Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Player 'mysterious' Carnival had skipped beyond the account in Sapucaí

Besides Dynamite, another 'vascaíno', which would be a good player and would be 'happy', were seen in Sapucaí. Remember that the whole cast was banned from playing the Carnival. 

Source: This Day Online

Dynamite: 'We will enter with force in Rio Cup'

Just as the defeat did not end with the Carnival of Hypolito, the loss of six points in the Guanabara Cup not ruined the parade of the president of Vasco, Roberto Dynamite, which was in the Youth Independent. 

And found that, worse than the Flemish have been defeated by Resende was the removal of your club in Tapetão. 

"Our situation is worse. The Vasco won and lost on the field outside. It would be good for football in Rio have four clubs in the final, but did not. The Flamengo is a club of tradition, but lost to the Resende, which has much merit. But it is aa time of change. We will enter with force in the Rio Cup. " 

Source: This Day Online

Vasco's leaders seek information on Series B with corintianos

Cartola of Vasco want to meet with corintianos to listen to as "the experience of the Series B". The Rio board want to know what will face in the field and in negotiations with the TV. 

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo - FC Column Panel

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dynamite DECREES 'Comes TO BE OTHER nice'

Vasco is out of the semifinals, to abide by all decisions of the courts of the Federation Cup in Rio, but is not alone. The President declared war on Roberto Dynamite Fluminense and not hide more than anyone to irritation with tricolor hat which, he says, are doing everything to undermine his administration. 

"Since assuming the presidency of the club, is an attitude against Vasco after another. They have voted against our desire to chair the Club of 13 and Leandro Amaral and entice the goalkeeper Raphael, complained. 

Roberto is not complying with the pressure exerted on the Fluminense Federal Court, which took six points from Vasco to have escalated the supporter Jéferson by injunction against the American. "They had reached the semifinals for the classification and still send a legal representative for the trial in the Federation. It's all very sinister, "condemns Dynamite. 

The President recalled that the Fluminense fought to keep up with changing cabins on the right side of the Maracanã. "It's very tiny thing. For him, not have reciprocity in the relationship between the boards. "Someone behind these maneuvers. Loans are Januário for Fluminense face the Tigers and they used our main locker room. We won thanks to ingratitude. Enough to be nice too. I'm no longer admit that Vasco is infringed by anyone. "

Dynamite Youth in the parade and is confident in the title

Excited about the initiative of the Youth Independent Padre Miguel, decided to honor great names of Brazilian literature, the president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL), Cícero Sandroni said that dobradinha with the carnival to have everything right. 

- Of course, literature and give samba carnival - the academic said that accompanies the parade of the Marquis of college Sapucaí. 

And the school's interest in portraying the life and work of writers such as Machado de Assis and Guimarães Rosa is not only admired by intellectuals. Also present at the parade of Youth, the president and former player of Vasco da Gama, Roberto Dynamite approved the mixture into the bridge of samba in Rio. 

For the successor of Eurico Miranda in the administration of the club from Januário, more than a partnership between literature and samba, the Carnival is similar to football matches: 

- Get the first place. The victory is like the football. Consequence of work and love the school. 

The queen of the college of battery Padre Miguel, Nate Pagung, lavish affection and excitement to cheer the percussionist in the school.

Dorival said working as Vasco were playing in the 4th Monday

The coach still believes that Vasco can still dispute the title of the Guanabara Cup. The use of the club, to recover the six points he lost by having irregularly scheduled Jéferson will be judged by the STJD after Carnival. And if I won the case, the game between Flamengo and Botafogo x x Resende Fluminense will be canceled and a new semifinal, in the presence of Vasco, is marked by the Federation of Rio 

- The work continues as if we had a game on Wednesday, on March 4. The Vasco in a first moment, is far removed from the final game. We need optimism, but be prepared for any eventuality that may happen. Trust in the good sense - said the coach Dorival Júnior. 

If there is a change in the Vasco will be 17 days without playing. Sufficient time to Léo Lima to recover and return to fight for a place in the team owner. He played only one match so far, just in defeat for the U.S. (2 to 0), the debut of the Vasco Campeonato Carioca. At the time, suffered a right thigh muscle stretching. 

Saturday, he returned to work in the field. The expectation is that Leo Lima has conditions in the first game of the Rio Cup, against Friburguense, in São Januário.

Source: The Globe

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Friday, February 20, 2009

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James promises utmost seriousness Cup in Rio

The disappointment of the players by exclusion of the Basque team's semifinal of the Guanabara Cup is evident in the discourse of athletes. One, goalkeeper James, even if the sadness with the decision of TJD to eliminate the time of State, assured maximum application Cup in Rio, the second part of the domestic competition. 

"Let's face the second round with it's head first. Break out of our remit this type of problem (removal of time for the court's decision). If there was error, was outside," said the goalkeeper. 

After a troubled time in the team cruzmaltina, James seems to return to trust with the shirt of Vasco and is one of the highlights of the team this season to start. 

Proof is that Fernando prassi, hired to hold the position during the season of 2009, is awaiting a slip sleeve 50 of the current team debut for the club's Hill. 

Source: UOL

Carlos Alberto shows that dreams of winning in Germany

The half Carlos Alberto is completely adapted to São Januário. Happy, mesh well with their companions, and moral with the technical committee, the shirt 19 reaffirmed that intends to extend its relationship with Vasco until the end of the year, since his contract concludes in June. However, another revelation of the player on their passage through European football drew the attention. 

- I have a long contract with Werder (Bremen, Germany). I had some problems there, and people think things are occurring within the field, but were not. I had some particular problems, which I rather not disclose. But one o'clock I will go back there and win. I had to humbly admit that I was not good, but I will come back stronger for it again - said the player. 

Carlos Alberto has a contract with Werder Bremen until July 2012, but does not hide from anyone willing to stay in Vasco. The board even now is moving to try to stay with the athlete until the end of the Series B. 

- I have an appointment with Vasco and I extend my link. Everything in life needs planning. Only then, you get some success. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Dynamite vascaínos calls for the club to help get U.S. $ 5 million

Wednesday, the president called for Roberto Dynamite vascaínos that can help the club to obtain more than $ 5 million needed for the certificate and sign the sponsorship contract with Eletrobrás. For the delay in finding resources, the club feared losing the contract. 

Source: Globo Online

We can close with Eletrobras

The Vasco sees a light at the end of the tunnel to escape the financial crisis and put the hand as quickly as possible in sponsorship money from the Eletrobrás. To receive the $ 14 million that the State pay the club, the leaders have to pay a debt of $ 5 million with the federal government to withdraw the certificate of negative output. The entrepreneur Olavo Monteiro de Carvalho, president of the General Assembly was prepared to lend the money. 

The president is hopeful vascaíno Roberto Dynamite. "At any moment everything can be resolved. We do not play. The bureaucracy makes the slow negotiations. But we can close with Eletrobrás much earlier than many expected, "he says. 

Once the Vasco get the certificates in three days the club will receive the first tranche of the sponsor. The money will be used to pay debts for emergencies and salaries of employees, delayed for 3 months. The hat hope everything is resolved by the first half of March. 

Roberto Dynamite is doing a real pilgrimage by the banks of the city, trying to get loans to pay as soon as possible at least the employees who earn up to $ 1 mil. 

Source: This Day Online

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Attorney questions timing of entry into the argument of the Flu Ferj

Mal just the trial where Vasco was defeated by 7 votes to 1 in TJD-RJ and eliminated from the Guanabara Cup, the club's lawyers came to a reunion where they will prepare the application to enter the morning Superior Court for Sport to try to hang the Carioca Championship. 

Mariju Maciel, the lawyer hired to defend the Vasco in court, is convinced that the club can still recover the lost points. 

- There is no evidence that the Federation had a court order to get the name of Jeferson Bira. What arrived was a fax suspending the respect of the employment contract it - said the attorney, who explained that the club only brought in the Labor Court and not in sports because it was the first that it suspended the contract with Vasco. 

- I went to Justice Working for the player win the game condition, but to ratify its employment relationship with Vasco. It was the judge that in addition to grant our request that he allowed came on the field. She did this without us reivindicássemos nothing. It is for free will - Mariju stressed. 

The lawyer also explained that the simple appeal of the injunction of Brasiliense was already able to automatically match the athlete. She also took the opportunity to prick the Fluminense, the interested party's case. Even already classified for the semifinal Guanabara Cup, the club avoided tricolor with the removal of the confrontation with the Vasco Flamengo in the semifinal. 

- They came to the rationale for the third party in the case 19h32 on Monday. The tool closes around 19h. If there was no shift in the federation as the argument was received? - Questioned. 

Source: Jornal do Brasil

Vascaínos that were hostile to America and TJD applauded Dynamite

Vasco is out of the semifinals of the Guanabara Cup. By seven votes to one, full of the Court Sports (TJD) denied the appeal of the club and was maintained in the loss of six points by the escalation of irregular Jéferson against American in the first round of the State, and a fine of R $ 5 thousand imposed by the Disciplinary Commission 4 of TJD. The club was framed under Article 214 of Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (CBJD) and use the STJD. 

The decision upheld the Resende against Flamengo in the semifinal, on Saturday to 16h. Botafogo and Fluminense is facing in Ash Wednesday, at 21h45m. The games will be in the Maracanã. 

As the trial proceeded on the seventh floor of the building in downtown Rio, about 50 fans were in the street noise enough to be heard in the session. The screams that afternoon, were "my points back, the night turned to harm Fluminense and Vasco's legal director, Luiz Américo. 

The vote of the rapporteur Sérgio Saraiva opportunity possible termination under Article 231 of the CBJD, which will be assessed by the Prosecutor of TJD. The article provides for exclusion of the championship and a fine of $ 50 to 500 thousand for the team to "plead, before exhausted all instances of Sport Justice, matters relating to discipline and competitions before the Judiciary." 

Of the nine auditors, not one appeared: Joseph Digiorgio. Denied the appeal Sérgio Saraiva, Márcio Amaral, José Luiz Lira, Antonio Jorge Augusto, Edecio Nogueira, Daniel De March and chairman of the full, Antonio Vanderlei. The dissenting vote was from Henrique Maués. The Vasco was represented by Mariju Maciel. She argued that missing evidence as a copy of the Bira (the record of the players Ferj) on 23 (the day before the first round of the State) and of the injunction obtained by fax on the day of departure Vasco, who had reactivated the condition of half of the game . 

- It is the same as killing a judge without the deceased - the lawyer argued that, next to Oswaldo Sestário, which provides services to FBA (manager of the Brazilian Série B) replaces Luiz Américo the bench. 

Most auditors followed the vote of the rapporteur, who supported the theory that no injunction can make conditions for the game Jéferson. For him, this can only be achieved by regulation of the State, including, without outstanding in Bira. 

The chairman Roberto Dynamite saw the trial and the expression of concern was evident. And the rejection to activities tricolor in the case, too. Arriving in the room, he was twice before the lawyer's Fluminense, Mario Bittencourt, but even sent him a look, they were greeting the other hand, as the president of Resende. Despite the elimination, Dynamite was applauded by fans to leave the court. 

Source: Blog Game Extra - Extra Online

Saturday, February 14, 2009

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Certificate obtained in Taguatinga (DF) can help in the Basque case Jéferson

Yesterday, the lawyer of Vasco, Fernando Lamar, received the certificate from the Labor Court Taguatinga stating that, after granting the injunction to Brasiliense, returning to club duty on the half Jéferson was only a communication sent by fax to the Federation and the CBF. The document says, however, that the Basque authorities and not until then, parties to the proceedings and thus did not effect the communication of summons. 

- There was no order of Justice to withdraw the name of the newsletter Jéferson Federation. Talked with Luiz Gustavo (CBF's director of records) and he said the fax had no such effect. The CBF never took the name of the player of your newsletter - Lamar says. 

Valed Perry, member of the legal department of the CBF, also said that the legal Jéferson had to face the American. 

The Vasco or enter Monday with a request for suspensive effect of the loss of six points. The objective is to strengthen the club's defense in the trial of the action, the following day. 

Source: The Globe

Nephew of Dynamite criticizes Coelho: 'He does not know anything. Absurd '

The president of Vasco, Roberto Dynamite, not considered a crime to have coined, the son-in-law and nephew working on Vasco, and discard the label of nepotism. The three relatives also consider normal the fact of being linked to Roberto. 

The coining of the 'human' and Secretary of Roberto, Leonardo Marins, ensures that works from Monday to Friday usually do not lack the service and that his salary of $ 9.5 thousand is not absurd for that function, it is fair for he does. "It's more than fair," says Leonardo. The former vice José Henrique Coelho disagrees: "No one can earn U.S. $ 9.5 thousand per month to serve coffee, water and record messages to the president." 

The son in law of Roberto, Gerson, Jr., married Rachel, is responsible for the travel time. He is member of the agency Locaflat / Tathica. "The Vasco is a client. Do not end a penny more for my services, it is. "Ask Paulo Angioni (ex-supervisor) if ever the club outsourced this type of service", Coelho questions. 

But the nephew of Roberto, Victor Oliveira, Humberto Networks is to assist in amateur football. "He does not know anything. Absurd ", condemned the former leader. 

Source: This Day Online

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FERNANDÃO believes in Certificates TO WEEK TO COME

If you depend on the efforts of the board until the end of next week, the fans may have good news on the sponsorship of Eletrobrás. Optimistic, the assistant director of the ex-player Fernandão, expects the contract is signed until the first half of March. 

- The president said that solve everything by next week. Paying the certificates, the estimate is that by the 16th everything is resolved - Fernandão said, stressing that to this, the club has to pay $ 5 million to remove debts with the federal government and obtain the certificates of negative output. 

According Fernandão after the contract is signed, the Vasco should receive up to three days to mark the first state that sponsored the annual rent to the club coffers U.S. $ 14 million. 

Asked if would be the new strong man of marketing, replacing José Henrique Coelho, Fernandão desconversou. 

- I was not invited by anyone. When my name came out in newspapers took a fright. Currently I am only focused on signing the contract with Eletrobrás. 

Source: Jornal do Brasil

Mandarino promises rigorous investigation into the alleged night in Old Town

The board of Vasco will examine the photos of players and Vilson Galo Bruno, accompanied by a woman and former goalkeeper of the team, Rafael, to know whether to punish the athletes. The images, posted on the site of relationship Orkut, were allegedly taken in a room of one of the players during pre-season, in Vila Velha (ES). On occasion, the goalkeeper Raphael and Anderson were released by the club having arrived at dawn at the hotel. -- 

- We assess calmly and promise that the photos are accurate - said the vice president of football Hamiltom Joseph Mandarino. 

Source: JB Online

Thursday, February 12, 2009


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Dynamite speak in the morning and afternoon Coelho

According to information disclosed by the reporter Wagner Menezes, on Radio Tupi, during transmission of the game Flamengo x Boavista, the president of Vasco, Roberto Dynamite, will this morning at 5 o'clock Monday (12/02) its version on the output José Henrique Coelho of the post of vice president of marketing. Coelho also speak on the subject, but in the afternoon press conference. According to the reporter, the discussion between Dynamite and Coelho was quite heated and the two almost came to the process of fact. On the night of 4th Monday (11/02), Coelho published a note in which the management has made heavy accusations Dynamite. 


Delay in settlement with Eletrobrás creates stalemate between Vasco and Champs

The partnership between Vasco and Champs, supplier of sports equipment for the club since officially, officially, the start of 2009, experiencing its first moment of tension. 

Due to uncertainty regarding the signing of the sponsorship contract with Eletrobrás, the Cruzmaltino not use any mark on the front of your shirt. 

However, as the name of the state has no time to reach the standard (may happen in March or April), the Champs are not producing material to be marketed in Brazil. 

The board opted to put an institutional camapnha in space - "is member" - whose debut was against Fluminense. But against Cabofriense with his second single, the phrase was not used. 

Source: Lancenet

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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Carlos Alberto does not yellow the first time

The half Carlos Alberto was the main recruitment of Vasco for the season, but in the Carioca championship was being chased by a problem: the yellow cards. 

This Wednesday, the draw without goals with Cabofriense in São Januário, the player took the field with vascaína shirt for the fifth time and was not punished by the former. 

In the first three games, the half and captain cruzmaltino won three yellow and fulfilled automatic suspension in the fourth round. In the fifth, again against Fluminense and received new card. 

The athlete had claimed the harassment of referees m relation to their style of play. However, in the fourth, left the pitch praising the actions of the referee Luiz Antonio dos Santos. 

- He met and the role it and distributed the cards, with no problems - said Carlos Alberto. 

Source: Lancenet

Paulo Sergio and Carlos Alberto disapprove the boos from the crowd

The right-lateral half and Paulo Sérgio Carlos Alberto failed the boos of the fans after Vasco 0 to 0 tie in with the Cabofriense on the night of Wednesday, in São Januário. Both players said that the team is still in process of formation and the moment is to support the cast cruzmaltino. 

For Carlos Alberto, the boos came from a minority are present in Januário. 

- Vaiaram Not all the time. I heard applause, too. It is logical that we wanted the three points, but it was not possible. We did what had to do - said the captain of the team cruzmaltino. 

Paulo Sérgio used the same speech of Carlos Alberto. The right-side, however, was harder on her than the master cruzmaltino. 

- The fans have to support, not boo our team. The goalkeeper made two defenses of them and prevented the defeat of their team. Games are on top of games. Let rest for the next departure - said the right-side. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rodrigo Leandro Amaral ramesh r has replaced the time

Who knew that a famous nickname of unknown ramesh r would be able to make the crowd vascaína in only four games, not to miss some of Leandro Amaral, Cruzmaltino main star of the last two seasons? One of the classic attractions of this Sunday will be the reunion of the attacker, now in Fluminense, with fans of former club. In fall, it will persist between the strip-the last two owners of the shirt 11 of Giant's Hill. 

One of the characters from the kneeling, Leandro Amaral left Vasco at the end of last year after several attempts to renewal by the board of San Januário. The attacker returned to the O this year and finally has the chance to defend the Tricolor without worrying about the ghost of the old club. 

In Hill, Rodrigo ramesh r was hired to replace him and got surrounded by suspicion. The first statements that would be the highlight of the Carioca championship were not taken seriously by many fans. 

Four rounds later, the picture is another. With two goals, ramesh r fighting for the artillery Compeonato Carioca as Leandro Amaral still tries to shake the net for the first time since I returned to Fluminense. Most of the reasons, the commoner vascaíno is higher than the noble tricolor. In Maracanã, the two attackers protagonizarão a duel to the party.

Carlos Alberto fighting the label of undisciplined

The heart of Carlos Alberto will beat stronger when the ball roll in the classic today, against Fluminense. Besides the strong memories of the club that showed where and played for seven years, half knows that a victory could leave the Vasco very close to a place in the semifinal of the Guanabara Cup. A task which seemed almost impossible at the beginning of the season, taking into account that the coach had only 15 days to assemble a team with 19 new players in the group. But the reality and azarae is becoming one of the group is to Carlos Alberto, who takes the proper time to try to prove maturity. 

- I lived three years in Europe, where he learned many things. At the time I criticized the mistakes I made, had 19, 20 years. So I think this natural ripening. Furthermore, I am married, and that helped me be more focused - ensures the master, which, suspended, traded a day off last week to accompany the start against comrades in Resende, in Volta Redonda. 

The strong link with the group is not new for the player, who has lived for 13 years alone in the concentration Xerém. Away from parents, he was friends of the base of your new family. 

- I was a child. I missed my mother's, was ill at times, but had to be strong - mind, trying to contain the emotion. - I saw many friends from childhood choose the wrong side and eventually dying. But I chose the right path, because I was determined to change the situation of my family. 

The new family vascaína, Carlos Alberto could not be more at ease. In line with the group, it is rare to see the player in a bad mood, despite the constant harassment of fans. The project to command the return of Vasco to the elite, he says, is not just mouth off. 

- My idea is to stay here until the middle of next year and I'm trading my stay with the staff of Werder Bremen. I participate in the Series B reerguer and help the club. 

Although the eroded image, he still nurtures the dream of again wearing the shirt of Selection. 

- Represent your country in a World Cup is the pinnacle of a player. I search on it even when I still feel in a position - to the player, which was convened only twice. 

While not a new opportunity comes, Carlos Alberto tries to rebuild his career showing that the times of bad boy part of the past. Nothing better than being remembered as the captain who re Vasco in the rails. 

- In a 100 years may remember that Vasco was champion in 2009. I will fight for it. 

Source: Jornal do Brasil

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Fernando, highlight the informal leadership, will be the master of the Vasco

Among the field with the armband or not, is considered a master Fernando born. However, in the absence of Carlos Alberto, suspended, the defender will, temporarily, in the post match against Resende, today at 22h in Raulin de Oliveira stadium in Volta Redonda, valid for the fourth round of the Guanabara Cup. 

Shown by the Flemish, Fernando circumvent the lack of fan with personality and commitment. Among the partners is a person very dear and respected. Leader by nature, the defender, informally, since the function temdesempenhado came to the hill in the middle of last season. Remainder of the team in 2008, he has been a kind of guide and counselor for the newly engaged, inside and outside the field.

- Not to be captain to explain their leadership. In my case, it is something natural. I try to help others within my ability. There are many athletes who do not know Estado.No you can do, inside and outside the field, help you. We want our players to surrender in peace the best - said Fernando. 

The confrontation with the Resende is fundamental to the plans of Vasco, Fernando guarantee. After the first slip, the team recovered with wins over the Tigers and Duque de Caxias. If the Resende defeat tonight, the classification for the semifinals could be closer. Even without Carlos Alberto, Fernando bet on a consistent performance of Vasco. 

- We know the quality of Carlos Alberto, but try to prove to us and for fans who can supply the lack of it - he said. 

Despite the short experience of newly hired in the tradition of clubs Vasco, Captain Fernando emphasizes the quality of reinforcements. 

- Nobody is here by chance. Each one must assume its responsibility and to confirm the expectation of victory against Resende. 


10 parts by Vasco Fernando disputed. The defender won four, draw two and lost four more. 


5 clubs already served the defender Fernando in his career. In Flemish, the player had the role of captain.

CBF assist trainers in clubs fight for more resources

The CBF of clubs enter the competition with the COB by lottery money from the committee sent via Piva Law. "I help those who ask. Even politically," said Ricardo Teixeira, the column in an interview by telephone. The hat should trigger the side of the ball to try to make the money that today the committee will distribute to federations for training teams of athletes. "It would be unfair to receive CBF, it does not form one, and the COB. The controversy is a chance to criticize the CBF COB, who keeps disagreements. 

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo - FC Column Panel

Monday, February 2, 2009

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Vasco hold regularize this situation, Enrico 2 Monday

The board expects the Vasco regularize the situation of today Enrico. Part of the documentation has been sent to Sweden. With the defender Leonardo, the club awaits the arrival of the fax of Shakhtar Donetsk (UCR) for officially submitting it as reinforcement. 

Source: Lancenet

Carlos Alberto already thinks and says in the classic if you will be celebrating goal

Vasco rincipal player of the 2009 season, the half Carlos Alberto is aware that this week will be full of questions about its past tricolor. All because of the team will face the Fluminense Hill, next Sunday, in Maracanã, the first classic of the Carioca Championship. 

On being questioned if not celebrate a goal against his former club, Carlos Alberto and not thought twice had the answer at the tip of the tongue. 

- Of course I will celebrate the classic. The goal is the maximum moment of football and I will not celebrate? When I mark a goal, I do not know what I do in the field. It is a great thrill - explained the player. 

For the player, his past tricolor not change anything in the way will come in the classical field. According to Carlos Alberto, the current moment is in São Januário, and he needs to give joy to the fans cruzmaltinos. The respect and affection remain, but the former boy das Laranjeiras is now the Hill. 

- Vai is a game unlike any other. Already spent many times in this situation. When I played in Botafogo, things were so. When I played in São Paulo, too. I have an affection and a great respect for the people who are in the Fluminense, but when you enter in the field, it all ends, everything is outside. I do the best for my team, which today is the Vasco da Gama - said Carlos Alberto. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Sunday, February 1, 2009

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Vasco to avoid output Guilherme, the categories of basic

The legal avoided that of Vasco, the club lost William, age 15, to an agent.

Source: O Globo - Panorama Sports Column

Spanish company to sponsor the sports material goalkeeper Fernando

The Spanish multinational athletic equipment HO, sponsor of the goalkeeper Helton (English and Peter Robinson), decided to land in the tropics. Bet on Fluminense's goalkeeper Ricardo Berna and Fernando, the Vasco.

Source: Lance - Column of Press

Technical committee of the physical challenge of the group to win Duque de Caxias

The Vasco search today at 16h, compared to the Duque de Caxias, in São Januário, its first victory at home in the Carioca championship. To erase the bad impression left on its stage, when the American lost by 2 to 0, the team has an advantage now unnoticed by most vascaínos. The current owners, in addition to being young, are stronger and higher than those of last season.

The comparison of data from the two teams shows that the time of Dorival Júnior is almost three centimeters higher than the previous one, with an average height of 1.80 m. And the difference may be even greater when the giants Edgar (1.91 m) and Elton, (1.85 m) debut. The average increase four centimeters.

Asked if the current list of training time and strength was taken, the coach left the tangent:

- It's just a coincidence, I thought about it when the cast graduated. Just happened - said Dorival.

But it is undeniable that the defense, a sector that traumatizes the fans in last season, has no place today for kids. Fernando, from 1.91 m, remains the team, but Jorge Luiz, 1.85 m and Odvan, 1.80 m, to lose Titi, 1.88 m. The goalkeeper Tiago, left the group last, is one of recognizing this change in profile.

- It is high time more and more strong on the ball airborne, which helps a lot. Nilton has the Titi, the other players Léo Lima and of good stature that will help us much - bet the goalkeeper.

Even without Léo Lima, which has a stretch of level 1 and must be at least 15 days away from the ball, the Basque has lost in strength and height. In its place came the wheel Nilton, 1.84 m, one of the strongest of the team. Face of poor physical and topping it back and Titi frighten even their own comrades.

- If you had to avoid a collision, would touch with Titi and Nilton. They are very strong, are two closets - said in a humorous side to right-Paulo Sergio, one of the lungs of the team.

He is one of the most experienced players of the team and also the fastest.

- The Paulo Sérgio, aerobically, is impressive. He works with a linear speed of 17km/hora, while the average current of the other players is 14km / h - return preparer physical Celso de Rezende.

The preparer believes that in today's football player needs to add more abilities to be more competitive. Some athletes have much strength and power and others out at speed. But, he says, to achieve the potential we must take great discipline and dedication.

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