Thursday, December 25, 2008

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Coelho attachment would have done online to receive U.S. $ 70 thousand of Vasco

In serious financial crisis, the Vasco is in discussion about payments to two influential cartolas of its current management. The vice of marketing, José Henrique Coelho, debt charges in court and did attachment online to receive U.S. $ 70 mil. Ex-vice law, now director of the area, Luiz Americo de Paula Chaves, a contract to receive U.S. $ 55 thousand for services rendered by his office. It merited the club demanded that the contract was terminated. In the case of Coelho, he withdraws the action or piece resignation. 

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo - FC Column Panel

To Eurico, Urubu of aid is "the purest theater'

"The Flamengo Vasco help in the coming year? That's theater, the most pure theater. They never do that" 

From Eurico Miranda, vascaíno opposition on any help from arch-rival Flamengo Vasco in the Series B in 2009 

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo - FC Column Panel

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Opposition claims that output jhonny Vasco will save U.S. $ 37.5 thousand per month

Note published on the Casaca, the main group in the Opposition's policy Vasco: 

The player jhonny, coming from the Titan Soccer, hit with the Nautical and not play more on Vasco. The output of an economy will jhonny of 37.5 thousand reais per month vascaínos the coffers, salary that was paid to the player during their stay in São Januário. 

Source: Casaca

Cruise says leader of preference of L. Amaral is at Vasco

Statement by director of football Cruise, Eduardo Maluf, the reporter Guto Rabelo, the Radio Globo, on 23/12 on Leandro Amaral: 

"No, it is discarded. We talked earlier time ago with his wife [Tatiana]. He had the sense to continue in Vasco, not to leave the Rio We needed quick set. The Cruise has that option at Wellington Paulista, a new player. We brought the Soares, also a young player. We will get another striker. The Cruise or, for the presentation on 5, his whole set list. " 


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Benítez and Pedro Vera took pictures of Edmundo playing futevôlei

The Paraguayans came in and hit mansinho quickly. The steering wheel Pedro Vera, 24 years, and half Milton Benítez lilies, 22, signed contract in São Januário yesterday and spoke with enthusiasm of the mission to help Vasco to return to Serie A in Brazil. The tactic of Vasco and the entrepreneur of the players was perfect. Besides the possibility of deployment in Brazil, these days they were staying in a hotel in Barra da Tijuca, which enchanted the visual double. 

The two are in profissionalizaram Libertad of Paraguay, where he played alongside the Argentine Maxi Biancuchi today in Flemish. Benitez, born in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, border with Brazil, rose by 3 de Febrero, returned to Libertad, transferiuse to Olympia and returned to 3 de Febrero, club where the last Paraguayan championship. 

- The fans can expect a player who puts his heart into the field. 

How was born in a city that borders with Brazil, followed since childhood Brazilian football. Vasco know, I know that is a great club, which does not deserve to be in the Second Division. That brings me to deliver the heart and soul - says Benitez, who believes the Argentinian Pablo Aimar its highest reference in its position of a half. 

Source: Lance

Carlos Germano, 'The Vasco will shake the dust in 2009 and return to Serie A'

A major goleiros the history of Vasco, Carlos Germano does not hide the sadness for the unprecedented fall of Rio club for Series B of the Brazilian Championship. There is a consensus that on December 7, 2008 - when the team lost to win by 2 to 0, in São Januário, sealing the demotion - is winning a spot in history cruzmaltina. However, the ex-official of the archer and Vasco today shows confidence in a very different year for the club and its fans: 

- I wish a wonderful 2009 for the fan vascaíno. That is completely different this year. I'm sure that Vasco will shake the dust and return to Serie A - said before the 'Game of the Stars' promoted by Zico, this Tuesday, in the Maracanã 

With the shirt of Vasco 1, Carlos Germano was Brazilian champion in 1997, the Libertadores Cup in 98 and the Rio-Sao Paulo Tournament of 99. 


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Vasco in Series B can make purchases of RJ leading pay-per-view

The FBA works with the expectation that the river will be placed in the first sale of packages of pay-per-view of the Series B. The growth was driven by the fans vascaína, which will have an interest in the games of the competition. This year, even without representatives in the state was in fourth place in the sale of packages. In 2009, Sao Paulo, current leader in sales, will have five participants. 

Source: Lance - Column From Press

Edmundo: 'If it is to continue playing, only in Vasco'

Before the end of the Brazilian Championship, which took a demotion to Vasco, Edmundo had already announced his retirement. But this may change. In this Tuesday, after the Game of the Stars in the Maracanã, waved the attacker with the ability to continue in Sao Januario next season. 

Moreover, Edmundo warned that there is no possibility of acting in Itumbiara-GO to the dispute Goiano Championship, where the team fight for bicampeonato and Copa do Brasil. 

"I do not want to fill the fan expectations. The Vasco started well, it hired a great coach (Dorival Junior). And if anything can really happen to think back on", he stressed, adding. 

"If it is to continue playing, only in Vasco. There is another option and not advance the people staying breathing other situations. I will study it with great affection. The Vasco will present the next day on January 5 and we will see what will happen . We will try to trim some edges, "amended the attacker. 

The chairman Roberto Dynamite, also a friend of Zico, participated in the celebration of the Game of the Stars and had a first "conversation" with Edmundo, even in the lawn of the Maracanã. 

"If there is the will of the player, there is also the club. We will try to set the financial part. Edmundo's situation is very special. And the value of $ 100 thousand (amount offered by Itumbiara-GO) not to cause the slightest problem . He earned it in Vasco, "the leader cruzmaltino closed. 

Source: UOL

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Governor Sergio Cabral recalls the Brazilian title in 1974 Vasco

One of the more harassed in the Game of the Stars organized by former player Zico, now technical in Uzbekistan, the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, recalled the first title won by his Brazilian club, the Vasco, in Maracanã, the party scene of soon. 

- I was 11 when I saw the champion Vasco, Cabral said, recalling the conquest of 1974, when the team won the Cruise cruzmaltino by 2 to 1, with goals from Ademir and Jorginho Carvoeiro. 

Taking advantage of the climate of joke Maracanã, the governor came to the site and lively, relaxed and ready to play is saying. 

- Made a special work to work full time, he stressed. In the climate of the Cup in 2014, Cabral said he talked with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, but emphasized that the priority of the moment was the feast of Zico, who will raise funds for victims of flooding in Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. 

- Rio and Minas are coming from a very difficult time. It is very important to help mobilize the end of the year and ease the pain for the loss, concluded the governor of Rio 

Source: JB Online

Vasco start reforms in the Headquarters Calabouço

Built in the 60s, the traditional seat of Calabouço, in downtown Rio, is undergoing reforms. The works are part of the process of revitalization of the seats of Vasco and be completed in 2009. Among the major works are the resumption of the modernization of the auditorium, with floor paged in the colors of the club and complete cooling of the room, with panels of stylized Vasco staircases and granite. 

Currently, the dungeon is through the recovery phase structural, where restorations are being made in support of beams and columns, and other major works such as the exchange of all the electricity, where courts and swimming pool lighting win totally modern and economical. Another work that is already in progress is the revitalization of the entire painting of the headquarters, which will give the space a more modern and current. 

The director of Calabouço, Frederico Lopes, spoke about what is the process of revitalization of the seat. 

- We are turning to the dungeon again become a venue that offers structure, comfort and entertainment to members. For this, besides the works to modernize the office, we are developing for the associated attractions. A beauty salon and a team of aesthetics already closed us. We are also developing with our Vice President of Olympic Sports and Social Responsibility, Dr. Monteiro, a project that enables sports associated options in the practice of sports - the celebrated director. 

Source: Official Site of Vasco

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President of Itumbiara is in Rio to negotiate with Edmundo

The Itumbiara want a player to wear the shirt No 100 in the dispute Goianão of next year - the 100 is in reference to the city's centennial in 2009. Three names are on the list of leaders: the attackers Edmundo (ex-Vasco) and Denílson (ex-Palmeiras) and half Petkovic (ex-Goiás and Atlético / MG). 

From this Monday, the club's honorary president, José Gomes da Rocha, is in Rio to try to convince Edmundo not to retire. After Brazil, said that the attacker did not come back to play more professionally. 

In this second, the club hired: the right-side Adriano (ex-New Town), the left-side Raí (ex-Campinense/PB), the quarterbacks Henry (ex Campinense) and Anderson (ex-Vasco), the half Saulo (ex-América/RN), and striker Schwenck (ex-Missouri). This Tuesday, Zé Gomes going to negotiate with Goiânia Túlio. 


Urubu charges U.S. $ 200 thousand for the Flu Jailton, which would go to the Vasco de grace

The offered Flamengo, Vasco and Jailton accepted. However, a proposal from Fluminense changed the course of history, and this Tuesday, driving the medical examinations conducted in Laranjeiras. 

The red-black board was surprised with the direction of the negotiations and decided to provide a value for the loan. 

- The Flemish authorized the Jailton to go to Vasco. But the entrepreneur him, Eduardo Uram, called us and said that had this proposal from Fluminense. So, it is the wish of the player. But in the Fluminense must pay $ 200 thousand for the loan. I gave my word to Vasco that give free - says by telephone, the director of football red-black, Pliny Serpa Pinto. 

It should have an outcome on the afternoon of Tuesday. 


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Edmundo meets with the board this week

Edmundo's future should be defined in this Tuesday in a meeting between the player and the president of Vasco, Roberto Dynamite. The meeting may end the malaise created between the two, after having declared that the attacker was not treated with due respect to current management. And, importantly, ensure the permanence of the shirt 10 in time for the Carioca Championship. 

"They were the tack that until tomorrow (today). The Edmundo was somewhat balanced with the proposals it has received from abroad and want to know the plans that Roberto (Dynamite) has for him," explained the player's attorney, Wellington Corrêa the Helinho, which waits until the day 29 officers two proposals by his client: one of the Arab world and another in Australia. 

Asked if the attacker would be inclined to play the State, Helinho be dodged. "It will depend on much of what the president will talk to him. But for what it represents for the club, anything can happen," he said. 

The most likely is that the president vascaíno only offer the striker a farewell party, which has not happened in the final straight of the Brazilian team's desperate race against the demotion. 

Neither the fact that the president has responded in a loving the objections of the attacker on the last Sunday means that Edmundo remain. 

On the occasion, said that Dynamite has not sought before the player because the attacker had said he would be retiring from football after the match against Victoria. But there are those who ensure that the manager has more than once, but found no receptivity on the part of the attacker. 

Though no one openly declared, the permanence of Edmundo is not welcome by everyone in Vasco. The instability and the benefits that the attacker had over the last season irritated several leaders, who viewed it as bad example for younger people. This thinking, however, is not shared, at least officially, by technical Dorival Júnior. 

"It would be sensational to work with him since the Edmundo resolve continue. It is different and has a very strong identification with Vasco. It would be important to have a player like him in the cast," he said the coach. 

Source: JB online

aílton, former Urubu expected in Sao Januario, hits with Fluminense

A surprising negotiation, last Monday, did change the course of Jailton in 2009. After being announced by Vasco, the head-of-area decided on another course and close with the Fluminense for a year. 

Is scheduled for Tuesday morning that a medical examination with Jailton. If no problem is found (he never had any serious injury in its passage through Gávea), the signing of contract will be sacraments. 

With contract until the end of 2009 with the Fla, Jailton belongs to Ipatinga and would not be exploited by Cuca. Because of that, he was made available to the Vasco. 

The technical Dorival Junior has the endorsement, the vice of administration, Joseph Mandarino Hamilton, president and announced Roberto Dynamite said, even after being asked about the situation which awaits Jailton in São Januário, yet this Tuesday. 

- The situation regarding Jailton is already defined. Dorival approved and in addition, the wage issue was addressed. Passing the tests, he will be player of Vasco - said Mandarino in the early evening of Monday. 

- Actually I was past that would Jailton tests in San Januário. But in football these transfers will depend mainly on the player - said Dynamite after 22h on Monday. 

And really that was weighed. 

Jailton, who was vacationing in Fortaleza and was expected to give its word on the agreement with Vasco, preferred the proposal from Fluminense, which has emerged in recent days. In addition to dispute the Series A, we will still pay the best salaries. 

Source: Lancenet

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Brandon, former Flu, sees no problems in playing in Korea in Series B

The times in which fans of the Fluminense idolatrous and demanded his presence among the subjects passed. But the affection of the steering wheel by Brandon Tricolor Carioca not over. A return to Huddersfield, however, is discarded. The player does, indeed, act in another club in Rio. 

- It was very close to the Basque but was not performing well. Who knows with Roberto now things do not change. It would not have any problem at work there, because one of the clubs that will be in greater evidence in 2009 - tells Brandon. 

Despite the desire to wear the shirt cruzmaltina, the steering wheel so far has a very different reality. Received proposals from Halesowen (GO) and two small clubs in Rio - Macaé and being where they've been for two years. For now, to keep in shape, he works in a strong academy of Barra da Tijuca with the friend March Brito, also without club. 

- I think to return to a big club. I want to play up to 40 years (with is 36). But if the end of next year I do not have a good income, pegarei my stuff and I aposentarei - the wheel designs that thinks in becoming coach in the future. 

Source: Lancenet

Jailton wheel, ex-Urubu, is near close to the Vasco

The promise that's vice president of football Flamengo, Kleber Leite, has to sell players to Vasco was not mouth off. The steering wheel Jailton, which attracted more hatred than admiration of the red-black crowd, is near close to the cruzmaltino club. 

Jailton passing holiday in West Virginia, but the trend is that the negotiation is sacramentada soon. 

- It is a correct player, warrior. I hope that really close - said the new testing of Vasco, Dorival Junior. 

Besides Jailton, the dome of the Vasco football has another five or six names of players from arch-rival being analyzed. Soon, more news should paint on the hill. 

Source: Blog Game Extra - Extra Online

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Kléber Leite promises to 'borrow some pieces' for Vasco

As stated in the following week in which Vasco was demoted to the Second Division of the Campeonato Brasileiro, the vice president of football's Flamengo, Kleber Leite, said that in some way help the club cruzmaltino. 

According to the manager, the coach Cuca will draw up a list of players that could be made available to the rival. In an interview with Arena Sportv program, the red-black leader stressed that the names should be delivered to Korea next week.

"The Vasco fell Tuesday was a very serious problem. We will try to help them in any way. The Cuca will make an assessment of the entire group and a crop of juniors will be built. We can borrow some pieces. By the end of next week's issue we define it. The technician will make a list of players who will be in pre-season, "said Kléber Leite. 

So far, the hiring of Vasco hit the side-law Paulo Sergio, ex-Grêmio and supporter Enrico, who was in football Sweden. The Flemish, in turn, has not yet hired and not dispensed any player. 

The Vasco fell to the Series B after the defeat to win by 2 to 0, at San Gennaro. But the Flemish, with the setback for the Atletico-PR by 5 to 3 in Curitiba, was not able to wave their next Copa Libertadores of America. 

Source: UOL

Leandro Amaral had already settled with Cruise, says mining Press

The first major engagement of impact will be announced by the board of the cruise tomorrow, the attacking Leandro Amaral, who defended the Vasco in the Brazilian championship final. The information eventually leak last night at the Headquarters of the club, in Pampulha, in the possession of the new president of the club, Donna Perrella, reducing somewhat the mystery about the reinforcements for next season. Two more reinforcements could also be released tomorrow. 

Source: Superesportes

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Prosecutor of Fumagalli talks about interest of Vasco

But the list does not stop for reinforcements to win body. Fumagalli, 30 years, also matters. Although the supporter having a contract with the Sport until May of 2010, the Vasco already started contacts to hire him, shows the prosecutor of Fumagalli. 

- I tried three times by a person linked to Vasco. I know that Dorival Junior had the opportunity to work with Fumagalli and likes the athlete - said Cândido Neto, prosecutor of the athlete. 

Fumagalli is given the new commander of Vasco, Dorival Junior. In 2006, was hired by Sport at the request of the coach. Together, we achieved the title Pernambuco. 

Source: Lance

Maurice and Ricardinho may be announced at any time

The board of Vasco has hurry and wants to announce more reinforcements. The defender Mauricio, 23, and Ricardinho left-lateral, 24, could be confirmed at any time. They have contract with Coritiba up on December 31. 

Source: Lance

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Representative of the Champs apologizes for gaffe

When the president came to the party, with two hours of delay, everyone was standing to hear the anthem of Vasco. The person responsible for the sound system no longer follow the CD and thus have heard a snippet of the anthem of Botafogo. Cesar Borel, representative of the Champs, a new supplier of sports material, apologized for the gaffe. 

Source: The Globe

Vasco can form entity to negotiate resources in Brasilia

Andres and flamenguista Marcio Braga met with directors of Vasco, Fluminense, Pinheiros, Minas Tennis and Sogipa. Idealizam entity to negotiate in Brasilia resources for the training of high-level athletes, compensating the output of other talents. 

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo - Column Panel FC

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Maurice and Ricardinho may be announced at any time

The board of Vasco has hurry and wants to announce more reinforcements. The defender Mauricio, 23, left and side-Ricardinho, 24, could be confirmed at any time. They have contract with Coritiba up on December 31. 

Source: Lance

Leaks to the news hit of Enrico cause concern in board

The Enrico supporter of Djungarden, Sweden, will be the second reinforcement of Vasco in 2009. Approved medical examination, Enrico just depends on the release of Djungarden to be officially presented. Because of the deadlock, the Vasco waiting to announce it officially. 

The leak of the news caused embarrassment in vascaína dome, which fears a process in the solicitation by Fifa. 

Source: Lance

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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STJD punishes Vasco with a loss of 1 charge of field in Series B

The Vasco went through this moment of tension Tuesday, December 16 days. The club was dismissed by the Disciplinary Committee of the Second Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) and fined U.S. $ 10mil in addition, also lost his command of a field of departure. The withdrawal was made because fans arremessaram objects in the lawn of San Gennaro. The loss of orders should be fulfilled in the Brazilian Championship of next year, the Series B. 

Besides being demoted to the B series of 2009, the Vasco had serious problems in the last round of the 2008 Series. Fans revolted and protested in various ways in defeat for the win, which resulted in termination. 

According to the summary of the game, a radio battery, a plastic cup with liquid inside, two empty cans of soft drinks and a flag was hurled to the field of play. The club was terminated in Article 213 (no longer able to take action to prevent and suppress riots in the square in sport) of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (CBJD), with expected penalty of a fine of U.S. $ 10mil to U.S. $ 200mil and loss of behest of a field to ten games. 

And vascaína the situation was further aggravated with the report of referee Alicio Pena Junior. He said that was done by a Bulletin of Occurrence Military Police, identifying a fan who had made the pitch for one of the objects. However, the same arbitrator in document attached to the complaint, says it has been advised by an official of the CBF that the envelope containing the documents of the departure was not the protocol of BO identifying the violator. 

The Vasco did a terrible campaign in the Campeonato Brasileiro. The team of San Gennaro somou only 40 points in 38 games. 

Source: Sports Justice Site

'Defender known' will not be announced in the presentation of the Champs

In touch with the press service of Vasco, during the event which is now promoted in the Lake Nautical Headquarters, will be presented when the new uniform of the club, the SUPERVASCO.COM found that will not be announced the hiring of a quarterback 'known' , And came to be disclosed by a website in the morning. 

Source: Supervasco

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Phillipe Coutinho ficou 'nervoso' em sua estréia na passarela

A diretoria do Vasco apresentou nesta terça-feira a linha esportiva oficial que será utilizada na próxima temporada. Após um rápido discurso do presidente Roberto Dinamite, alguns jogadores das categorias de base e algumas modelos desfilaram com as novas camisas. Ao todo, o time terá quatro uniformes em 2009. 

Após o discurso de Dinamite, a analista de marketing do Vasco, Aretusa Furquim, que também é responsável por toda a área comercial do clube, apresentou os novos uniformes aos convidados da festa organizada pela Champs, fabricante do material. 

Quando as camisas tradicionais entraram em cena, os presentes aplaudiram de forma efusiva, aprovando os modelos escolhidos. 

O meia Phillippe Coutinho e o atacante Willen eram os jogadores mais conhecidos na apresentação. Os dois se mostraram empolgados ao participar do desfile. 

- Estou nervoso. No campo é diferente, mas na passarela é pior - afirma Coutinho, que vai se juntar aos profissionais na próxima temporada. 

Em 2008, o Vasco era patrocinado pela Reebok e pagou a multa rescisória para assinar com um novo fornecedor. A partir de 2009, o clube vai receber R$ 506 mil por mês pelo novo acordo de material esportivo. 


Faux pas irritates Dynamite: 'Who is this DJ? That can not happen '

A faux pas was committed by the DJ who commanded the feast of the presentation of uniforms at the headquarters of Vasco boating in Lagoa, on the evening of Tuesday, the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. At a time when the president gave a collective Roberto Dynamite, an excerpt of the anthem of Botafogo ecoou the auditorium of the club, generating some of these protests. 

Appalled by the situation, the president recriminate the attitude of the DJ. 

- Who is this DJ? That can not happen, it is an absurdity - the manager says. 

Interestingly, six stars decorate the place where the suits were filed, and similar to that shown in the shield Alvinegro of General Severiano, cruzmaltino rival in Rio de Janeiro. Dynamite has an explanation for the fact. 

- The star is necessary because the needs Vasco shine, but elanão has nothing to do with Arsenal - explains the manager. 

The festival was organized by the Champs, new sports equipment supplier of the club. The Vasco sold the site to carry out the presentation. The DJ was hired by the company that will manufacture the new uniform of the club. 


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Monday, December 15, 2008

Vasco give up Lucio Flavio to learn of the agreement with Santos

The board of Vasco withdrew recruitment of half Lucio Flavio after a meeting last Sunday. The dome cruzmaltina knew the adjustment of the player with the Saints and decided to take the team from the field and for new solutions. 

The leaders are looking for skilled half to join the wave of Madson, who decided to change San Gennaro by Vila Belmiro. The search for reinforcements on the hill will follow this Monday, when the board will be in Sao Paulo at a meeting of the Club of 13. 


Vasco will defeat the proposal to Mauritius, the Coritiba

Suggested by fans as the town's disastrous campaign of the Brasileirão, the zaga vascáina should be reworded to 2009. With the arrival of the technical Dorival Junior, a name that is gaining strength in the club of Mauricio, who worked with the coach in Coritiba. 

With the rights of federal prisoners Iraty, Mauritius is loaned to Coritiba only until the end of this year. With that, the board cruzmaltina should submit a proposal to Iraty in the next few days. 

Another name that appears strong in San Gennaro is to Andre Luis, who did not renew the contract with Botafogo. Although the name like the board, some of it was perturbed by the disciplinary problems experienced by defender this season. 

Of the six quarterbacks who defended the Vasco in 2008, only young and experienced Fernando Vilson must remain at the club. Jorge Luiz, Luiz Eduardo, Odvan and Andre will be released. 

Source: The Day Online


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dorival Junior: "I'm anxious, but confident '

The new Vasco's technical Dorival Junior will not rest. The coach has already rolled up our sleeves and, in addition to close to the board a list with names of possible reinforcements, hit the details for pre-season of Vasco. Excited about the challenge of the club reerguer Hill, Dorival Junior account the minutes to start working effectively with the group. 

- I'm anxious, but confident. I found a very positive environment at the club. The feeling is the union between people. All this will facilitate the work - said Dorival.

Arriving in Hill, the coach received from the hands of the football manager Carlos Alberto Lancetti a report with the data of all during the year 2008. Dorival, who knows much of the current group cruzmaltino, sends a message to the possible reinforcements and highlights the importance of taking the squad formed up on January 6, estimated date for the start of pre-season. 

- Who should get commitment to the project of Vasco. There are shortcomings in the group and the expectation is that all are met. It is important to have most of the group formed until the early pre-season - Dorival Junior said. 

Source: Lancenet

Pedrinho garante ainda não ter recebido propostas

On vacation after defending Late Show, the half Pedrinho not know whether on the hill. While the most likely to be leaving, the player has no other plans for 2009. At 31 years, the only certainty is that he will continue playing. In recent days, gave news account that Brazil had made a proposal by the supporter. But he said it had received no invitation. 

- I expect out of contract 31. I have nothing in sight. Neither Vasco I tried, other clubs - said Kingston. 

Even if you are away from Vasco, Pedrinho ensures that the fans continue to leave the club this situation. And even mentioned have been surprised by the evolution of fans cruzmaltina since he had left the club for the first time. 

- What did the fans and demonstrated is the main factor for leaving this situation. I think the fan of Vasco is a great heritage. It is a great ally - said Kingston. 

Source: Lancenet


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Jonílson will meet with Vasco on Monday

The steering wheel Jonílson present to the board vascaína here Monday to negotiate the renewal of contract with the club for next season. The delay is scheduled for the meeting happened on account of the definition of the new coach of Vasco. The player's relationship with the club expires on 31 this month. 

Besides him, two other players will be reassessed by Dorival Junior. The supporter Rafael and head-of-area Amaral back the loan from Bahia and faded, respectively, and will be assessed by coach to be whether or not recovered. 

Source: Lancenet

Provision of Urubu to help Vasco in C13 would be just 'theater'


Despite the support of Vasco in an attempt to avoid a 50% reduction in their quota of TV because of the demotion, the Flemish believe that the mission is impossible. It was more to show that with the departure of Eurico Miranda, can have good relations. 

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo - Column Panel FC

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Saturday, December 13, 2008


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Dorival Jr. recalls confrontations with Dynamite in times of player

At 46 years, the coach Dorival Junior is going through an unusual situation. For the first time in his short career as a coach, he will work with a president who has been player and experienced in the past. In the 80s, the new commander cruzmaltino, acting at Palmeiras, faced Roberto Dynamite, then major strengthening of Portuguese in 1989. 

Interestingly, almost ten years later, the coach will now work directly with the chairman Roberto Dynamite. And Dorival notes with satisfaction the meeting. 

- I think it was in 88 or 89. I do not remember well. I remember that was the time when Roberto served by the Portuguese. I served in Palmeiras. We are not contemporaries, but we have to face - remembers Dorival. 

On being asked whether it would be easier to see Dynamite as president than at the time when the president served, Dorival spared no praise for the player Roberto. 

- Get in the face once or twice. At the end of their career, the Roberto only played with the intelligence and it was much more complicated. It has always been difficult to schedule it. 


Eduardo Santos, Anderson and Landu should be lent in 2009

The defender Anderson, the attacker Landu and right-side Eduardo should not be at Vasco in 2009. They were little used this season and the trend is that are lent. Anderson and Landu came from Halesowen (GOs) and Eduardo, the CRB. 

The attacker came to be loaned to the range, you just demoted to the Series C. But the defeat was not even being listed. Eduardo came to take some chances and be booking away from Wagner Diniz. But after the arrival of Baiano, lost increasingly cruzmaltino space in the group. 

Source: Lancenet

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Mandarino says he is considering possibility of becoming vice football

The administrative vice Joseph Mandarino Hamilton is a listing of names to control the football of Vasco in 2009. The administrative vice president has the endorsement of Roberto Dynamite and could assume the role of Vice Football, next season. In the presentation of technical Dorival Junior, on the afternoon of yesterday, said that he will do what is best for the Vasco. 

"I will be whatever is most convenient for Vasco. This activity in football is incompatible with my other functions (vice-administrative). If it is important for the club I do, we're still investigating. This was a desire that left some people and not from me, "says the manager, who repeatedly stressed that the main objective of the current board is professionalise the club and therefore the accumulation of posts could be harmful. 

New coach 

On the recruitment of technical cruzmaltino Dorival Junior as the season for 2009, Mandarino showed to be excited. He underscored the credibility of the coach and curriculum, which, despite a few years of career, already has some titles and many good works. 

"I was excited about the Dorival Junior. He has a training that makes the difference. It has a curriculum victorious, despite the short time that has as its coach. You guys (reporters) saw that interview that he spent the credibility, "added the, as yet, administrative vice president. 

Source: Journal of Sports

Dynamite on reinforcements: 'I already have a list of names'

The restructuring vascaína began with the choice of technical for next season. Dorival Junior was submitted yesterday and will be the master cruzmaltino in 2009. Continuing the process of renewal, Roberto Dynamite said it already has a list of possible reinforcements. However, he made it clear that the new coach will participate in the choice of hiring. 

"I already have a list of names. He (Dorival) is the priority of state players and now we sit and talk, "says Dynamite. 

About the position that Dorival Junior asked for more attention, the president of Vasco gave the answer that everyone hoped. 

"He asked for special attention, especially with the defensive system," he concludes. 

Leandro Amaral 

Even thinking about future increases, the board did not forget the renovations with the highlights of the current cast. Among them, Leandro Amaral is a priority. According to the vice administrative, Joseph Mandarino Hamilton, the outcome of this novel can still go out this weekend. 

"The Leandro is a complete player, serious and determined. Let's see if we reach an agreement with him. He is out of Rio at the time and we still talk. But I hope that the weekend has to have a decision. " 

Source: Journal of Sports

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dynamite: 'Even the flamenguistas are rooting for me'

Since taking, Roberto Dynamite never asked to speak, did not attend the lecture, did not speak nonsense, as always maintained his calm, despite living the most difficult moment of his athletic career. But moments before the team vascaíno come into camp, gave a little speech. 

Reminded of the importance of the game yesterday, stressed the importance that Vasco is in Brazilian football and told some stories of his time player. But wanted to say that I do not want to serve as an example of anything. 

The aim was to force the players, passing calm, dealing with the emotion of all. And succeeded. What we saw in camp was a dedicated team, united and willing to do anything to save the club from the tragedy of the Second Division. 

"It was a great victory, shame that the combination of the results of this round was not the best. I hope I have the sortezinha a few times in the last round tripping, "he said. 

Roberto said that talks with the presidents of Sport and Corinthians and heard words of encouragement. "They said their teams filled the stadium and grew up long after the fall. But I do not want to live this experience at all. I want to continue in the First Division." 

On the possibility of offering any financial aid to help some of the teams who also run the risk of falling, Roberto was totally contrary to the practice. 

"This history of poor white is not good. You always ends up depending on someone, help a club and then there will be charged up front. Do not share with it, no," he said. 

In the end, thanked, excited, the care and support of fans of all teams. "Even the flamenguistas are rooting for me. And they say they do it by what I did in his career. And I always look to score goals in all that time. I think pretty much that attitude, and I thank the heart. I am very honored and happy, because this support coming from all hanks is sincere, "thanked. 

Source: The Day Online

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