Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Ernani speech contest at left back with Ramon

If it depends on the candidates to hold the side Vasco, the competition for places in the team will be very friendly. On the right, Sean is full of praise for Fagner, and the left, Ernani, minces no words to praise the position of partner, Ramon.

- My time has come and I have to keep the personality, but if I leave, will be for the best left back in Brazil. I seek to offer competition for him to maintain the high level he has - melted Ernani, not forgetting to mention that enjoys the confidence of the coach Dorival Junior, to continue fighting for your space:

- Dorival showed confidence in me from the moment I asked for my employment. But I know that Ramon has a very great regularity and it is difficult to replace him. Dorival asked me to keep good level and in those matches, I showed that I can get on the team if Ramon did not return.

Ernani acknowledges that he felt difficulty in changing a small team for a great team like Vasco, but, with the sequence of games, was getting more comfortable. The side has a contract with Iraty 2012 and at the time, just think about putting Vasco in the First Division. He knows that this passage by the Hill will be important to your resume.

- I desenvolvwendo a good job here at Vasco and what matters most now is to think of access. The renovation will be a result of my work - Ernani said.

Fernando: 'Today Vasco is everything to me'

Coach Dorival Junior has an important reinforcement to climb facing the Vasco Fortaleza on Saturday. Defender Fernando, who returns from suspension, said on Tuesday its full feeling for the club, which will lead to a return to the elite of Brazilian soccer in this Series B round of the Brasileirão.

"I commend the work I do. I was very well received here, everyone welcomed me in a very nice, treat everyone well, I am very happy at the club today and Vasco is everything to me," said defender, is not yet confirmed as a starter for coach of the Rio.

Anyway, if scheduled to take the field in Fortaleza, Fernando match waiting to book their place in the first division and also the title of the Series B Sterling.

"When I said I would try my best to make history here at Vasco. I want to win the title. I do not have the title of the Brazilian Championship and will fight very hard to achieve this year," concluded the athlete. Vasco leads the competition with 66 points from 32 rounds.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elton: 'Surely this goal was the most beautiful of my career'

While not a consensus among the fans, Elton showed his opportunism on Saturday to make his mark in the win over Vasco Bahia by 2 to 1, no Maracanã, the 32 round of the Series B do Campeonato Brasileiro. At the end of the match, striker celebrated far and said the goal was the most beautiful of his career.

"Clearly, this goal was the most beautiful of my career. In addition, it was important because the game was complicated and left my mark at the right time. From that moment we could manage to win," said Elton, who spoke next on cruzmaltina the crowd.

"They have every right to boo or applaud any player on the team. I trust my football and the fans know that with dedication and training, so I ventured," he said.

Ernane also left the field satisfied, but for another reason. He is replacing Ramon match because the owner delivered the following medical department. However, the left-keeps the show humility and respect for all fellow.

"I have to deal with this situation. Everyone is fighting for his place. The Ramon is loved by fans and players. He deserves this recognition and I'm prepared for the opportunities that arise," he said.

Source: UOL

Fernando Prass 'has a special taste a part of it'

Happy and with a sense of accomplishment after the victory over Vasco Bahia by 2 to 1 on the afternoon of Saturday (watch the best moments in the video next to it), the Maracana, and the proximity of qualification for the Serie A , goalkeeper Fernando Prass divided the merits of achievement with all those close to the team. The player said that the feeling of being part of the resumption Vasco is very special. He hopes to give another gift to the fans: the title of the Series B.

- The merit of the players, the board, the fans ... It tastes very special to be there. Missing six games, and we hope to crown this year with the title. The fans are happy because the results are happening. It would be so no wins - said the goalkeeper.

Fernando Prass reminded of the difficulties that the team had to overcome to reach this privileged status in the competition. The goalkeeper said he duels balanced by the Brazil Cup against Corinthians, who had been champion Sao Paulo, gave the players the assurance of strength of the team cruzmaltina.

- We thought we could, but I could not be sure. Against the Corinthians that we could face any team as an equal. It turned into a parameter, a motivation. But then came some home draws, and came to stay in eighth place. We knew it would be a difficult championship.

With the victory over Bahia, Vasco got the following 66 points and the championship leader. The team can mathematically guarantee the classification for the Serie A in the next round. Simply beat the Fort, outside, and Figueirense and Portuguese stumble.

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Monday, October 12, 2009

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Close to guarantee a place in Serie A, Dorival see the positive side in a draw

Despite the draw against Ponte Preta, Saturday, 1 to 1 in Campinas, it reduced to a point at its distance from Vasco for the second set, the coach Dorival Junior chose to celebrate the leadership and maintaining proximity to the classification to Serie A . With 57 points, Vasco began to be closely followed by the Guarani, who beat Brasiliense by 2 to 1 in Taguatinga.

- I'd rather see the positive side. We achieved an important point which keeps us on edge and makes it far from fifth place, something that at this point is very important - emphasizing the distance of nine points over Figueirense, the first outside group of four that go to the elite 2010. - The team went through a time of instability but it is rebalancing.

After 14 rounds of play under threat of suspension in the next game, Carlos Alberto received the third yellow card and is out of the game on Tuesday against the New Town in St. Januarius. Of the nine games that Vasco has to add seven more points to guarantee a place, five will be at home, next to his fans.

At the other end of the table with victory on Saturday night on the Youth for 1 to 0, in Paraíba, the Campinense left the lantern with the AméricaRN. Although both teams have the same 30 points, the red-black Paraiba is a victory more.

Source: The Globe

Vasco can now train in CT Tigers or New Delhi

The board hopes to have by early November a resolution on the new training center staff. By the end of the year, the training should continue in the Vasco-Barra. Among the sites observed, are the CFZ, the playground, CTs and the Tigers in Brazil and Nova Iguaçu, na Baixada Fluminense.

Source: The Day

Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Vasco and Ponte Preta complain about the refereeing

The performance of the arbitration led by Matt Elias da Silva in the confrontation between Vasco and Ponte Preta, on Saturday in Campinas, the Series B, displeased the two teams. The game, which ended tied at 1 to 1, had several controversial moves and left the judge in the spotlight. The first time, the auxiliary Gilson Bento Coutinho wrongly prevented from canceling out legitimate goal by Carlos Alberto. In the second, Edivaldo scored a penalty doubtful of Dezinho in Elton. Carlos Alberto hit and tie the match.

Goalkeeper Gilson, da Ponte, left the pitch angry and blurted:

- We work all week and the judge comes here scoring a penalty against such nonsense? The Dezinho was fouled and the referee eventually reversing. It can not happen again. Our work is very impaired.

Coach Dorival Júnior, Vasco, agrees that the criminal converted by Carlos Alberto was at least debatable. But he reminded his team was also hampered by the goal disallowed and the excessive number of absences incurred by your team.

- There were many errors in sequence. The goal was annulled and the bad penalty is doubtful. I do not know if I would. Now, what can not happen is our time to suffer so many faults without punishment. There was a bridge player (Deda) who spent the entire game by breaking hard and was not punished for it - the coach lamented.

By demanding an interim referee to curb shortages, Dorival eventually expelled.

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Aloisio highlights of the race team and asked the crowd support on the Vila Nova

Striker Aloisio, Vasco, praised the attitude of the team in a tie at 1 to 1 with Ponte Preta on Saturday at Estádio Moisés Lucarelli, em Campinas. The player says the team was a warrior and showed strength to tie the game in the second half.

- We went after the victory all the time, fought hard and were rewarded with a goal in the second half. Of course we wanted to win, but the point is important - he said.

Aloisio said that now the team can not falter. With the victory over Brasiliense on Saturday, the Guarani are just one point behind Vasco: 57 to 56. To Chulapa, a victory next Tuesday against the New Town in St. Januarius, became a requirement.

- We must give a jolt now. Missing nine games and we need to score points to win the title. We have a commitment at home and count on the support of our fans - called the attacker.

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Friday, October 9, 2009


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Carlos Alberto nothing but praise Dorival Júnior

To listen and talk at the right time are key ingredients for a good relationship. And that's what the cast of the search Vasco, including his coach, Dorival Júnior. Happy with the space that the coach open to each state their opinions, midfielder Carlos Alberto celebrates understanding.

- We are always talking to mobilize the players. The space that Dorival us to discuss is very important. He knows that the physical and mental that we suffer in the championship is very large. And in these conversations is that we see how this is important - opined.

Aware that in some matches and the team is not going well, you know that half Dorival also has to charge. And to win the dream job in the first division, Carlos Alberto asks concentration.

- We know that we have to stay focused to achieve that goal is greater than the Serie A. I think the game against Ponte Preta will be of great difficulty, so we need to get more concentration.

The next appointment of Vasco is against Ponte Preta on Saturday in Campinas, the 29th round of the Serie B.

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Because of the rains, the Vasco squad trained in gym SJ

The heavy rain that fell in Rio de Janeiro has forced the coaching staff of Vasco to change plans on Friday. After checking the state of the lawn of San Gennaro, the coach Dorival Junior decided to take the players for the gym club. Only the goalkeepers, led by Carlos Germano, worked in the field.

The group was divided into four teams of five players to conduct a tournament. The activity was very relaxed and was to highlight a beautiful scooter steering defender Alan Gian. Participatory, Dorival Júnior rolled up his sleeves has dried for several times the floor, which had some puddles due to leaks.

Élton striker, recovering from a problem in his left foot, is released by the medical department, but did not participate in the activity.
The team follows on Friday afternoon to Campinas, where, on Saturday at 16:10, facing the Ponte Preta. Vasco is the leader of the Series B of the Brazilian Championship with 56 points.

Source: GloboEsporte.com

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Dorival confirms Goldfish and says that question is between Elton and Aloisio

Dorival Junior coach confirmed Friday that the striker Rodrigo Goldfish is the holder of Vasco's match against Ponte Preta on Saturday at 16:10, in Campinas. Commander vascaíno said the question is who will complete the attack: Élton or Aloisio. The first is released by the medical department after recovering from a problem in his right foot.

- Or the Rodrigo (Goldfish) with Élton, or friends with Aloisio. Elton stayed for a week but stopped already well and confident. The Aloisio is coming recovery. Now it's talk and make a decision - said the coach.

Thus, the likely time facing the Ponte Preta is: Fernando Prass, Paulo Sérgio, Gian, Fernando and Para, Nilton, Amaral, and Carlos Alberto Fumagalli, Aloisio (Elton) and Goldfish.

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Rodrigo Goldfish: 'I do promise, my business is to play ball'

Vasco faces Saturday Ponte Preta in Campinas, the 29th round of the Series B, in search of a victory that does not come for two games. To make the goals they have missed the time, the solution can be friends Goldfish, who has not played as a starter since the game against Sao Caetano, the 5th day of the first round in June.

Dorival confirmed at training on Friday, the presence of the attacker from the start. However, Goldfish prefer to deliver their message on the pitch.

- I do not want to promise, my business is to play ball and scoring goals - said the attacker, full of confidence.

Since he was injured against Big Blue, Goldfish underwent a muscle strengthening work, to return better than before - and not gone through a basic work, the player had disabilities in fitness. During this period, the attacker confesses that suffered from the distance of lawns.

- The most difficult moment for me was when the team began to draw in a row and I could not help in any way - vented Goldfish, without demonstrating, once again, the personality he displayed in the Vasco:

- When one was injured came forward, came another and it made me more motivated me to recover and return to the team.

Source: Lancenet

Monday, October 5, 2009

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Fumagalli track 32 years on Monday

On Monday (05/10), the half Fumagalli complete 32 years of life. Paulista de Aparecida do Monte Alto, the player joining the club last month and has played twice with the team by the Brazilian Championship. He served in the second half of the victory against the Guarani and the holder was tied with Bragantino.

Despite the goalless draw in their last match, the player passed his performance and is very happy to celebrate the anniversary of Vasco.

- I'm away from family, I'm only with my wife here, but I'm happy because I played well against Bragantino and it's great to celebrate the anniversary of playing for Vasco and I am very happy to celebrate the birthday here - said the shirt 8.

Source: Official website of the Vasco

Vasco não marca mais de dois gols num jogo há mais de um mês

Since the match against Ipatinga, on 22 August that the attack vascaíno not scored more than two goals. On occasion, the team thrashed the opponent by 4 to 0 and lived a moment of joy.

For good games like that come back to haunt the imagination vascaíno, goalkeeper Fernando Prass believes that lack just a whim to take advantage of good opportunities. Against Bragantino, Prass understood that the game met the team was good. Missed even more fancy.

- We had merit to come out with the win, we created good chances and could have won. But it's something to review for the next game - said goalkeeper vascaíno.

Source: Lancenet

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