Friday, August 28, 2009

Fernandinho says no to Vasco for not wanting to play in Serie B

The midfielder Fernandinho do Brasileirão revelation, rejected a substantial offer to defend Vasco until the end of Serie B. The club Rio offered $ 120 thousand a month to the player, who earned $ 17 thousand in Barueri. Fernandinho is no act just because the loan Iraty, with whom he has ties to the team Paulo. The athlete like the offer, but said he did not want to play in the Serie B. Fernandinho wanted to go to Hertha Berlin, but the German club rejected the request of Barueri. If he is not abroad, can be negotiated with the Traffic, which would put him at Santos or Palmeiras.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dorival Júnior nothing but praise Alex Teixeira

Dorival Junior may be appointed as one of the most responsible for the growth of the Alex Teixeira Vasco. The player, seen as a promise, not yielded the expected. But gradually the coach managed to get half of football grow. And in recent games he has been decisive for the team to achieve victories.

The commander cruzmaltino celebrates the good phase of Alex Teixeira. The player has a contract with Vasco until 2013, with a fine set at around $ 100 million.

- Alex (Teixeira) was the fastest player in the last games of the team. He put the head that could do something beyond what was doing. And my recovery was always on top of it.

Dorival Junior is happy to see Alex Teixeira finishing moves as well. Previously, only half bothered to serve the little fellow and kicked the goal. As a result, he has four goals in their last eight games of the team in Serie B.

- Glad to see Alex taking off and looking for what he was doing: definitions. I charged it that the waiter has its value, but he concludes that the goal is an even greater value in football. It was time for him to be at certain times, fominha also so he could enjoy what he's good, that is to get ahead of the goalkeeper and define the play. In this sense he has grown a lot. I hope he will now be able to maintain this momentum.

Vasco leads the Serie B with 42 points, three ahead of Atletico-GO. On Friday, the team faces the Ceará, at 21h, at Maracanã. The calculations of technical Dorival Júnior, the club needs to reach 64 points to secure one of four places to Serie A.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TenteeNof denies possibility of hiring Fernandinho of Barueri

The director of football Vasco, Rodrigo Caetano has denied any possibility of negotiation with the striker Fernandinho, disclosure of the Brazilian Championship at Barueri.

- How nice if we could have it, but there is no such possibility. We're not even thinking about it. In fact, a survey was conducted, a normal conversation, as is done in the market, but long ago, that did not materialize. Was offered a direct sale, but did not, for values, or perhaps because there was no will of the player - he explained.

Fernandinho is on the rise in the market and can not be transferred to any other team in Serie A, having already done a minimum of six games for the sludge. The international transfer window closes on August 31 and the team expects Paulo proposals from outside by the player.

Source: Lancenet

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vasco premiere new panel in the interview room

Vasco debuted new panel in the interview room of St. Januarius, now the symbol of the Scratch Vascão.

Source: Lance

Monday, August 24, 2009

Élton feels pain in his foot and did not travel to face Brasiliense

Vasco will not have the striker Elton for starting this Tuesday against Brasiliense, bug report, opening the second round of Serie B. The player, who made one of the goals last victory over Ipatinga (see video), suffered a bruise on his right foot during the match. With the site quite painful, it was vetoed by the medical department.

Elton is fighting for the artillery of the competition. He has nine goals and is
Edivaldo behind, the Duque de Caxias, and Rafael Coelho, Figueirense - both 12 - and Marcelo Nicácio of Fortaleza, which is of ten.

- He feels great pain and has difficulty walking. It was a problem on the back of his right foot. It's nothing too serious, but causes great pain to the athlete. So he is banned - said the doctor Alexandre Campello.

Vascaíno The doctor does not know if Elton will be able to return to the team next Friday, in a match against Ceara in Maracanã. He prefers to await the reaction of the athlete throughout the week.

- Let's wait. The idea is that it is released for departure. But we have to see how he will react.

Vasco leads the Serie B with 39 points. For accounts of the technical committee, Vasco need 64 points to secure one of the vacancies. This means that the time has come 60% of the road. You still have 19 games and 57 points to play for the team win the 25 points remaining.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Carlos Alberto highlights solidarity of the companions of Vasco

One of the best players in the game between Vasco and Ipatinga, Carlos Alberto pointed out the solidarity of the cast as a major factor in winning the rout by 4 to 0.

- It is very easy to support someone when she is in difficulty. This is the normal reaction when someone is down. In Vasco, let the fellow taking a penalty, to accept a replacement, this is the coolest moment we are living - said.

Chosen by the fans to wear the shirt number 111 in honor of the anniversary of the club, Carlos Alberto said he was not surprised with the Maracana packed and break the attendance record for all divisions of Sterling.

- We were expecting a big party like this. In concentration, we watched the number of tickets sold. The first feeling that we had so we went up the lawn is to reciprocate the affection of the fans. That victory goes to her, buying the ticket, which often sacrifices a lot to support us - praised.

Source: Lancenet

Friday, August 21, 2009

Souza is stopped in blitz Operation Prohibition

The wheel Souza of Vasco is one more to swell the statistics of football players caught by Operation Prohibition.

According to the Jornal do Brazil, Souza was stopped by a roadblock, at dawn on Thursday, in Barra da Tijuca. The player did the test Etilômetro and was approved, but had his Renault Megane seized for not being as IPVA days.

The young revelation vascaína now joins the Léo Moura, Renato (half of Botafogo), Renato Gaucho, the roster of footballers Operation stopped by recently.

Source: Lancenet

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dorival Júnior 'for the Twist Jéferson back as soon as possible'

One of the problems that Vasco has faced throughout the season is the absence of several players due to some type of injury. But little by little, the problem has been circumvented.

The team that started the Carioca was virtually rebuilt over the years, new players arrived and, gradually, the cast gets fully fit to come into camp.

Athletes such as half and goalkeeper James Jeferson, still distant, the attacker and defender Fernando Rodrigo PIMPÃO, both the training back to recover the ideal form, all subjects prior to injury, is emblematic.

- The team is being rediscovered. You won a piece and lost a holder, in this complicated. Twist to the Jeferson back as soon as possible, the same James, ramesh r is in the process. It is for the coach to have a headache healthy - examined the technical Dorival Júnior.

The proof is that in the last four rounds of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B Vasco was not the right-lateral, and Paulo Sérgio Fagner were injured. For the game against Ipatinga, this Saturday, the two are recovered.

Source: Lancenet

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vasco's reserves will-training game against Sendas in 4th 9.30

Will be held this Wednesday (19/08), the 9:30 pm, a game between Vasco x-training, and in São Januário.

The Cruzmaltino will play with athletes who is not acting in the Brazilian Championship - Series B and with players who are returning from bruising.

Source: official site of Vasco

Fernando prassi value their performances in Series B

Criticized tie in with the America-RN in the middle of the week, the goalkeeper Fernando prassi was one of the highlights of the victory of the Portuguese Vasco, last Saturday, the B series of the Brazilian Championship. For the player, the criticisms are normal in the life of any athlete's position.

"Every goalkeeper subject. We see the best goalkeeper in the world taking defensible goals and defending balls nearly impossible. I participated in many games and only had two or three failures," hesaid.

With the proper phase of the team in Series B, Fernando prassi expects the fans to attend weight to the Vasco Maracanã on Saturday, the departure against Ipatinga. The expectation is that the public record of the Series B is broken by the mass cross-Maltin.

"Now is the expected bumper crowd the Maracanã and beat the record of the public in advance that it was done against Ceará. I'm sure that fans of Vasco vai Lotar the stadium," said the archer, showing confidence in the presence of fans.


Return of the injured drills brings relaxation to Vasco-Barra

The week started with good news in Vasco. Paulo Sérgio, Fagner and Rodrigo PIMPÃO, who were injured have returned to normal physical activities and may be related to the game on Saturday at 16.10, in the Maracanã, against Ipatinga in the final round of the first round of the Series B. The left-lateral Ramon, who met before suspension of the Portuguese in Canindé is one that returns.

In training the morning of Tuesday in Vasco-Barra, the lateral Fagner and Paulo Sergio gave hope to technical Dorival Júnior to solve a problem that is going for four rounds. Without its two experts in the role, the coach impromptu half the fly and Alex Teixeira Souza, Paulinho and Matthew.

The striker Rodrigo PIMPÃO, far more than two months, also has a chance to return on Saturday. The reason for this time was stopped, initially, a lesion in the right knee. After the player was doing work on muscle strengthening to prevent further bruising.

The environment in the Vasco-Barra was total relaxation. The good news helped the injured to leave the climate even more light, with smiles everywhere. The team is placed second in the Series B as the same number of points but a win less than the Atlético-GO.

While training, the Vasco can also concentrate energy "dries" the Atlético-GO. The team plays on the night of goiana Tuesday against El Salvador in Bahia. If you lose the point and beat Vasco Ipatinga, the team from the first round ends Januário first.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vilson: 'Here we have a family'

If the technique does not, it is the strength and determination. That was the motto of Vasco in victory by 3 to 1 to turn on the Portuguese, this Saturday, in Canindé in the 18th round of Campeonato Brasileiro da Série B After falling to the locker room at intermission at a disadvantage on the scoreboard, the team won the Carioca result the second time with two goals marked the last 15 minutes, and players celebrate the team's spirit of struggle.

- It was a difficult victory. Turn into the Canindé is very important. The team of Portuguese is qualified, but fortunately we all three points - said Elton, author of the third goal.

Alex Teixeira choir made with the attacker and underscored the difficulty of the match until the final minutes.

- The game was truncated by the finalzinho, but technical and we race to turn.

For the defender Vilson, the friendship of the cast vascaíno has made a difference in the good campaign team in the Series B.

- Here we have a family. When the value unity and strength of will to win the games.

With 36 points, Vasco is the vice-leader of the Series B, with the same score leader Atlético-GO, and envisages the Ipatinga on Saturday, at 16h10m, no Maracanã, the last round the first turn.


Rodrigo Caetano, Robinho and supervisor were beaten in Canindé

The defeat of facing a 3 to 1 for Vasco in full Canindé, this Saturday, the 18th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, has the nerves of the Portuguese fans to flower of skin. The result extended to four the number of games without wins in the team competition, and fans discounted the wrath of members of the delegation cruzmaltina, beaten after the match.

With access to the locker room of the lawn Canindé, the executive director, Rodrigo Caetano, the supervisor, Daniel Freitas, and striker Robinho, who was in the bank reserves, was met by angry fans. Ex-player's Lusa, Roberto Dynamite, president of Vasco, was "hunted", but managed to get rid of protests.

- It is unfortunate the only access to the locker room is in the middle of the opposing fans. We were attacked and almost the Dynamite, which is also idol here was not reached. It's bad for us, but mainly for the management of the Portuguese - Rodrigo Caetano regretted.

One of the attackers was identified and arrested by police. The episode, however, has been recurrent in games in which the Portuguese are defeated in their stadium and the delegation of the Basque left the local escorts.

With 36 points, Vasco is the vice-leader of the Series B, while the Portuguese, with 27, then out of the G-4 in the seventh.


Elton: 'We are now seeking the support of our fans'

The result of 3 to 1, for those who did not follow the game, thinks that Vasco was well above Portuguesa, Juventus, in Canindé by the 18th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B. However, the cruzmaltina team, which went on the scoreboard ago, only managed to turn the 37 minutes the second time (the third was noted to 49).

Elton to the attacker, who was one of the goals of Vasco (Adriano Gian and marked the other), the team had to overcome the Portuguese head, which is very dangerous, mainly working in Canindé.

"A team of them is qualified. The key was emotional for our victory. We did not perform a good start, but the B series is well. When one is not in a good day, everything needs to overcome in the claw and determination," said Elton, adding.

"Now we have a week of preparation for the next appointment. We are now seeking the support of our fans. They will be important in the Maracanã, the attacker amended, referring to the duel with Ipatinga, on 22, at 16.10, the last round the first turn.

With the victory over the Portuguese, the Vasco jumped to 36 points and is in second place, tied with Atlético-GO. But the time is exceeded by Goias cruzmaltino the number of wins: 11 to 10. Guarani, with 34, and Ceará, with 30, closed the G-4, which qualifies for the Serie A in 2010.

Source: UOL

Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Saturday, August 1, 2009

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