Friday, January 29, 2010

Mancini: "Mathematically we're still not classified '

The classification of Vasco for the knockout stage of the Guanabara Cup is close, but not yet defined. According to Vagner Mancini, the team, who has 12 points, needs a victory in the next round to win the first goal. But the coach warns of Botafogo and Madureira, both with nine.

"Mathematically we're still not sorted. I think there's only win three more points to make it happen. But we must be careful because Botafogo and Madureira are in contention. A defeat can complicate the "he said.

Vagner Mancini took the opportunity to commend the middle-of-field of Vasco, which he said has made a difference in games. According to still the coach, the good football the past decades was rescued.

"There are 20, 30 years said that the ash only marked, but football seems to have returned to the 60 and 70. The ball runs and when it falls at the feet of the players who play in the middle-of-field. Our flywheels are an example of this type of player is not just to score, "he said.

The compliments were not just for players of middle-of-field. Mancini said he had a great rapport in Vasco. Therefore, the team conceded only one goal and scored 13 in the Guanabara, ten in two games.

"No one plays only forward, attacking all the time. This is football. Our team is well balanced. I think we should go this way, "he concluded.

Playing, Mancini says he hopes to be Coutinho Vasco in 2015

In four games in the Campeonato Carioca, Philippe Coutinho won the confidence of the coach Vagner Mancini and starting place at time of Vasco. Compared to last Thursday against the Macaé, San Gennaro, the commander vascaíno could not count on Dodo, suspended, and Carlos Alberto, hurt. And the boy, only 17 years old, who made a difference in the rout by 4 to 0.

Fleeing from his routine of not commenting on the actions of his men individually, Mancini praised the stance of the boy. For the coach, Cunningham has been critical to the successful team in the first rounds of the Carioca.

- It is different from the athletes we have on the market. The facility has Coutinho operate in midfield, in attack, on the sidelines and you know get a table in front of the area. Having all this, he becomes the guy that makes the difference in the game - said coach.

Mancini was responsible for giving the first opportunities to the attacker Neymar in Santos. According to the commander of the Hill Giant, Coutinho is facing a situation similar to the boy's fish. For the coach, the player has won vascaíno maturity over the games.

- We arrived at Santos and Neymar had the chance to play. The case is similar to Cunningham and he is having the maturity on the pitch. The team is winning and that creates more confidence in him. Today, he is better than the game last Sunday and will be even better the next match - the coach said.

When asked if he would make a request to President Robert Dynamite to deal with the permanence of the player until the end of 2010, Mancini grinned and joked

- Everyone is seeing what he is doing and of course we wanted him to stay. He is a different player in the market. What we seek is a game system with an athlete to give you the difference and Philippe does. This feeling, I expect him to remain until 2015 in Vasco.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Mancini talks about debut Botafogo striker Loco Abreu

Coach Vagner Mancini knows the qualities of Loco Abreu, main building Botafogo for the season 2010. For the coach, the player is a warrior on the field and will give work to Vasco if fit. However, for the commander vascaíno, if the athlete is not well-conditioned, its performance may be compromised.

- Any player who makes his debut in a game like this needs to be well. If it is not well, he will feel the game more than if it were another game. If it were in Vasco, I would expect the right time to lead. If it is good, Abreu will be a player who is going to work. He is fighter, fight for every move - said the coach.

For Mancini, Sunday's match will be deemed a decision in Group B of the Guanabara Cup. According to the commander, the winner will be one step away from the semifinals of the tournament.

- A win makes the team stays very close to the vacancy. It has an air of final round to be a classic and both teams are six points. We have to leave it all to be winner. Can you make a better way if you come out the winner - said the commander cruzmaltino.

On Sunday, Vasco will face Botafogo, Engenhão at 19h30m. Both teams are six points in Group B of the Guanabara Cup.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Márcio Bald expects Vasco make the most of practice

Vasco had no easy life in the first two rounds against the Tigers and America. The many changes and little preparation time are the main drawbacks of this early competition. Yet the team Vagner Mancini managed to win two victories.

But the team needs to improve the hill as fast as possible performance. In view of the left-Márcio Bald, the training will be used to better income for the next confrontation.

"We must be calm, but we must accelerate this process. We are still dropping and we will make the most of the training," warned the player.

Source: JS Online

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Training on Friday will be at 17h

Training on Friday (22/01), which would be complete, will only happen in the afternoon, starting at 17h. The players are preparing to face Botafogo on Sunday (24), in Engenhão, in a match valid for the third round of the Taça Guanabara.

Source: Official website of the Vasco

Former teammate Herrera, Nílton already know how to mark it in the classic

Victory over America by 2 to 1 on Wednesday, has been forgotten in Vasco. All, now, just think of Botafogo, opponent this Sunday at 19:30 (GMT), the Engenhão the third round of Group B of the Guanabara Cup, first round of State Championship.

For the classic, Vasco will have to take special care with the attackers Loco Abreu Herrera. For the Argentine player, midfielder Nilton, which has been his companion at the time of Corinthians, known as mark it.

"He gets very angry when it is marked on top. This was so in training. On Sunday, if needed, will give a thickened. Everyone knows the quality of Herrera and we can not give soft, "said Nilton, which still will face the harsh conditions Lawn Engenhão.

"We can not expect a game according to the technical field. The kick from outside the area will be important, "said the wheel cruzmaltino, who opened the scoring in this way before America.

For the commitment of the weekend, coach Vagner Mancini will have striker Rodrigo Goldfish, who served automatic suspension against America, again available. The expectation, however, is that Philippe Coutinho and Dodo continue forming the dual holder.

Even still unconvincingly, Vasco follows with 100% success in the competition. In addition to triumph over America, the team defeated the Tigers in Brazil by 1 to 0, in Sao Januario, the State debut.

Source: UOL

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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