Monday, September 29, 2008

Vasco beat-training game against Lidlington by 5 to 0, Coutinho is the highlight

Strengthening the security of San Gennaro was unnecessary. With the presence of very few fans and in an atmosphere of peace, the Vasco trained in Monday after the defeat by 3 to 1 for Falkirk, outside the home, that placed the Vice-lantern of England, with 26 points. The activity was restricted to players who do not acted in the 90 minute match in Minas Gerais. 

With the holders working in academia, Renato Gaucho commanded the reserves, and strengthened by Fernando Baiano, who need to gain pace of play in a game against Lidlington-training, amateur team of Baixada Fluminense. 

Scales with Rafael, Baiano, Fernando, and Eduardo Vilson; Jonílson, Victor, Pedrinho and steve; Abubakar and Alan Kardec, the Vasco was 2 to 0 in the first half of the activity, with a goal in each attacker. In the second part, Renato made several changes and the team extended the score to 5 to 0, with two more goals from Kardec and one of Matthew. 

The highlight of the activity was positive for the young half Philippe Coutinho, from just 16 years old, who moved well and created good opportunities for goal. 

Next Saturday, at 18h20m, the Vasco sees Middlesbrough, in San Gennaro, the 28th round of England. 


Eurico give up and go back to San Gennaro in the game against Middlesbrough

The former president of Vasco, Eurico Miranda, withdrew from watching the game on Saturday against Middlesbrough, in San Gennaro. 

Advised by former companions of directors, who fear for social disturbances in the club, the hat back on his decision to do this. 

He asked the crowd honored the team, but said that twisting the house. 

- What led me to take this decision was a series of factors. They (the current leaders) are spurned the position where Vasco is (it is the penultimate in the Brazilian). I will not compactuar with that. Yesterday (Sunday), against Falkirk, missed all: motivation, attitude _ Eurico Miranda said in a conversation with reporter Daniel Costa and Siva, who made the cover of Vasco for the EXTRA. 

Eurico Miranda said that the attitude of the players on the field reflects the instability created at the club. And warns that it will not be offering money to players that the team will improve the yield. 

- No use to get there and promise to man the players. That is not motivating _ criticized the ex-topper, disagree with the passivity of managers who took the club in July, after having won at the ballot box. 

Source: Football Blog & Such Thing - Extra Online

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Leandro Amaral says that when you speak, is ill-interpreted

The defeat of Vasco for the Jaipur, by 3 to 1, this Sunday, the Brazilian championship, the team has dropped to 18th place and remain for the third consecutive round in the demotion zone. 

One of the players most harassed by the post match press statements by their firm, the attacking Leandro Amaral tried to be contained after new negative score. 

- I want to avoid talking much, because people just misunderstand me. But the mistakes that I talk still going on. We must correct - said the athlete to journalists. 

The strong words from Leandro Amaral after the last games the team recently created some discomfort in cast cruzmaltino with other athletes nip the attacker. 

Coach Renato Gaucho, when the team took a little more than a week, asked for interviews that tend to be controversial as that of Leandro and Edmundo fm of the games do not happen more. 

Source: Lancenet

Leandro Amaral: 'We have to expand on the'

The Vasco was defeated by the 15th time in the Campeonato Brasileiro by Falkirk, in this Sunday, by 3 to 1. The result keeps the team in the area of Rio demotion and worsens the situation of the team. 

The performance of the team cruzmaltino in the field, weak in the first and second in desencontrado - except for a glimpse at the start of the final step - was criticized. 

- We have to expand in the field. Most of the chances and goals of their opponents out of our lack of attention. Sometimes we have more in the player moves and lost - said the attacker Leandro Amaral. 

The next round of the Campeonato Brasileiro, the Vasco receives, on Saturday, the Middlesbrough, in San Gennaro - the team Catarina also fight against the drop to the Second Division. 

Source: Lancenet

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Luiz Eduardo think that new formation of the defense will not be problem

The Vasco enter into camp this Sunday, against Falkirk, in Minas Gerais, the Brazilian Championship, the 3-5-2 system with two debutant in the defensive system: the back-right side and Fernando Baiano. 

Furthermore, the left-side Valmir reappears in the team. However, athletes do not fear that the lack of dialogue in the industry undermine the performance on the field. 

- We expect the performance is the best. We train well during the week we do what the teacher Renato (Gaucho, coach) asked. Now it is put into practice - said the defender Luiz Eduardo. 

Coach cruzmaltino, which premiered in charge of the team in the last round, against Palmeiras, adopts the 3-5-2 scheme. For the player, who earlier served in the 4-4-2, the change is not drastic. 

- We're accustomed. We've been playing well on occasion and the players who are coming now will do our utmost to return to Vasco win - Luiz Eduardo stressed.

The team of San Gennaro to come into camp with: James, Luiz Eduardo, and Jorge Luiz Fernando; Baiano, jhonny, Alex Teixeira, Madson and Valmir; Leandro Amaral, and Edmundo. 

Source: Lancenet

Madson surprised by the presence of the crowd in training

The Basque team last appeared in good numbers in this Saturday morning in San Gennaro to track the team's last training before departure against Falkirk, in this Sunday, the Campeonato Brasileiro, at 16h, in Minas Gerais. 

A group of about 50 people was in the bleachers, extended tracks of the main hanks organized cruzmaltinas with drums and flags and sang a lot, encouraging the athletes. 

- It was a surprise. Do not expect this number of fans, it was pretty cool. It is important to us, even more in a moment like this - half Madson said. 

With 26 points, Late Show occupies the 17th place in Brazil, opening the area of demotion. And the Marton is the torch of competition, but with only two points unless the mining team. 

- Now it's up to us match on the field. Encouraging, they are trying. I'm sure that will not lack determination, claw, fight - Madson said. 

Source: Lancenet

Coelho said that marketing activities will be conducted by DPZ

The marketing department of Vasco hired the advertising agency DPZ for the production of some parts of communication from the club for next year. Jose Henrique Coelho, vice president of marketing vascaíno, gave details of work to be done. 

- There will be a reshuffle of the mark Vasco. Let's seize the gallery and adapted Saint Gennaro for a different audience, who will be available to a service bar, and also guaranteed a spot in the parking of the club - listed. 

Jose Henrique Coelho said also that the DPZ will have the task of devising campaigns for the accession of new students to school remodo of Vasco and to attract tourists to visit the stadium of the club. 

The leader spoke on the partnership between the Basque and auditing KPMG Forensic and Transaction Services Ltda. The company received the club a sum of $ 80 thousand (approximately U.S. $ 150 thousand) for carrying out a detailed financial framework vascaíno. The forecast is that the report be delivered to the board within two months. 

Source: Lance

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Madson awaiting the arrival of the 1st son, Nicolas for in 3 months

On honeymoon with the fans even with Vasco in bad phase, Madson has a reason to be more to celebrate the big stage after a period of uncertainty in Duque de Caxias and the America-RN. His wife Larissa is in the sixth month of pregnancy and the couple discovered this week the sex of the child first. 

- Will I have always dreamed as a boy. I see in the future with him running around, playing ball and dropping the kite. I am very happy - shows the player, who wished to choose the name of the heir. - Is Nicolas. It is a strong and beautiful name. 

Even in the belly of the mother Nicolas already causing mischief closest of friends. When asked whether the child will be greater than he, Madson did not lose his good humor. 

- The Larissa is 1.55 m, me I have five more centimeters, and our parents also have short stature. I think he will not escape from being short - bet half the vascaíno that despite several constraints that has undergone since small, has won the prejudice of people throwing a football great. - I am the lowest of the Brazilian player, I'm David's football. I am crossing a wonderful moment in my career. I am winning the giants of football. 

While not the baby arrives, the couple is preparing for an outfit buying everything with great affection. Camisetinhas, JUMPSUITS and several pairs of shoes occupy a special place in the couple's apartment in Barra da Tijuca. More than changing the routine, the arrival of Nicolas moved to the head of Madson, who already feel the weight of fatherhood. 

- I was half silly when she told me. At the time I thought the enormous responsibility it is to have a child - emerges. - I feel like I matured, I believe more in what I do. I am even more economical and just buy things for him. 

If you depend on the willingness of women, the family may increase further in coming years. The couple wants to adopt a girl. 

- Are you so no child without father and mother in crowded orphanages that we adopt one - useless Larissa, who calls her husband by the nickname that came Madson from the time of Volta Redonda. - We expect the Mica is stabilizing a little more so we can offer a better future for both. 

Conterrâneos Whangarei, Madson and Larissa met five years ago in the city through a mutual friend, Rodrigo, a former player of the Voltaço. The first meeting in a mall in the city was warm and only novel hinge few months later. One day, Larissa bought a wedding ring and took courage to ask for the player in dating. 

- We were stuck at the time - plays Larissa. - When I met him, I had a certain resistance by the bad reputation that football players have. But little by little, he conquered and today we are very happy. What enchants me most is he has a heart the size of the world and is very playful. If it were not so, it would not happen, because I am very shy. 

Source: Jornal do Brasil

Renato Gaucho have fun playing cards in kiosk in Lake

Renato Gaucho, coach of Vasco, participated in a bustling wheel of poker in the late afternoon on Monday, the Japanese newspaper's Lagoon, in front of the Catacombs. In turn, many big cars and security guards. The six thirty in the morning the next day, the Gambling with colorful chips continued - now without Renato, but with Edmundo. 

Source: The Globe - Good People Column

James praises the work of Renato Gaucho in Vasco

The goalkeeper holder of Vasco da Gama, who is preparing to start this Sunday against Falkirk away from home, appears confident about the new commander, Renato Gaucho, and expects a return above the rest of the team Campeonato Brasileiro. 

"The Renato is picking on our motivation and confidence is going to us. We're working very strong, and everybody here knows that he is able to help the team climb the table. But obviously, this will depend on everyone, "said James. 

The goalkeeper also talks about the decision of the coach that, for now, he is not battery charges in the absence of Vasco. 

"He's right. This is not the time. We have to hit first what it takes, then yes we can think about it. For that I am calm and I know that I will have an opportunity as soon as possible, "he added James. 

Source: Inside Football

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Leandro Amaral: 'The ball needs to get quality'

In 17th place in the Campeonato Brasileiro, the Vasco is next to the Missouri, the fourth best attack in the competition. However, in the last five games in the competition, the team accumulated four defeats and one draw. 

Edmundo is the gunner cruzmaltino the season with 19 goals, and this competition, with eight. Leandro Amaral, with nine goals in the season with the shirt vascaína, is the third in the list. 

The player is behind Alan Kardec, currently reserve that mark 13 times in 2008 and tied with Jean, who left the club early in September (it was for the Shajah, the United Arab Emirates). 

- I was recently stopped a months (between August and September), came back and marked goal (the defeat by 3 to 1 for the Nautical). If the team play well and create chances, the goals come. The ball needs to come with quality - Leandro Amaral emphasized. 

With six goals in the Brazilian, he is the vice of Vasco striker. With the arrival of the technical Renato Gaucho and weeks of training, he believes the team vascaíno will have a new attitude on the field. 

- He is giving more freedom to staff the means to leave, seeking to create and set our defensive system in order to steal the ball in the field of attack and we are close to the goal - Leandro Amaral said. 

Source: Lancenet

Baiano says he is prepared to face the Jaipur

The right-side Baiano was the last engagement of Vasco to the end of the Campeonato Brasileiro. The player has earned the confidence of the technical Renato Gaucho and will make its debut this Sunday, against Falkirk. 

- My expectation is the best. Confidence that Renato happening is important and I hope debut on the right foot - said the athlete cruzmaltino. 

Coach Renato Gaucho must adopt the 3-5-2 scheme, with the right-side acting as a wing. He says it helps your performance on the field, since the need for marking is less. 

Moreover, he believes, is not fully prepared physically - was presented with the coach at the club, last Friday, can offset that with concentration. 

- Physically I'm fine, I'm 90% ready, but with my head, 110% judar prepared for the team. And the training helps, because I do not need as much back - explained Baiano. 

Source: Lancenet


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Wagner Diniz had already settled with the Sao Paulo

Wagner Diniz already closed with the Sao Paulo and will play for the club's Morumbi in 2009. The agreement will not be official until January by the tricolor direction, but the business is sacrament. Since Monday, major newspapers have disclosed the interest is-Pauline. 

The deal does not include money, not wages, because the side has the contract with Vasco until Dec. 31. 

Wagner Diniz is wing. It is not advisable to use it as a side-line of duty in four men on defense. But it's a plane in the attack. In England 2008, preceded 22 matches and scored 2 goals. Has not acted by Vasco because of an injury. 

Source: Blog of PVC

Vasco closes contract with advertising agency DPZ

In search of a new image, more modern and transparent, the Vasco got a contract to provide service with DPZ. From now on, the advertising agency will be responsible for much of the external communication of the Rio club. 

The agreement was closed on the afternoon of last Thursday, by Jose Henrique Coelho, vice president of marketing for Vasco, and includes, initially, shares with the Academy of rowing and a catalog with the history of the club. The foreign tourists in Rio de Janeiro are an important part of the strategy of both parties. 

"They will do a series of services to us in order. It will be a service contract, where we will play a few things to notice too. Now, it is important to have a partner with the quality they have," said Coelho. 

The new appointment is part of a process of renewal of the marketing of the club, who also works behind the scenes to improve the contracts of sponsorship you have. The criticizes the current administration's negotiations with Habib, VRM and Reebok as it was felt that the amounts do not match the size of Vasco. 

"The situation is as follows. These three companies are making announcements in a way that was not favorable for the club. The picture today is being recovered, then we want a contract revision," he said Coelho. 

Source: Machine of Sports

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mandarino denies settlement with the Basque Bolivian Sebastian Molina

The newspaper "the duty" of Bolivia, reported here Thursday that Vasco would be closing the employment of the attacker Sebastian Molina of 18 years, currently in guabar, national team, placed last of the Clausura tournament. However, the Brazilian club denies the information. 

- Do not know the player. Would it not make sense hire him as the window for registration is closed and we would not have to make use of it - said the second vice president administrative cruzmaltino, Joseph Mandarino. 

According to the Bolivian newspaper, in two weeks there will be a new contact from the sacramentar shares in Brazil for the business. The attacker integrate the reserve team of Vasco. 

- We have agreed everything with Vasco. The father and he signed my contract with the company - the newspaper said the businessman Renato Costa, a representative of the athlete and would be taking care of business. 

The rights of Molina are divided between the guabar (15%), the School Football El Semillero (30%) and even athletes (55%), along with his father. 

The "the duty" adds that Renato Costa was responsible for passage of the attacker also Bolivian Arce by Corinthians in 2007. 

Source: Lancenet

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Legal issues on behalf of Eletrobras are reportedly set

The conversations between the board and vascaína following Eletrobras advanced. The legal question of possible sponsorship has been set. The parties will have another meeting coming weeks to negotiate the points related to marketing, including the values. The time of the contract has already been treated and he hardly reaches five years. The name of Eletrobras come in uniform vascaíno from February 2009. 

Source: Lance

Renato 6 makes changes to team owner

Cautious, Renato Gaucho did not promote major changes in time holder of Vasco in the match against Palmeiras on the last Sunday in the Palestra Italy. However, just a week free to work that the coach started to leave the team with his face. This Wednesday, the Basque bar, he commanded the first group of the week and made six amendments on the team that was defeated in Sao Paulo, some surprising. 

In goal, James, who returns from suspension, comes in place of Rafael. In zaga, Jorge Luiz Fernando and earn the waves of Vilson and André as well as Baiano takes precedence over Matador in the right-wing. The surprises, however, are on account of contributions of the former relegated Valmir and steve in places of Victor and Alex Teixeira, respectively. 

Valmir, who played only 60 minutes in little more than six months at the club, was related even by Titan for departures and the possibility of termination of his contract was imminent until the arrival of Renato. Already steve, who train with the B team, has the confidence of Renato since the first passage by the club in 2005 and will have the chance to 'take revenge' in Jaipur, the team which was not used at the beginning of the year. 

Wagner Diniz, injured, and Jonílson, suspended, following outside the team. By that time the owner was: Tiago, Fernando, Luiz Eduardo, Jorge Luiz, Baiano; jhonny, steve, Madson, Valmir; Leandro Amaral, and Edmundo. With 26 points, Vasco is in 17th placed in England and sees the Tigre mining next Sunday, at 16h in Jaipur. 


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jorge Luiz highlights the philosophy of Renato Gaucho

In the delicate situation in the Campeonato Brasileiro, which is placed 17th with 26 points, Vasco bet on the union of the group to leave the area of sticking. According to the defender Jorge Luiz, this is precisely the thinking of the new coach, Renato Gaucho. 

- The Renato's philosophy is that everybody has to give your hands. Most here have worked with him and know how. This is an excellent professional - praised. 

Source: Lancenet

Goalkeeper Rafael ruffle in a wave of holder in goal vascaíno

The technician of Vasco, Renato Gaucho, held on the afternoon of Tuesday, at the club in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), in preparation for the match against Falkirk, next Sunday. 

The coach, who will take a week ahead to build your team owner, commanded handling tactic closed to the press. He divided the list into three teams, without defined training and working in the field reduced. 

The goalkeeper Rafael, the third option of the cast that premiered well on the last Sunday in the defeat by 2 to 0 for Palmeiras, stands out in training and is in the fight with James and Roberto shirt by 1. 

Another aperece well that the group is the half steve, reinstated on the list last week. Known for Renato Gaucho, the athlete can win space in the group. 

Already the half Alex Teixeira, who participated in physical activity in the morning and afternoon, not acting in any of the teams in this tactical work. 

Source: Lancenet

Pedrinho is said to be ready to hold Vasco

Once you highlight a game-training against Serrano, last Monday, the half Pedrinho is quoted to the team owner of Vasco who face the next Sunday in Jaipur, in the interior of Minas Gerais. Well physically, the player hopes a string of games to embed cruzmaltino the team and help the group to leave the dull zone of sticking. 

"I am very willing to help. Physically, the work that I did here in the full Vasco left me in terms. But when you're not playing, you do not buy pace of the game and stayed two months without playing. Entered in the last two games and I'm sure Renato that will do the best for the team, "said Kingston, who dismissed any kind of pressure to be scheduled. "At no time do I have conquered anything in his career imposing anything," he added. 

With a past filled with serious injuries, Pedrinho has been keeping away from physical problems since last year, when he defended the Saints. But the situation in the Basque Brazilian does not leave the half time Tuesday to celebrate their physical condition. 

''If I could I would get hurt for Vasco be outside the demotion. Vasco see the issue here is what most bothers "said Kingston, which was created in the basic divisions of Vasco, which is fan declared. 

To help the Vasco out of the demotion zone, Pedrinho trust the union between the cast and technical cruzmaltino Renato Gaucho. "The Renato has lifted our morale. We trust the Renato and he has shown confidence in us," he concluded. 

Source: Placar

Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Edmundo says team is bad and it is sin by Dynamite

Renato Gaucho has made it clear since the arrival of Vasco that the controversial statements such as that Leandro Amaral gave in the middle of the week had come to an end. After the defeat of this Sunday for the showdown by 2 to 0, by the 26th round of England, the attacker himself praised the team. However, Edmundo failed to warn. The Animal said in a radio, even in the lawn, that this was his last match at Palestra Italy, for his age and because 'in team play bad is complicated. " 

By seeing this comment, Roberto Dynamite recriminate the player. 

- Players have to think twice before speaking about things. We must be careful what we speak. My first team of Brazilian champion, at 74, with Vasco, the team was well below the cruise and determination to claw and gained the title. Within the field are 11 against 11. It does no good to be talking about. We have to have attitude - said the manager. 

With 26 points, Vasco is in 17th placed in England. 


Alex Teixeira highlights of the race team

If the result before the showdown, this Sunday, was not expected, at least the players of Vasco found a positive point in the defeat by 2 to 0, at Parque Antarctica. For the supporter Alex Teixeira, it is important to the race team. 

- We play with race, desire, but unfortunately we were defeated. Still it was a good match - said 

The following Vasco in the demotion zone, with 26 points, in 17th place. The next round of the giant sees the Marton Hill, in Ipatingão. 

Source: Lancenet

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pedrinho: "Renato has a strong presence '

Hired to be the "solution" in the creative sector of Vasco, Pedrinho commented on the current situation of the team, believing be reversible. 

- The moment is difficult, we are in the area of demotion, but it is a reversible totalmenre - said. 

One reason for the optimism of Pedrinho is the arrival of the Vasco Renato Gaucho, he says, the new coach has a strong presence. 

- All arrival of coach creates new hopes. In recent years, Renato has been posted and everyone found it very crucial for the confidence we have in him. We are hoping to change that framework already in the game on Sunday, he (Renato) has a strong presence - added the athlete. 

Source: Lancenet

Friday, September 19, 2008

Phillippe Coutinho trains between the reserves in training this Friday

The half Philippe Coutinho trained between professionals of Vasco this Friday, in Sao Januario. On the first day of work of the technical Renato Gaucho, the player, only 16 years, began the activity in the reserve team. The trend is that it involved more of training with the team principal. 

Philippe Coutinho formed the mid-field next to Pedrinho, 31 years. The two were the main owners of the reserve team in the group commanded by Renato this Friday. 

The reserve team came into training camp with the following: Anderson, Eduardo, Odvan, Fernando and Bruno Gallo; Serginho, Rodrigo Antonio, Philippe Coutinho and Pedrinho; Abubakar and Alan Kardec. 


Contracts for Odvan Baiano and IDB are published in the CBF

The defender Odvan and side-law had their cases settled. Their names were published in the Daily News Bulletin (IDB) of the Brazilian football confederation (CBF) this Friday, when the transfer window, will be closed. Both have ties with Vasco until the end of the year. 

The defender joins with Fernando, Andrew, Vilson, Victor, and Luiz Eduardo Jorge Luiz, with whom disputará position. Already the right-side position with disputará Wagner Diniz and Marcus Vinicius. 

The Chilean striker Pinilla also signed contract with Vasco and will have his name published in the IDB this Friday. 

Source: Lancenet

Ralf, Northwest, may come to Vasco

The steering wheel Ralf, missing the last two days, returned yesterday to the northwest and hit his shutdown of the club. Accompanied of its entrepreneur Andrew Costa, the player has reached an agreement for an amicable termination of contract - the steering wheel had ties with the Norusca until December 31 - and should reinforce the Vasco in the Brazilian Championship Series A. 

According to Ralf, was hitting the possibility of a return to the Paulista Championship. If again, player and club acertariam new contract. "Choose the simplest path at the time (withdrawal). I think more positive breathe new air, "said the wheel. 

Source: Journal of the city of Bauru

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Although the Vasco have reverted to the G-4 outcast - the group of degola - to 13 rounds from the end of the Brazilian and has 50% chance to be lowered, Roberto Dinamite solved the mathematical challenge. 

"What day is today (yesterday)? Sixteen? I am ensuring that Vasco will not be lowered. They can record and I collected at the end of the championship, "said the president. 

Even before the bad results and pífias performance of the team, which lost even the last two games, San Gennaro, Roberto gives a vote of confidence to Tita and the players. 

"It is difficult, but we will save us. Still missing 13 games and still believe in this group, "he said. 

About Vasco's partnership with the State Eletrobras, which injetará $ 60 million in the coffers of the club for five years, Roberto said: "You are well under way and should be closed even ahead of schedule." 

Source: The Day Online


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Dinamite talks on output of Neca and accumulation of functions

The president of Vasco, Roberto Dinamite, speaking on removal of the vice president of football Manuel sources, the Neca. 

"He had a problem that can happen here, and with anyone. Changed there, it increased the pressure. The doctor determined that he would relax a little. Being in that process here, I think it would be dangerous for him. Acatamos, we accept that . I hope that with the results of tomorrow and next Sunday he would further normalize the pressure, "said the reporter Rodrigo Campos, of Radio Manchete. 

The manager, which accrue to function, says the negotiations with the state-owned Eletrobras, which may sponsor the Giant's Hill in 2009. 

"I want to take this opportunity to talk a little about these things of Vasco. Today, from now we have a vai, not so much restriction. We have to talk before then to put something. It has been talked with the parties. In a well near future things will be being asked. Today, with respect to this, is very well. The thing is happening within what was expected. In that conversation, you must have and present a situation or another. But say to you that this possibility is, who knows, in a short period until more than you can imagine, if putting. ... I think I think not. From today people will have, the part of you, the press , Something more directly linked to football. I will be speaking for football. Anything connected to that part administrative vai also have to pass through the chairman, and then things transcorrerem for a more peaceful world for all. " 

Source: VascoExpresso

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Edmundo trains between reserves

The striker Edmundo, Vasco, vai stay in the reserve bank of the departure this Wednesday, against Palmeiras in the Lecture Italy, the South American Cup. In training this Tuesday in San Gennaro, the Animal trained between the reserves and then went to the locker room to work with in the living room of bodybuilding. 

Following the scheduling of the technical committee, Edmundo only part of a match a week. As the technical Tita have few players available to subscribers in the South American Cup, the Animal vai be used as an option in bank reserves. 

The team owner trained with the following training in the activity performed by technical Tita: Roberto, Marcus Vinicius, Luiz Eduardo, Jorge Luiz and Vílson; Jonílson, Matthew, Madson and Alex Teixeira; Leandro Amaral and Alan Kardec. 


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Pinilla avoids talking about love life and indiscipline

The attacker Chilean Mauricio Pinilla, officially presented by Vasco this Tuesday, and had to answer questions about their past. 

At 24 years and with passages by Chilean selection, the player is reputed to appear in the media because of his involvement with models. 

Asked about the thought that the Brazilian women (landed in Brazil last Sunday), he desconversou. 

- Prefers not comment - said Pinilla, who signed contract in productivity until the end of 2008, with provision for automatic renewal for five years if both parties agree. 

The attacker's career began at the University of Chile and he Rodou by several European clubs such as Inter (ITA), the Celtic (ESP) and Chelsea (ENG). 

His last club was the Dues, Scotland, which was in his second run and had terminated the contract in July. 

His indiscipline was the reason for the gypsy life in such a short time. 

- Spoke very much in Chile, but there is nothing they did not - Pinilla said in his presentation. 

Source: Lancenet

Defenders Arrué, Chilean, and Martinez, Paraguayan, were offered

Cristián Lopez, the same entrepreneur who intermediou the arrival of Chilean striker Mauricio Pinilla to Vasco, offered two more players to the club cruzmaltino: the Chilean Francisco also Arrué of 31 years, and Paraguayan defender Ricardo Martinez, 24. The two, however, should not be hired, because the board would be difficult to regularize the situation of both until Friday, when closing the entries for the Brazilian Championship. 

Both Arrué as Martinez are without club. The Chilean preceded the last Copa Libertadores by Atletico Nacional of Colombia, while the Paraguayan, Atletico-MG hired by the end of last year, was relieved by Gall, in July and then by the Gama-DF, which was borrowed. 

Source: Blog Extra game - Extra Online

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Edmundo, Jorge Luiz on: "He was naive '

The Vasco started the match against Sporting ago on the scoreboard, empathy the match, but lost the defender Jorge Luiz expelled at the end of the first time. 

In the bid, the player slipped after release of the intermediate field opponent, Felipe saw from free with the ball and pulled it. 

- The expulsion ended up being much felt by the team. Our player was very naive in play - considered the attacker Edmundo in the range of confrontation. 

The Vasco returned for the second time pressing, but always very threatened by Sporting in counter-attacks. 

The animal was replaced by Pedrinho in the final round and ended Vasco had two goals of the opponent. 

Before the third, the goalkeeper Roberto was expelled and, as all three substitutions had already been made, Leandro Amaral went to the goal. 

In the last round of the Campeonato Brasileiro, against Cruzeiro, in San Gennaro, the situation is repeated with James and Edmundo was to the goal. 

Source: Lancenet

Leandro Amaral talks about defeat and act as goalkeeper

Leandro Amaral, who finished the match against Sporting as the Vasco goalkeeper after the expulsion of Roberto, talks about the unusual situation in their carreuira and defeat by 3 to 1: 

"The teacher asked me to help, more a case of goalkeeper expelled and had made the 3 replacements. It is difficult, even more with the importance of today's game where only a victory would give us a better situation. We're making some mistakes serious, especially when we are well on the departure, "said the Premiere. 


Saturday, September 13, 2008

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Mandarino confirma reunião com Eletrobrás na semana que vem

The administrative vice president of Vasco, Joseph Mandarino Hamilton, the club confirmed the negotiation of the Hill with Eletrobras, the state electricity company, and revealed that happen next week vai a new meeting between the parties. At the meeting, the club and the company will choose the partners and draw a working plan to close the partnership. 

The plan of Vasco is estampar Eletrobrás in the name of the team's football shirts. With this, the MRV, civil construction company, which has contract with the club until the end of the year, would no longer be the main sponsor cruzmaltina. Mandarino revealed the intentions of the club's Hill and has indicated that the values revolving around U.S. $ 60 million in a contract for five years. 

-- There is a dating. We have to see what the visibility of Vasco is for a state. They want to create a line of disclosure and Vasco would be a way of them doing that. We have a new conversation next week and will outline a work plan. About the values that were spoken, I think they could be bigger - Mandarino said. 

Mandarino also gave his view on the current contracts for sponsorship of Vasco. For the leader, the former administration could not negotiate higher values for the club of San Gennaro. 

-- Contracts of Vasco are poor. The club has a much greater visibility. For that contracts are so poor, and I do not know is another matter. The contract with Eletrobras, the principle would be similar to the Flemish with Petrobras. They were on top of a club of mass and now the same thing can happen - explains the leader cruzmaltino. 


Friday, September 12, 2008

Jorge Luiz: 'I am not untouchable"

The zaga of Vasco is considered by many experts and fans as the strong point of time. However, Jorge Luiz is the athlete of the defensive system that most inspires the confidence of fans. Mariella Williams, it is not considered absolute holder 

-- I am not untouchable. Never not passed this by my head. Working hard to have that result. I try to show my value to Tita. If I am thinking, it is complicated - said the defender to Radio Brazil. 

Source: Lancenet

Tita out Felipe Adam

Offered to Vasco through his father, Claudio Adam, the attacker Felipe Adam, was discarded. The technical Tita, which this Thursday approved the name of the player, this time, confirmed that there will be no negotiation. 

-- I have no interest in that player, no. He is not a situation for now. Perhaps more forward. But I am not thinking about it - said the LANCENET Tita! 

Felipe was playing in Lucerne, Switzerland, club, where, according to the striker failed with the agreements of the contract. Currently, he is unemployed. 

In early 2007, Felipe Adam was offered to another Rio club, Fluminense. Entrepreneurs of the athlete hopes were in close the deal, but the board tricolor and the current technical of Vasco, Tita, dismissed the hiring. 

Source: Lancenet

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Leandro Amaral eager

After you shorten the season in Teresopolis because of low temperatures that dropped some players, Titan begins to assemble the team that faces the Nautical Sunday, at 16h in San Gennaro. In the delicate situation in Brazil, the Vasco can not even think about break even as you run the risk of finishing the round in the demotion zone. And to stay away from because region's annoying, the technician will have a strengthened and both. Leandro Amaral should return to the team after a long months of absence. He suffered a twisted left ankle in the match with the win in Barradão on August 10, and thereafter not played more. 

Within six days the team spent the Granja Comary, the vice-gunner in the Brazilian team did work in two periods and showed great resourcefulness. 

- I am almost recovered. Every day that I am better trained and more confident. I believe that I am full until Sunday to play - bet the attacker, who can act for the first time next to the half Pedrinho. - The Kingston is a great player, releasing any comment. He is positioned very well in camp and has everything to help Vasco delicate moment. 

Not even the fact of not having trained with Edmundo - who is recovering from a sinus - concerns the player who made good partnership in training with Alan Kardec. While waiting for play next to the animal, Leandro is also prepared to double with Kardec. 

- If the Bets the team, I will not have problems playing with the boy. He will be more stuck in the area and I pour the sides - explained. 


Not able to count on the head-of-area Jonílson and goalkeeper James, expelled against Cruzeiro, and Eduardo, who took third yellow card, Titan has in mind their substitutes. In goal, Roberto enter, which must be carried out as owner. 

The competition is intense for a vacancy on defense. The strongest candidate is Fernando, who trained well during the week and may make its debut. The other option is Andre, who scored the only goal in Vasco's defeat to Cruzeiro. 

Still runs out the quarterback Johnny Meg, who recently reached the CRB. He trained very well during the week in Teresopolis and an option for both zaga as for the mid-field in place of Jonílson. 

Source: Jornal do Brasil

Striker Felipe Adam was offered to Vasco and can be contracted

After contracting and Johnny Pedrinho, the Vasco may be close to announcing an attacker. Felipe Adam, ex-Botafogo, was offered to the club. The player, who was nearly hit with Boavista, had the endorsement of technical Titan. 

- We are still analyzing, but it is a good name. However, it is something we can do with a little more calmer forward - said, puzzling. 

With the departure of Jean, who went to the Arab football, the Hill Giant is looking for some other player for the attack. 

Source: Lance

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tita says that time of Vasco has no defects

The hiring of Tita to replace Antonio Lopes caused mistrust in fan of Vasco due to lack of experience of new coach in charge of large teams. 

However, with little more than a month in office, the technical won the confidence of the players and received, including, various public praise of athletes of the group cruzmaltinos. 

And the commander captured the players with attitudes such as the change of concentration vascaína in Rio de Janeiro of San Gennaro to a hotel in the southern Rio, and some statements. 

-- Defect of my time I will not talk ever. My teams and especially my players do not have defects - Tita said in Granja Comary, in Teresopolis (RJ), where the group is concentrated. 

Next Sunday, at 16h, San Gennaro, the team faces the Nautical cruzmaltino the 25 th round of the Brazilian Championship. 

Source: Lancenet

Tita commands tactical training with Leandro Amaral on the field

The morning of Wednesday was a lot of work for players of Vasco. The technical Tita promoted a technical and tactical training at Granja Comary, in Teresopolis. In handling, held in half of the field, only one time and only attacked a goalkeeper participated. 

With Wagner Diniz was recovering from a knee sprain and in the absence of defender Jorge Luiz of training, the team owner acted in line with Marquinho, Victor, Fernando and Edu, Mateus, Rodrigo Antonio, Madson and Alex Teixeira; Leandro Amaral and Alan Kardec. 

For the game against Náutico, Sunday, San Gennaro, the technical Tita can not count on the steering wheel Jonílson and goalkeeper James, expelled against Cruzeiro, and defender Luiz Eduardo, suspended by the third yellow card.

Source: Globoesporte

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Leandro Amaral says that proposal millionaire refused to be happy in Vasco

Leandro Amaral, as many good players that work in Brazil, tempting proposals received during the window questioned as international transfers. However, for consideration when Vasco, the attacker rejected an offer of $ 1.6 million for just one year contract with Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, same club that closed the half with Valdívia, former Palmeiras. 

"Today is as easy exit. Everyone receives a proposal and leaves. But I'm happy here and want to help the Vasco in the Brazilian Championship. I have this ambition of making the time of kneeling, because this is not the place for a club with so much tradition, "said the player. 

Like the fans, the board considers Leandro cruzmaltina one of the main parts of the actors. Hence, the goal is to offer the striker a pay rise so that its link with completion scheduled for December, be extended for one more season. 

"I want to at least finish the Brazilian. Then I do not know. We will see what happens only there to the end of the year. So far I do not know what will make the coming year," cautioned the artilheiro. 

Despite all loyalty to Vasco, Leandro Amaral was involved in much confusion as the club hill at the beginning of the year. Seduced by a proposal from Fluminense, he was transferred to the Laranjeiras, even taking commitment to renewal with the Cruzmaltino. 

After a lengthy court fight and many changes, the player ended up being obliged to resume work in Sao Januario. Earlier, the crowd came to speaking up against the return, but in need of idols, once hosted the attacker. 

Source: UOL

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Tita uses as an example Liverpool

Before the World Cup 2006, the technician was Tita observer of Zico, commander of the selection of Japan at the time. At the time, the current coach of Vasco followed many departures in English football to see athletes summoned for Croatia and Australia. 

The match then the coach started to admire the football presented by Liverpool, operated by Spanish Rafa Benitez. 

In 2006, Liverpool had the following training in the 2006/2007 season: Reina, Carragher, Finnan, Hyppia, Riise, Mascherano, Sissoko, Xabi Alonso and Gerrard, Kuyt and Fernando Torres. For the coach, the English group is balanced and knows control the departures, particularly in the Anfield Road stadium. 

-- It is a team that plays together, strong in the marking and never gives up the attack. I love to see play. I worked as an observer of Zico, the Japanese season in the selection. I saw games of Arsenal, Chelsea, but like much of Liverpool. I saw athletes who would be invited to the selection of Croatia and Australia - analyzes the coach. 

In training at Granja Comary, Tita has sought the balance of his team. The coach has given emphasis in possession of the ball team and the quick exit for the attack. The commander vascaíno expects the production team go through the training conducted in Teresopolis. 

-- It was the work we have done today. I want to see the team valuing possession of the ball and searching for the attack, but always maintaining a balance. 


Leandro Amaral believes will be 100% on Sunday

The attacker of Vasco Leandro Amaral, away from the lawns of the day August 10, when the departure contundiu against Victoria, believes that it may return against Náutico, on Sunday. 

-- I am pleased, very happy and I think for the weekend will be 100% - said the player in this Tuesday, in Granja Comary, in Teresopolis (RJ), where the delegation is concentrated. 

The attacker reports that still feels insecure to force the place of his injury - the left ankle - but, says it is farte the process of its improvement. 

-- I still have a little afraid to make some moves, but little by little I will recover the confidence - Leandro Amaral said. 

The Vasco is placed 14 of the Brazilian championship with 26 points. Already the Nautical, with the same score, is 15. 

Source: Lancenet

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Urubus comment retirement of Edmundo scheduled for the end of the year

After announcing it will retire at the end of the year when finishing the Brazilian championship, Edmundo turned into the matter until Gávea. For the striker Marcelinho Paraiba, one of the highlights of Flamengo in the last games of the Brazilian Championship, the Animal will miss all the people who love and enjoy the football. 

-- Arrives one hour that the player tires of all, concentration, travel and games. But that moment is very sad for us, we feel nostalgia. The Edmundo is a great player who will be marked in our hearts, I wish all happiness in the world to him - spoke Paraiba. 

The coach of Flamengo Caio Junior, followed the same line of its controlled and said that this is a very delicate moment in the career of an athlete. 

-- When the player is not more motivation is the time to stop. Only he knows what will be the time. When it arrives, it's time to pursue other projects. Most players do not prepare for that time, in football at high level, it is hard to imagine stopping. Only if it ceases to think on the spot - said the commander rubro-black. 

Caio Junior and Marcelinho Paraiba are receiving the "visit" the Brazilian National Team, in addition to the two Josiel and Sambueza, live at the hotel where the team is concentrated in Brazil for the match against Bolivia. 

Source: Lancenet

Matthew praises preparation in Teresopolis

One of the highlights of Vasco in recent matches, the steering wheel Matthew praised the inter-season that the team has done in cruzmaltino Granja Comary, in Teresopolis. For the player, the period is even more important to unite the cast. 

-- This period in Teresopolis vai provide a greater unity of our team, with a greater coexistence between us, especially with the athletes who arrived to help. Professor Tita will have a good time to prepare the team that will place on the field. I am sure that God will change that history - Matthew said. 

Source: Official site of Vasco

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Jean to release and let the Vasco

Agora é oficial: Jean não é mais jogador do Vasco. Após reunião de mais de uma hora com o presidente Roberto Dinamite e o procurador Léo Rabelo, o atacante conseguiu a liberação para se transferir para o Shajah, dos Emirados Árabes. 

Jean receberá US$ 250 mil (aproximadamente R$ 432 mil) do clube do Oriente Médio até maio de 2009. 

A confirmação do acerto ocorreu no mesmo dia em que o dirigente vascaíno havia dito que o atacante se apresentaria em Teresópolis, onde o restante do elenco realiza intertemporada. 

- Batalhei para que o Jean ficasse, mas não conto mais com o jogador. Quero contar sempre com os melhores, como foi o caso do Morais, mas infelizmente não foi possível. Ele recebeu uma boa proposta e alegou que passa por problemas pessoais. Será um ausência importante para o time, já que ele é o vice- artilheiro do Vasco no Brasileiro, atrás apenas do Edmundo - afirmou o técnico Tita, que soube da informação através de um telefonema de Roberto Dinamite. 

Fonte: Lancenet

Fernando says is ready for debut

The defender Fernando, presented with the main boost for the defence of Vasco, on August 14, is said ready to face the crowd cruzmaltina in Sao Januario. 

Development at Flamengo, the club cruzmaltino main rival, the defender of 28 years, was xingado stage in the first game of the team after his engagement, against Palmeiras in the Copa Sul-Americana. 

Recovering his fitness since his success with the club, the player who just played in 2008 at Duisburg-GER, recently began training with the ball with the rest of the group and waiting for his debut. 

-- Psicologicamente I am prepared to play in Sao Januario. No one has opinion about me because not played. I'm ready to show that played not only by rival as other clubs - said the defender, avoiding mention the name of the Flemish. 

Next Sunday, Vasco receives the Nautical, the Brazilian Championship. 

Source: Lancenet

Entrepreneur of Jean criticizes board vascaína

The negotiation of the attacker Jean with Al Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, was by water below, but behind the scenes it still vai cause great evil-being among the leaders of Vasco. The operator of the player, Leo Rabello, revealed a conversation he had with the chairman Roberto Dinamite by the 18h round of last Saturday, two hours before boarding the athlete for the Arab world. According to the representative of xodó the crowd, the trustee cruzmaltino spared no words to talk about the vice president of football Manuel sources, Neca, and the manager Carlos Alberto Lancetta. 

-- It was a ridiculous thing to the direction of Vasco. The vice president of soccer, Neca, and Lancetta were in my office and I told him that there was a possibility to go to Dubai. They asked conversassem with the president because I needed to give an answer in two days. The Jean is experiencing particular problem and it would be good for him. The next day, on Saturday, they called me and gave the authorization. Negociei with the Arabs and came to make the Jean of the buses that brought the group to the Granja Comary - says Leo Rabello. 

The businessman said that Dinamite sent a message to the leaders of the football department of Vasco. 

-- I have much time for football and never heard a president speak well of your vice president of football. The Roberto said on Neca and Lancetta: "Neither of the two orders nothing." It was an evil with the boy. Its flight was the 20h and it all happened to 18h. 

Jean has contract with Vasco until the end of the year. For the negotiation of Saturn, Russia, with Sharjah, the club's Hill would receive $ 100 thousand ($ 166 thousand). Despite the president Roberto Dinamite have ensured the presence of Jean Granja Comary in this Monday, Leo Rabello gave no assurances that the athlete vai be in Teresopolis with the rest of the group. The agent said the athlete cruzmaltino vai spend the Sunday with the family. 

-- He was the Saturday and Sunday with the family and returns to Vasco this Monday - secured Dinamite. 


Jean can be negotiated

The situation of the Vasco striker Jean follows complicated. In this Sunday, the vice president of football cruzmaltino, Manuel Sources said that the player can still be negotiated. 

-- We know that a person does not produce unhappy. I believe we can reach a common denominator and I think, if any, there may be a negotiation. The club has no interest in harming anyone - the leader said in an interview to Radio LANCE!. 

Jean received a proposal of $ 250 thousand (approximately $ 432 thousand) for a contract until May of 2009 with the Shajah FC, the United Arab Emirates and was released by leaders cruzmaltinos (the vice football inclusive). 

The player fly on Saturday to present the new club, however, when considering the loan of the athletes (whose rights belong to Saturn, Russia), the Vasco ago back in business. 

The loan, valid until December 31, 2008, cost $ 100 thousand (approximately $ 173 thousand), paid in two tranches: the first, valued at U.S. $ 50 thousand (approximately $ 86 thousand), would be paid in May and the second at the end of the year. But the first payment was made only on the last Thursday. 

-- It really was an annoying situation. The Jean, sorry, went through an unpleasant time, outside my will. The president saw fit to call him the decision because of contractual issue - Sources said Manuel. 

According to the bond signed by Jean with Vasco, if any club wants contratá it should disburse a fine of $ 18 million - so the legal department cruzmaltino decided to suspend the release. 

The chairman Roberto Dinamite expects the presentation of the player in this Monday in Granja Comary, in Teresopolis (RJ), where the rest of the cast is coaching. 

But as the athlete, through its owner, criticised the technical cruzmaltino, Tita, the validity of whether or not the athlete must be decided in a meeting between technical committee and board. 

Source: Lancenet

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