Friday, March 5, 2010

Without Márcio Bald and Ernani, Mancini says young Carlinhos

The left-back Carlinhos participated in tactical training on Thursday in San Gennaro, the team considered reservation. The player received a special coach Vagner Mancini, who guided the athlete in various game situations.

Even with the absence of Márcio Bald suspended, and Ernani, who is recovering from an automobile accident, the coach should not opt for the boy.


Gago says Leo Taça Rio is more difficult than Taça Guanabara

After two wins in two games in the Cup Rio, Vasco showed that the defeat in the Guanabara Cup final behind us. Despite the optimism in the second round of the State, the steering Léo Gago admits that the difficulties will be even greater at this stage of the competition. The player, however, believes in the potential of the Hill Giant.

- In this round all matches will be much more difficult than the previous one, because all the teams know each other. All teams are more interlocking, but not afraid of any team. We will continue working, keeping your feet on the ground and calmly we reach the goals that is the title of State - said in an exclusive interview to the official site.

Source: Official website of the Vasco

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