Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Maracanã will have three kiosks for partners to join

To give continuity to the campaign 'The Man Is Vasco', three kiosks will be installed at the Maracanã to promote the uptake of new members to the club. Vice of marketing for Vasco, Fábio Fernandes, says that today, the team of Hill already has a membership of 15 thousand new members, an average of 5 thousand people per day. The intention is to reach 100 thousand. Mathematically, the goal would be reached in 20 days, but according to Fernandes Fábio equation does not work that way. 

To keep these new members, the manager says it is important to achieve two stages. "First we have to have a 'product' that passion, like football, with wins and titles. Then, continue to launch benefits that please the fan. Nobody buys anything that is not good twice, "says Fabio Fernandes, referring to the monthly payments. 

Source: The Day online

Speculated in Vasco, Marlos hit with the São Paulo

The Sao Paulo will present the evening of next Monday its latest challenge to try to stop the problem of lack of creativity in mid-field. The half Marlos, 20, revealed by Coritiba, will be officially presented. The player has signed a five year contract with the Tricolor. 

The board now will go to try to put the player at the end of Wednesday's Libertadores Cup in America. The Tricolor has been with the documentation in the hands of the athlete and will send it in CBF on Monday. And the same day, it will be entered in Conmebol to be able to face the legal Cruise on Wednesday, at the Mineirão. 

The director of football of the Tricolor, João Paulo de Jesus Lopes, said that only the club's Morumbi will say officially only after the end of the Marlos, which ends on Saturday 23. 

- We have a great relationship with Coritiba and we respect them. 

The faded in the last hour, tried to cross trading, but could not, as Marlos already signed a pre-contract with the team of Morumbi. 


Aloísio talks about his childhood and life out of lawns

At 34 years, Aloísio not lost the way of boy. The open smile and joy are contagious from the same kid who grew up sharing the ball in the school CAMPINHOS of Atalaia, interior of Alagoas. The passion was so much that it came to repeat the fourth grade four times, is between laughs. 

- I always get dirty at the time of the class and call the teacher told my parents. 

As his father put Luiz of the punishment, his mother Maria only expected to leave the hole to relieve the husband of the child. With the support maternal, it dawn on CAMPINHOS Alagoano narrow, the place where it was plugged-in exchange for money, a cap of a gas or other gifts - to win the world. 

Roma football and owns an enviable resume - between the major world titles are a interclubes (2005) and a Brazilian tricampeonato by São Paulo (2006, 2007, 2008) - the attacker decided to accept the greatest challenge of his career. 

- My heart asked to come to Vasco. Had other proposals, some better, but take the club's B series is a challenge which no open hand to be part - said the attacker, who has already made available to the coach to debut with vascaína shirt. 

Besides wanting to put the elite in Vasco, the attacker prepares to make the biggest goal of his career plate, outside the four lines. By the end of the year, he intends to complete the works of the stadium Aloísio Chulapa in Atalaia, with capacity for 1,500 people. 

- I bought the program of eight trucks Morumbi, the mayor of the city will put the bleachers and the end of the year I will start the stage with some friends - said the player, who has called for some great day of football figures stamped as Rogério Ceni, Bebeto, Lugano, Alex Dias and Jorge Wagner. 

Besides the stadium, the player maintains a nursery for 30 children in his city. 

- I got it back with the football - is simply the player who started life as a factotum in a plant sugar cane and held it for 16-year career the ten brothers. 

Aloísio not started and is revered by comrades. The half Fernandinho told him it was in the stadium vibrated when the Japanese and was world champion Sao Paulo. The young left-lateral Pará, newly arrived, heard praise. 

- The Aloísio already won everything and has not lost the simplicity. It is an example for all who are starting, like me. 

Looking back the affection of colleagues, Aloísio follows the speech of any player in early career. 

- I am here to help. All that will be conquered by force of the group. 

If it only it, would Aloísio premiered yesterday. But the case is not so simple. As the window for international transfers only opens in August, it could, theoretically, play as of this date. Even with the injunction that his lawyer succeeded in court, after he shut down the Al-Rayan of Qatar, the Vasco is safeguarding not to have the same problem we had with Jeferson. In the Carioca championship, the club lost six points by the unlawful entry of the athletes. Scalded, the legal department of Vasco keeps caution. 

- We ask the lawyer to do a player to Fifa. If you get a favorable response, it plays immediately - said the vice president of legal Nelson Almeida. 

Source: Jornal do Brasil


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Gian: 'Who do you think looks the score was easy, but it was not'

The Vasco da Gama was a great challenge in this Saturday afternoon in San Januario stadium in Rio de Janeiro. But with a victory, by 3 to 0, the departed ghost named Atlético-GO. 

"Who do you think looks the score was easy, but it was not," the defender looked well Gian. 

"We face a good team that gave us a lot of work. Now is to keep pace and continue to take this trail back to the Basque elite." 

The Vasco not played anything in the first stage, still marked with Elton for 44 minutes. In the second stage, a man with the most, the best time carioca back and increased the marker at 28 minutes with Edgar. At 47 minutes, Ramon tried to cross and scored another. 

With over this victory, the team cruzmaltino maintained the 100% utilization, then without taking sum goals and nine points in the leadership of Segundona. 

For the fourth round, the Vasco vai to face the Parana in Curitiba Saturday, May 30, at 16.10. 

Source: Inside Football

Ramon, on game in Maracanã: 'We want to see 80 thousand people there'

On the third yellow card in the Copa do Brasil, the captain Carlos Alberto will not be in camp on Wednesday, against Corinthians. The player's absence is felt by the entire cast. "Carlos Alberto makes our team go. If I say he is not going to lack, be kidding. But Vasco is a time and hope that we can achieve win without him, "said Ramon. 

"We have a player that approaches the characteristics of it, that makes us a lot missing. We can not count on Jéferson and Fernando. The Magno only played one match ... I hope that the group seeks the overrun, "he added Dorival. 

Force which will have to come out of its pot, as the play Vasco Maracanã. "We always want to play in San Januario, but for reasons of safety and comfort is better than being in Maracanã. We want to see 80 thousand people there, "called Ramon, believes that being in his best professional moment. 

"In my previous club (International), I have not played. Now I'm taking sequence and showing to everyone who is Ramon and also who is the Vasco, "bubble. 

Source: This Day Online

Saturday, May 23, 2009

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PIMPÃO thanked the medical department of Vasco for their recovery

Recovered from a knee contusion in the striker Rodrigo ramesh r served 45 minutes in the tie with Cup victory by Brazil. For the game this Saturday (22/05) against Atlético-GO the player will start the game. PIMPÃO talked about the time that was injured. 

- I never had an injury. I treated three times throughout the day until I tried in Fortaleza. I can only thank the Department of Medical Vasco. The doctors, the physiotherapists, everyone did a great job. Now I'm back in training and had the support of my family that is very important to me. I was a week away, and the Reencontrá them feel more encouragement to work. The support of my family is vital. I work in twice for service and hope to show many joys to the fan - said. 

PIMPÃO ensures that despite the team being in the semifinal of the Copa Brasil, the focus of the moment is starting against Atlético. 

- We are very happy with the classification. All the players came here to Vasco with the title and will return to Serie A in Brazil. Since we are in the semifinal, we can go final and be champions, but let's think about it after the game with Atlético. Our main objective is our access, we do not believe in anything other than our return. We must be focused on starting on Saturday. The athlete has a great team and we have to be concerned - ramesh r Rodrigo completed. 

Source: official site of Vasco

Fan and former player of Vasco today to 74 years, returns to partner

The retired Abílio de Souza, 74 years, was more with a password in hand, in the crowded room in San Januário has been reformed to record new members to the club. When will you be the nice served, were more than 12 thousand registered - before the start of the program on Wednesday, the Vasco had only 900 members paying monthly. Away from the club 20 years ago, he met the old titles and led to reactivate them, trusting in the management of the idol and president Roberto Dynamite. 

The passion that made Abílio leave his home and go to San Januário make the contribution was passed on. Have counted more than a dozen grandchildren, all vascaínos, and I just asked the attendant Priscilla how to make them dependent. The history of it is closely linked to Hill. At the height of life, Abilio was athlete of the club, competing in the 400m free athletics. State Police at the time of Aeronautics, he was also responsible for getting the coal to the floor of the defunct club's athletics track. Head of a fleet of coal, facilitated the release of surplus. 

- That was 50 years ago. I am 20 years away. At the time of Eurico Miranda, I was not around here. Now I want to help. 

By the end of the day, the club reached the mark of 12,500 entries. If everyone started to pay monthly and become partners effectively, the desired mark of 100 thousand can no longer be just a dream.

Champs accounts is released and can remain in Vasco

The board of Vasco to announce next Tuesday its new supplier of sports equipment. A meeting on Monday will determine the elected. Are running in the Lotto, Nike and the Penalty. But the three suppliers unexpectedly won a competition: the Champs. According to a source in the last week, the company has paulista unlock all your bank accounts and returned to keep cash on hand. The accounts had been withheld due to a complaint of money laundering, which is still being investigated by prosecutors in São Paulo. 

With coffers full, the Champs and what to pay, about $ 1.3 million, and the coming of fall advance payments. If you meet the terms, the Vasco could receive at once about $ 1.8 million. Enough money to pay for two months of salary arrears of civil servants. 

Despite having reported the termination of the contract with Champs in last Monday, the club returned to the company asking for material, since the stock was depleted. Today, with five games to get the official shirt in white and two sets of long sleeves for the game of the 30th against the Paraná, São Januário. 

But to win a new vote of confidence from the board, the Champs have to convince the party leaders who want their departure. For this the company claims that its values are well above those of competitors. The Lotto had offered the club a contract of $ 14 million for three and a half years, which would give a monthly average of $ 333 thousand - about $ 212 thousand less than the contract with the Champs. 

Wanted by JB, the vice president's legal club, Nelson de Almeida, believes that the contract was terminated in the last 19 days. 

- If this is the decision of our Chairman of the Vasco can go back - looked. 

A 18 ª Vara Civil Eletrobrás forced the court to deposit in U.S. $ 1.61 million, when you make any payment to Vasco. The lawsuit was filed by a former occupant of the land of Duque de Caxias transferred to the Union club, who signed a few years ago, a confession of debt with the author of the action. 

Source: JB Online

Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Jéferson passes for modern treatment, but has no prediction back

It was everything the crowd wanted to hear cruzmaltina not. But the verdict of the doctor's Vasco Paulo Cesar Andrade is clear: Jéferson has no date of return to the team. With an inflammation of the pubis, the shirt 10 is going through a treatment of PRP (plasma rich in platelets) - innovative technique that is the boiling of blood at a concentration of platelets five times richer than regular blood. What makes the recovery of the mid-field is 40% faster. 

- He also received some infiltration. I think that with these methods can reduce the risk of surgery. But it is a very delicate treatment. Not venture a forecast for the Jéferson back to play - said the doctor. 

Contusion on the grounds of the half, the medical department believes in three cases. 

- It may have been due to lack of stretching before a game. Another variant is the muscle imbalance in athletes in relation to other players. And the race is not out of the ground (grass) irregular - Paulo César Andrade examined. 

This Monday, Jéferson trained separately on the Vasco-Barra. He ran for almost an hour in a field next to what was being done the training group. If used to boost the crowd, the player will have contact with the ball next week. 


Fernando talks about prassi match against Victoria in the next 4 Monday

Hired in early expecting to be the holder of the Vasco goalkeeper, Fernando prassi received the number 1 shirt, leaving the 50 for the companion James. But things were not as ex-goalkeeper has faded, Vila Nova, Coritiba and Union Leiria (Portugal) provided. Besides having been unsuccessful for technical Dorival Júnior, the gaucho of 30 years, only had the first chance to establish itself in time after four months training in San Januário. 

At the spot of James, which has undergone an arthroscopy on the right knee last Sunday, need to demonstrate prassi service not to fall back into oblivion of technical Dorival Júnior. A 'chance of gold' must last 30 days, time as its largest competitor will be away from the team. 

- I lucky in my debut and the first game of the Series B. Vasco Glad that ball in the beam not entered Brasiliense. After the anxiety and only after many months together with the team, I have the opportunity to get my space. Never had been so long without work. I need to prove that I can be among the 11 that go into the field - he said. 

According to the goalkeeper, the fact that Vasco run starting the second win against the outside of the home by the end of the fourth World Cup in Brazil, makes the duels more difficult for cruzmaltinos. 

- We need the result in San Januário, this Wednesday, anyway. While Victoria may act as the regulation in the second confrontation. Thus, the other in Bahia will be much more complicated - oo warned goalkeeper. 


Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Alan Kardec emphasizes dedication of time

The Vasco defeated the Brasiliense, this Saturday, for 1 to 0 in their debut in the Cup Series B Brasiliense, in a complicated game, which should be the focus of the competition. 

Players cruzmaltinos stressed the importance of getting the three points in the initial kick in the dispute, but stressed that the difficulties will only increase. 

- The match against Brasiliense was difficult, was not easily and not have any in Brasiliense. What is important is the dedication and, in the end, we won - said the attacker Alan Kardec. 

The next round of Series B, Vasco faces the Ceará on Saturday, at 16.10, in Fortaleza (CE). Before, the team plays in the fourth Copa do Brasil in São Januário, against Victoria - the way of confrontation quarter-final. 

Source: Lancenet

With injury of the meniscus, James will be operated and must return in 40 days

On the same day that Vasco had increased weight to the Series B, Dorival Júnior had a technical fall in the ship cruzmaltina. The goalkeeper Tiago twisted the right knee and the meniscus injuries in training on Friday. He will tomorrow by an arthroscopy and be away for 40 days. 

James was already playing in the sacrifice to not lose the position of holder. "I did not know the severity of the injury. I found a pain was normal. Also, my pinky finger of the left hand is also injured, "revealed the goalkeeper. 

Source: This Day Online

Vasco Aloísio settle in to wait two weeks

How was playing in Qatar, Aloísio could only be entered and settled in August due to international transfers window established by CBF. But the leadership of Vasco hopes to have the attacker up to two weeks. The strategy is simple. Appeal to the Labor Court alleging that the athlete could not be banned three months to practice. 

Aloísio must succeed in the action. The return to Brazilian football is not due to a loan or buying club federative rights. The striker's contract ended with the Al Rayyan club and he was not. Last year, the Czech Grêmio hired during the Brazilian Championship and made the same case 

- My concern now is to work soon. I have friends here and I know they can always count on me - Aloísio said. 

Aloísio Chulapa is at 34 years and defended the Al Rayyan since September last year when he left Sao Paulo. The hiring was approved by the attacker technical Dorival Junior, who wants a more experienced player in the industry. Currently, Vasco has Elton, Rodrigo PIMPÃO, Alex Teixeira, Alan Kardec, Faioli, Antônio Carlos and Edgar as options. All aged under 25. 

The director of football, Rodrigo Caetano, is confident in the success of the Aloísio Hill. 

- While it is not settled, he may be coaching the club. What is important is that he is with the group. 


Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Dorival Santa Cruz criticizes the violence, certainly turns Kardec

The friendly between Santa Cruz and Vasco was infested with violent moves. After the victory of turnaround of Cruzmaltino by 3 to 2 on the team coral, this Saturday, the Arruda, Dorival Júnior criticized the technical and very over-played surly team principal. 

"It was not to be. Football can not be this way. We came here to attend the festival along with Santa Cruz and saw many violent moves in this afternoon," he said, then amended. 

"We have to take into account that the two competitions dispute Vasco (Copa do Brasil and, on May 9, the B series of the Brazilian Championship). The Santa Cruz is to dispute the Series D of the Brazilian and can not run many risks "said the coach, who found the friendly useful for further observation. 

"It was important to evaluate some points, but nothing ultimately. All they want to show the work and everyone is taking chances. The important thing is to have a competitive team," revealed. 

In total, the game had seven yellow cards and one red. The excessive strength was evident after an entry of defender Leandro Camilo, of Santa Cruz, over the striker Alan Kardec, which is already in doubt for the game Wednesday against the ICASO in Juazeiro do Norte, the octave-to - end of the Copa do Brasil. 

Source: UOL

PIMPÃO 'get it all against ICASO'

Rodrigo PIMPÃO, one of four owners who started the friendly against Holy Cross, to see something good in the bad blood thrown in Arruda. 

He says the full game to leave the disputed bids Vasco further connected to the match against ICASO (EC), Wednesday, for the octave-to-final of the Copa do Brasil. 

- We had bids and aggressive, which was for direct removal. We are afraid, because we play on Wednesday. The good is that served to motivate us even more. We control everything with the ICAS (EC) - said. 

Source: Lancenet

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Dorival Junior tries to give strength to Léo Lima

Léo Lima was pursued by fans after the draw for 1 to 1 of Vasco with ICASO, this Thursday in São Januário, in the first game of the octave-to-final of Copa do Brasil. The half, which came in the second time in place of Alex Teixeira, vaiado and was very insulted by fans who cried after the match "Out, Léo Lima." The technical support has Dorival Júnior and ensures that the player still believes in its recovery during the season. 

Dorival Júnior believes that all the time Vasco played poorly against ICASO. And that would be unfair to blame the performance of the team was placed on the back of just one player. Léo Lima to come in and departure, and played the first ten minutes. But then fell quite in income and has many wrong moves. 

- Not because he (Léo Lima) was a departure below the produce that he knows I sacrifice it - said Dorival. 

Vascaína crowd shouted "Out, Léo Lima ', and half are defending Dorival Júnior gives ultimatum to Léo Lima 

In recent weeks, Dorival Júnior is talking extensively with Léo Lima in training. The coach has tried to show the player is required to the group and would like it to have a different behavior on the field. 

Léo Lima played only half the matches of the season Vasco (ten games against 20 of the time). It holds only three times, being replaced at all. In the other, the half came in the second time. He made two goals from penalty. The first against Botafogo. The other against the Mosque. 

- We believe in Léo (Lima) and expect him to show him where the work needs to recover. It is a matter of honor. He is principal. He knows playing soccer. 

Dorival Júnior was beyond. Said he considers the best player technically half the cast of vascaíno. But said that this is not enough. Want more dedication and commitment to training and games. You want the player to 27 years, will pay what everyone expects. 

- Technically the Leo is perhaps the best athlete of our list. Now he needs a regular basis. He has to put on the head, it's time to take a course in career-said.


Vasco hits with Aloísio

The Vasco closed hiring the attacker Aloísio to dispute the Series B. The player's attorney, Rafael Angioni, the contract should happen in the coming weeks, a meeting between him, the lawyer of Aloísio, Rodrigo Souza, president and Roberto Dynamite. 

- Just sign missing. Between the club and the player, it's all right. The Aloísio found the excellent performance of the proposed vascaína and Chief Executive Officer Rodrigo Caetano was decisive - he said. 

Aloísio sign commitment to Vasco until December this year. The idea of the club was close contract until December 2010, but the striker opted for a shorter link. 

According to the prosecutor, Aloísio, which landed in São Paulo this Thursday, is in good physical condition for the season in the Middle East. His debut could happen now in the third round of the Series B, against Athletic (GO), in São Januário. 

Source: Lancenet

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As punishment for poor performance, Alex Teixeira does not travel with the group

The bad performance of Alex Teixeira in tie for 1 to 1 of Vasco with ICASO in São Januário, the octave-to-final of Copa do Brasil, made the cut to be half way to the Northeast this Friday. The delegation embarked on the path to Recife, but the player will stay in Rio de Janeiro working and watching the games on TV. 

The Vasco is a friendly this Saturday against Holy Cross, at the Arruda, and then follows to Juazeiro do Norte, where the faces in ICASO decisive departure and that the wave trough in quarter-final. 

The technical Dorival Júnior not commented on the cutting Alex Teixeira, who replaced Carlos Alberto in the match against ICASO. But the permanence of the Rio player serves as a punishment. The commander cruzmaltino been talking extensively with the sock. Dorival believes the player can earn more in the field. 

In 15 games this year with the shirt of Vasco, Alex Teixeira was not any goal. In the 11 times he was holding, just replaced the coach in ten opportunities. 


Vasco teria sondado zagueiro Cláudio Caçapa, do Newcastle-ING

The ownership of Juninho in the Athletic goal is to count the days. The Chairman suspended the club, Alexandre Kalil, before traveling to Argentina, where he negotiates with a new shirt 1st The name that the club is interested Carlos Bossier, Lanús holder of almost a decade. 

At 36 years, the Argentine has passing by Benfica and the selection argentina. The advice of the press Lanús not confirm the deal. Wanted by the report, the president of football Lanús, Nicolás Russo, said he could not talk about it. 

Earlier this year, another Argentine goalkeeper was at stake. Mauricio Caranta, former Boca, was asked by Rooster. Time and athlete did not enter into financial arrangements. 

Nearly hit another player with the athletic and the defender Claudio Caçapa. Currently in Newcastle, England, the defender has served only four games as holder. 

According to sources related to the athletic, Caçapa had hit a two-year contract, but can only act in August. The chief executive of the Rooster, Bebeto de Freitas, was unwilling to rule on contracts. 

"Today, we have no statement to make about hiring," backed the manager. 

The Press office of Caçapa, Paulo Vilhena, confirmed a former contact, but said that only Vasco, Flamengo and Barueri seeking athlete. 

Source: The Time Portal Online

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James says that despite the tie Vasco is the favorite to classify

The Vasco disappointed by draw and only 1-1-EC with ICASO in São Januário, the first part of octave-to-final of the Copa do Brasil. But the goalkeeper James is confident in the team classification. The match will be back next Wednesday, on May 6, in Juazeiro do Norte. (watch the first tie of the best moments in St. Januário) 

The Vasco vai come into camp at a disadvantage since the tie with goals to give the wave ICASO. But James points out that the history of the club also serves to give the status of the Basque favorite in the confrontation. 

- The favorite is the Vasco, by tradition. There are all our respect, but the favorite is always the Vasco. If you ask ten people who is the favorite all that we will talk. But we have to prove it in court. 

Despite admitting the poor performance of the team, James notes that Hill's team will have a second chance to play well and ensure the vacancy. 

- No excuse. The team failed to make a good start. We left the first time by winning 1 to 0, but the second, instead of increasing the score, take the goal. Failed to create chances for goal. Fortunately, this happened in a moment that you can recover. Even though there is another game. Now we need to win there - he said. 

The goalkeeper did not hide the disappointment with the tie at home. The Vasco vaiado left the field by fans. 

- The draw for us was a defeat. We started the game there declassified. We must do what the coach asks. We put the ball on the floor, playing. Nor did that. 


Dorival Junior hopes to have Carlos Alberto for the game back

After the bad performance of the draw by Vasco 1-1 with ICASO, this Thursday in São Januário, in the first game of the octaves of-the-final Copa do Brasil, the technical Dorival Júnior fan for the back of Carlos Alberto time. The player is recovering from a swelling in the right thigh muscle and will follow with the group for the Northeast, where Vasco is a friendly this Saturday against Holy Cross and then travels to Juazeiro do Norte Ceará to face the team from the back. 

The forecast is that Carlos Alberto is recovered for the start of the day May 6. With this, the hope is that the coach the team again has a good performance on the field. 

- The Carlos Alberto trained well before the game against ICASO (on Thursday), is starting to drop. He travels and is not capable of playing the friendly, but the chance of him playing the second match against ICASO is great - Dorival said. 

The coach is expected to recover half of the physics to decide whether he starts or not the game. The Vasco already enter the field at a disadvantage. The draw for the 0-0 ICASO ranks. 

- I will wait to see how the recovery. But the idea is that he starts the match - said. 

With the return of Carlos Alberto, Alex Teixeira leave the team owner. 


James: 'This result can be considered a defeat'

The result of the comparison of trip-octave-final of the Cup of Brazil, even more at home, was not expected by Vasco: 1 to 1 tie in with the ICAS. 

And more than the bitter taste, were you the name calling and the crowd due to poor performance of the team throughout the match, even taking out ahead on the scoreboard. 

- This result can be considered a defeat. Who has to play at home and not take winning goals. Unfortunately, the Vasco did what the coach asked: play the ball, calm down the game and make investments. And unable to pierce the blockade of ICASO - considered the goalkeeper Tiago. 

To classify the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil, the Cruzmaltino at the back, on May 6, in Juazeiro do Norte (RN), needs a victory by any score or a tie by two goals or more . 

Source: Lancenet

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