vasco', in spite of what Titan criticized at the time of his resignation. 

"We have to work to seek alternatives. I'm working to get to the end of the year in order to be able to design the Vasco in 2009 and bring players in the level of Vasco, "said Dynamite, before going further:" players from Brazilian team. " 

Were precisely the financial difficulties that prevented the club had more of an athlete with passages highlighted by the Brazilian team in cast (Edmundo and Leandro Amaral has also dress the hopscotch): Antonio Lopes came to ask the recruitment of defender Roque Junior, world champion in 2002 and, currently, at Palmeiras. 

"The Lopes had requested reinforcements, as the recruitment of Roque Junior, but did not because our reality is this. He was three months ago without playing and be at least another month to recover the form. " Previously, however, the veteran Odvan was announced as reinforcement. 

Source: The Arizona Republic

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Dinamite says that sponsorship of Eletrobras is "almost 90% 'closed

The president of Vasco, Roberto Dynamite, says the sponsorship agreement with Eletrobras is almost closed. 

"I think I can say that today we have 80% now, practically, almost 90% being met, talked, analyzed, so that we can actually have this partnership that is necessary, so the club can comply with their obligations and there really do think also in investments, "the reporter said Antonio Jorge, in the" Bandeirantes in Rio Football, "on Radio Bandeirantes. 

The ruling says the state will have no interference in football. 
"There is no interference. It is a partnership over the mark Vasco da Gama, we need more than ever. We know she is very strong, but we want to put her strongest yet about football, which I think is the car - Head, making a strong Vasco also in the field. This partnership is believing in our administration and we will not disappoint you. More importantly, disappoint the fan of Vasco, who want, need and calls for change. Removals, say, well positive for the year 2009. But we have to be even that end of 2008. I think, more than ever, the way we meet and, most importantly, we are asking is that the players in the field are applied fairly, can be determined, and applied with great desire to leave this moment, so that not only they but also mainly the club, might be the year of 2009 in a different situation and face, but fighting for titles, which are the biggest reason the football, within any club. " 

"Absolutely. It is on top of the brand, named Vasco. Allah willing, we, of course, be working in this partnership, but in partnership, of course, in a first division, which I think is important for Vasco da Gama and any partner. That is why we, more than ever, be giving all the conditions for our athletes and at the same time, raising these athletes, so they show claw, application and solution, so that the results can happen. " 

Source: Vasco Express

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Leandro Amaral: 'We ask a little patience'

The Vasco was defeated by 4 to 2 by Middlesbrough in the night this Saturday (04/10) in San Gennaro, and is the torch of the Brazilian championship with 26 points after 28 rounds held. 

The attacker Leandro Amaral, who scored the first goal of the Hill Giant, talks about the result. 

"It is hard to talk about anything. We must do apologize, because we could not the goal, which was the victory. They showed up in a big audience, crowded San Gennaro, did their part, encouraged us, supported us, were with us the whole game. But, unfortunately, we ended up crashing there at the time it was better in the hand. The first time was in Vasco, the people on top, trying to create, the crowd coming up. I think Ali it was about time for us to open the score and get beat. In the only attack they have, eventually making the goal. This turned out to the whole balance of our team. The yield has changed, especially after, the second time. But the team struggled. Everybody went and tried it. But we have to correct those errors. They are mistakes that end up giving much strength to the enemy, "said the reporter Rafael Ribeiro, the TV Sports Interactive. 

"The fans ... It's hard to talk because the Vasco fan of doing that part of it. He is supporting, encouraging. You see the team with five consecutive defeats [six, five by Brazilian] and in a phase that, appeared, encouraged. We once again stumbled. We ask, don 't know, a little patience, encourage everybody. I know it is difficult. Sometimes I put on the side of it. I was a fan. It is not easy for you be in such a situation, the fan will stage the bumper and encourage their team. But we support calls, because it takes 10 games. We have everything to get out of that situation. Unidos, with the fan on our side. More importantly, the player has to want in a field. I think the player who is not willing, is that they felt ill, believe that this pressure is great and is not handle, he has to be a man in that moment, talking to Renato [Gaucho] and talk 'Look, there is no way for me. You know, is a lot pressure, a lot of recovery. "Stay out, because at that time it takes 11 guys there with the best, playing with heart, playing to life for we leave that situation. " 

Source: VascoExpresso

Arremessou cup fan who was detained by police

According to the reporter Mauro Santana, of Radio Tupi, the fan was identified as arremessou a glass of San Gennaro in the lawn during the match tonight. The fan was arrested and brought to 17. Police precinct (St. Kitts), which provides testimony. Thus, the Vasco can escape a possible punishment to be applied by the STJD. 

The four-party dispute Vasco still in San Gennaro until the end of England. 

Source: Supervasco

Bomb erupts near the car of Carlos Germano

The preparer of goleiros of Vasco, Carlos Germano, cruzmaltino idol - defended the club in décaca of 90 -, suffered from the revolt of fans after the defeat by 4 to 2 for Middlesbrough, Juventus, in San Gennaro. 

On leaving the stadium, a group of fans surrounded the car of former goalkeeper to protest against the current phase of the team, but was tackled by police. During the confusion, one of the people who comprise the group of fans threw a bomb into the vehicle of Carlos Germano. 

The explosion of the artifact does not hurt anyone or hit the car of the preparer of goleiros vascaínos. 

Source: Lancenet

Gov. Sergio Cabral puts blame for the bad phase in the administration Eurico

Governor Sergio Cabral was this Saturday in San Gennaro, to accompany the match against Middlesbrough. Vascaíno of heart, took their children John, James and Anthony March. 

Cabral was very excited. Wearing jeans and a red shirt, believed to be the game's turning point in the Campeonato Brasileiro. But left the stadium soon after the catarinenses marking a fourth goal. 

"You are facing a climate of the stadium. The Vasco can not go through a situation like this. We have tradition, history, we have four Brazilian securities. We need to turn things around, "said the governor, before the ball rolling. Then ... 

For Sergio Cabral, the former president Eurico Miranda is responsible for the current situation in the team competition. 

"They left an administration full of traps, with severe consequences for the club. It was a period of dictatorship, for many years. And do not just with that Day's for the night. We can not forget what happened. But I have confidence that it will improve, "said. 

Source: The Day Online

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Security reinforced at São Januário

The dual invasion of fans in training this week, Wednesday, the Basque bar, and Thursday in San Gennaro, led the board cruzmaltina take an attitude, even if belatedly. This Friday, security was strengthened at the club for training recreational eve of his departure against Middlesbrough, which happens Saturday at 18h20m. A Suburban Military Police was present at the main entrance of the institution and four uniformed police officers joined the club's security team, very well undercover. 

The expectation is that the same strategy is used during the game against the team from Florianopolis, which, by the way, will count on the presence of the governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral. With 26 points, Vasco is the lantern of England. 

Source: Globoesporte

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Goalkeeper Roberto believes the fans revolt, but does not accept invasion

Roberto self-promoted leader of Vasco and spoke on behalf of the cast on the invasion of about ten fans the team's training on the morning of Thursday, at San Gennaro. The reserve goalkeeper tried to understand with the demonstrators, but repudiated the way the protests were conducted. 

"They have not recovered a bicycle or goals that our team made five hundred goals per game. Only charged will and this is valid. But not this way. Impairs your It is not our work will they help," assessed the goalkeeper. 

The next commitment of Vasco will be on Saturday, when the Middlesbrough faces, in San Gennaro. The game is considered of vital importance, since the Alvinegro Catarina is direct competitor in the fight against demotion. 

The team should train with: James; Baiano, Luiz Eduardo, Fernando and Valmir; Victor, Madson, Alex Teixeira; Edmundo, Leandro Amaral and Alan Kardec. 

Source: UOL

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vasco and Eletrobras will have another meeting in coming days

In the coming days, Vasco and Eletrobras will have a meeting to trim some edges on the contract of sponsorship which can be reached between the two sides until the end of the year. At this meeting, the club's Hill will make the properties that can be exploited by the company, if the agreement is actually signed. The idea of the state and use the space in the shirts, have a cabin in San Gennaro, a banner at the official site cruzmaltino and some actions that will occur in the range of departures among other requirements. 

The GLOBOESPORTE.COM found that the time and the values of the contract have not yet been defined by the company. The idea is that the numbers turn around the U.S. $ 16.5 million paid by Petrobras to Flamengo and U.S. $ 8 million of Liquigás to Botafogo. According to a source, even with the danger of falling into the Series B of England, the Eletrobras not think of quitting the Vasco. The state, even thinking of doing a study to determine the return on media if the club were demoted in 2008. 

At the meeting which will happen in the coming days, the Vasco still not think of presenting an official proposal to Eletrobras. But the club has already determined the values of each property that the company is ready to use. The idea is to close the dome cruzmaltina the agreement by year's end. 

The meeting will have representatives of state-owned company and some members of the dome vascaína. The general vice president of the club, Luso Soares da Costa, the vice of marketing, Jose Henrique Coelho, the developer Fernandão and some officials of the marketing cruzmaltino are confirmed at the meeting. 


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