Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Friday, March 20, 2009

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Vasco still looking at Justice, to obtain preliminary certificates

The Judge Marcella Araujo Brandão, the 6th of Federal Tax Enforcement, it does not have jurisdiction to hear the application for the injunction to get Vasco Certificates negatives that you would sign a contract with Eletrobrás. Now the action will be redistributed for a Civil Vara. According to the lawyer Alexandre Barreira, the process takes a day or two to be redistributed, but he gave no date for trial on the merits. 

Source: Extra

Vasco will face Central-PE, the Copa do Brasil, on 15 and 22/04

The CBF announced Friday that the dates and times of the confrontations of the second phase of Copa do Brasil. The games will be in days. At this stage, following the rule of the visiting team eliminated from the event can win back by two or more goals difference of the game going.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Recovered, Titi is ready to face the Flemish

According to the reporter Wilson Pimentel, the Super Radio Australia, the defender Titi, who was spared from training yesterday (17/03) participated in the activity normally performed today (18/03) morning, at Vasco-Barra, showing that is recovered from the muscle problems and ready to go to camp in the classic against Flamengo. 

Source: Supervasco

Ramon, on the Million Classic: 'I'm doing a dream'

The lateral Ramon already served by Inter in past seasons and have already participated in a classic against Grêmio. However, he said, despite the rivalry between the gauchos, the classic between Vasco and Flamengo is the mayor of Brazil 

- I am of the Holy Spirit and we are very influenced by Rio Rio grew up watching football and could prove the greatness of the classic. There is nothing that is called a classic of the millions. It is a special part moves the passion of fans of both clubs and contagious throughout India - explained. 

Furthermore, the side showed that it was the will Vasco since the days of childhood. 

- Here in my home, has Botafoguense, Flamenguista and Tricolor. But my father is Vascaíno and learned to love the club as him. Semrpe watching the games on TV. Now, stou realziando a dream - concluded. 

Source: Lancenet


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Jéferson: 'Let's split-field'

The classic this Sunday (22/03), in the Maracanã will be the first Vasco x Flamengo's career midfielder Jéferson. Aware of the difficulties, the half vascaíno ensures that the cast is going to grab the duel against the biggest rival. 

- Is one of the most difficult of the Carioca. The whole group will come into camp to get the victory, winning the Flemish and the classification for the semifinals will be closer. To achieve the three points, we will deploy in the field. The union and the determination of each of us will be the same as we have shown - he said. 

Jéferson expected to match that has received requests from many vascaínos. 

- Where I'm stopped by fans who ask me to win the Flemish and make a goal in the match. The thought of each of the cast it is. I have no vanity with goals, it is important to help the team win, but if you leave my goal, I will be very happy - Jéferson completed. 

Source: official site of Vasco

Classic Millions of 650 police will take care of security

In this reunion Wednesday at the headquarters of the Football Federation of Rio de Janeiro (Ferj), it was decided the entire security scheme for the classic between Vasco and Flamengo, this Sunday, in the Maracanã. 

Attended by representatives of both clubs and the various entities involved in the confrontation, the number of police patrols in the event was officially announced: 650. 

Grouping will be 350 soldiers of the Special Policing in Stadiums (GEPE) inside the Maracanã and 300 of the 6th Battalion of Military Police (Tijuca), with ten pairs of horses in the outside and the surroundings. 

In addition, the Company and Traffic Engineering (CET-Rio) put ten trailers, three cars, two supervisors and 22 officers in place to curb, especially the parking illegally. 

Source: Globo Online

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Ramon dreams of goal in the Classic Millions

In the first weeks of tactical training, Dorival Júnior climbed the Vasco with two novelties. Nilton The back of the steering wheel, which kept automatic suspension against Boavista and enter the place of Matthew, and the escalation of Alex Rodrigo Teixeira instead of ramesh r. During the training, the technician stopped the activity several times and devoted special attention to side and Paulo Sérgio Amaral Ramon and the steering wheel. They have a responsibility to cancel Leonardo Moura and Juan. 

- Football in my opinion, is repetition. So often the training stopped. We must each understand their role and will be an important game, where every detail will make a difference - the coach said Dorival Júnior. 

Anxious with their first classic against Flamengo, the lateral Ramon, who started his career in the International, not afraid of the challenge and sees no time to get on the field, especially after the provision for his mother, Margaret. 

- She said that we will win the game and I will make the goal of victory - proved the hopeful side, with the support of parents in Maracanã. - You can even be fun, since I'm not goal for almost a year, but maybe it's time? 

Taking place several Gre-Nais, Ramon lives anxiety above normal. 

- I do not talk to the cell on Sunday. Before entering the field I hear a lot electronic music and hip-hop to be more focused - promises the player, who has set a goal around the plate in the first team in the second round, against Friburguense. At the time, the player arrived at the entrance of the area and tried to touch on a beautiful cover. Just do not mistake the goalkeeper. 

Source: Jornal do Brasil

After losing penalty, Kléber Pereira Santos called for Vasco

The penalty that squandered against Rio Branco-AC, in this Wednesday, in the Vila Belmiro, the Cup of Brazil, seems to have moved with the head of the attacker Kléber Pereira. To explain the bid after the match, the striker moved the ball. 

- It was the first penalty I lost here in Vasco - said the player who ended up being correct then. 

Stopped after 17 days because of a muscle injury, the striker is redeemed in the game, and then, eventually leaving his own, completing the cross-head Neyma. 

- I am there to help the team. I had some chances and I think it could even have done more goals. But it happens. Important is that I help out the team winner. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com


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Monday, March 16, 2009

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ramon: "We all we have to able to fight for the title '

To start this Sunday (15/03), against Boavista in Bacaxá the left side, Ramon expects the Vasco between with the same attitude that came in the classic against Botafogo in the last round. For him, the team will be more confident for the game today. 

- The game against Botafogo was very exciting, because it is a classic. Vibrate much within the field, we play well and win. Show for all that we have able to fight for the title. The classic was a landmark because it was the game against the winner of the Guanabara Cup. We are more confident and jogaremos with the same attitude against Boavista - said. 

For Ramon, each victory in the competition makes the team even more united. 

- We are a growing crowd and is more confident in our group. We are very happy. Each victory that can only leave us more united in pursuit of our goal - the complete player. 

Source: Official Site of Vasco

Fernando celebrates his first goal for Vasco

No player was happier after the match against Boavista of the defender Fernando. 4 The shirt was the goal of victory, the first with the shirt of Vasco, and gave evidence of race while playing with the head band because of bleeding during a good part of the game. 

- A move was the result of hard work from Dorival Júnior. Nilton was not in camp, but I could help. I knew one o'clock this goal by Vasco went out - out. 

In winning move, made the role of Fernando Nilton placement within the area. The wheel has already scored three goals in the Carioca after crossings of Paulo Sérgio. 2 shirt also had the assistance in the goal from Fernando. 

Source: Lancenet

Son of Donizete Pantera leaves Vasco

Renan Donizete the panterinha, who disputed the Campeonato Carioca Mirim in 2008 by Vasco was released by the club. 

The release of the amateur athlete, who came to run the Cup this year Gazetinha The shirt with the 8, was published in the Official Gazette of FERJ of March 11. 

Renan came to Vasco from the CFZ in mid 2008. 

Source: Base Blog

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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James gives back over and now holds the absolute Vasco

For anyone who has closely followed the lowering of Vasco last year, the defense cruzmaltina invincibility, which has lasted 455 minutes, is one of the big surprises of the team Dorival Júnior. Owner of the best defense of competition, the Giant's Hill has as its greatest asset to the classic Thursday the excellent defensive phase that the industry is living. The last time an opponent managed to swing the networks vascaínas was the fourth game of the Guanabara Cup, against Resende. And much of that invincibility is the right time of James, who recovered and brought the confidence back to the beams. 

The redemption of the goalkeeper has a special taste for the bad bits that he lived in San Januário last year. Initially barred by Roberto and then also by Raphael, even he was getting in the bank reserves in the last games of the Brazilian Championship. Even earlier this year, with its moral technical committee also went downwards. 

Was not a case of indiscipline that eventually results in its waiver, Rafael would have started the season as owner. Fernando prassi himself, engaged the Union Leiria, Portugal, also reached the hill with the confidence of the board to take the beams cruzmaltinas, both receiving the shirt 1. 

What prevented the start of Fernando Carioca as holder was the delay in their settlement. The fate shot put in the hands of James, who made great plays and now holds absolute Dorival Júnior. He even got a chance to beat shortages, something that the old coaches had vetoed.

Ramon eager to mark his first goal with a shirt of Vasco

The left-lateral Ramon has been increasing boldness by race and demonstrated with the shirt of Vasco within four lines. The 2nd time of victory over Friburguense, the player almost scored a beautiful goal of coverage, but the goalkeeper Marcos prevented the feat with a slap playing the ball to escanteio. Interestingly, the bid came after a nice player to take a "hard" the technical Dorival Júnior. 

- For I had a moment of inattention and then cry that I gave Dorival more income. It was a tough constructive. He is a trainer friend, who speaks at all real. Players have dialogue with him and it is important to develop a good football - Ramon said. 

The side sees no time to set a goal with a shirt cruzmaltina. 

- I just make a goal by Vasco. I am living a good stage and a goal will serve to mark the moment. This is all the result of the serious work we are doing. I am a player looking for that goal, I try to play football with joy - out. 

Source: official site of Vasco


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Amaral brings family to Christ the Redeemer

The wheel of Vasco Amaral's team celebrated the victory on the Friburguense on Sunday, by 3 to 0 in Cup debut in Rio, with his family at Christ the Redeemer. 

He is the second player to cast vascaíno more games with the shirt of the Hill Giant - 104 against 118, Léo Lima -, followed relatives in Rio tourist point. 

- I have been to Christ sometimes. Today (Monday) I came here because some relatives are visiting me and I wanted to show it. I adapted well to Rio de Janeiro - Amaral said. 

The player was in place in the morning, as the afternoon the cast cruzmaltino resubmit it at the Vasco-Barra, starting the preparation for the classic Thursday, against Botafogo. 

The Alvinegro won the Guanabara Cup and Champions Cup in Rio facing the club. If the title is back to General Severiano, the club takes the Carioca championship run without a decision.

Fernando detects errors in the defensive system

Despite the victory by 3 to 0 on the Friburguense last Sunday, the defender Fernando was not happy with the performance of the defensive sector vascaíno. 

"If our opponents have created opportunities is because we are missing something. Despite the victory, we know that does not play so well, but that was enough. I said it in the dressing room. Glad it wrong when we miss," said the Radio globe. 

Source: This Day Online

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Directors get loan and promises to pay employees up to 4th

According to Super Radio Brasil, the president of Vasco Roberto Dynamite and administrative vice president, José Hamilton Mandarino, succeeded in last Friday, a club loan to remove the debts with the officials. The value was not disclosed, but the president promised to pay wages vascaíno delayed until next Wednesday, March 11th 

Source: JS Online

TV Globo will broadcast the games of Vasco

The narrator Ricardo Moreira, Carioca on Radio, TV Globo will follow in the Vasco Campeonato Brasileiro Série B's, with live games, only to Rio de Janeiro. Luis Roberto and Junior will be responsible for the mission. They do not travel. Will be in the "off tube" in the studios of the Botanical Garden in games outside of Rio de Janeiro. When Vasco play in São Januário, the departures will not televised live by TV, but the channel paid Slav. 

Source: Supervasco

Monday, March 9, 2009


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Benítez makes the hair Carlos Alberto

The Paraguayan Benítez drew attention to the new look. The supporter had the incentive of Carlos Alberto, who indicated their particular hairdresser. The visual was made yesterday in the braided section of the shirt 19. 

- I changed and I was pleased with the outcome - said Benítez.

Ramon: 'It's your resume'

Without playing since the day on February 18, when the Flemish goleou of Piauí Cup by Brazil, Vasco field again this Sunday (08/03) in the 1st round of the Giant's Cup Rio Hill receives the Friburguense at 16h, in São Januário. 

The left-lateral Ramon not think of anything other than the victory at home. 

- It's your resume in Carioca. We find with our fan and they want the Vasco make a good second round. Train for that and we will get well. We classify the first for the semifinal and then, will result - said. 

According to Ramon, the group is united vascaíno and this may be a gap in the competition. 

- We are a family even. We are friends inside and outside the field and this will help greatly in our performance in this second round of the State - Ramon completed. 

Source: official site of Vasco

Paulinho: 'I believe to conquer my little space'

Presented on Friday, the steering wheel Paulinho, 20, has been shown to cast integrated. 

- I start ago, but I believe to conquer my little space - said the athlete. 

Source: Lance

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Friday, March 6, 2009

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Cast trained strongly this Thursday in São Januário

The players worked hard in the Vasco Thursday in São Januário. The technical Dorival Júnior not spared their run to the Cup debut in Rio, against Friburguense on Sunday, in the Hill. The group stayed in camp for over two hours. A good mood, the athletes left the club around 20h. 

The coach did a technical work, one tactical, and charges of misconduct and penalties. The half Carlos Alberto said that the spirits of the group is raised to the second round of the competition. 

- The call never did. Everything remains the same. We outlined some goals for the classification and we are looking it. What happened in the first round has already been forgotten, not what most think. 

In the first part, the Vasco just deleted the Guanabara Cup for having escalated the half Jéferson in an irregular manner. The club was out of the semifinals after having lost six points in the trial conducted in the Court of Sports Justice. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Luiz Américo denies delays into the water, electricity and gas

Moreover, the manager also informed that the accounts of light, water and gas are in the club days. The legal advisor of the club, Luiz Americo de Paula Chaves, said everything's on the Hill days. 

- It is not true what was said in relation to gas, water and light. 

Source: GloboEsporte.com

Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Vasco sign contract and the Series B can explore 'carpet' behind the goals

The chairman Roberto Dynamite was with José Neves, president of the FBA. You heard what he wanted. The club must sign up Friday to join the contract of the Series B. The figures are far from solving urgent problems. In 2008, the division earned U.S. $ 100 thousand per month per club. The organization sold the right to Vasco to sell the "carpet" ad, next to the beams. The club must plead about $ 3 million that the TV can add to the Series B contract by a large drop. In 2008, the Corinthians was with this value. 

Source: The Globe

Dynamite has made U.S. $ 6 million to get certificates

The chairman Roberto Dynamite has made U.S. $ 6 million to remove debts with the government and get the certificates of sponsorship for the release of Eletrobrás. Despite all the effort, the club needs to raise additional $ 2 million to clear the debt. 

Source: This Day Online

Monday, March 2, 2009

Carlos Alberto praises Elton style of play: 'In very helpful'

In goleada the CFZ, the whole vascaíno was good, but two athletes, in particular, stood out. Léo Lima Elton by the beauty and variety. Explanation: while the first marked by coverage of the halfback, the second rocked the networks enemy thirteen times. Of medium and short distance and also for coverage, common light touch over the goalkeeper, the former striker of Santo André has pleased everyone, from the technical commission and companions, say that Carlos Alberto. 

"The Elton has different characteristics. And that is good for those who play halfback, as he holds the ball well there in front. In very helpful", considered the master of the Hill. 

Source: the Official Sports

Entrepreneurs arrecadarão funds to obtain certificates, says journalist

The reporter Jorge Nunes, of the Round Table, the CNT channel, entrepreneurs will be linked to Vasco together tomorrow to raise money for the payment of certificates negative, and thus close the sponsorship of Eletrobrás. It is the collection of a value of approximately R $ 7.5 million. According to the reporter, the former president Antônio Soares Calçada is heading the initiative, and not only participates directly by health problems. 

Source: Supervasco

Dynamite on rumors: 'They want to emerge something'

To sign contract with Vasco, the technical Dorival Júnior imposed some conditions. And one among them has not been met - the wages of success, not only to pay month to month, and in anticipation of the salaries of the 25th to the 5th. Yesterday, with one more day of delay in filing of wages in January (the players recruited this year have not seen the color of money), Vasco-Barra circulated by the information that Dorival already considering the possibility of leaving the club. 

What was just a rumor gained strength with the cancellation of training yesterday and today afternoon and the morning of tomorrow. Yesterday, the players trained only in the morning, today will be the game-training against CFZ also tomorrow morning and get off the team. A change fully applicable, but that with the rumors about the dissatisfaction of the technical, have to strike white contours. 

- It is true that news that a strike is being articulated. We resolve everything internally. I Dorival and we are not professionals who are exposing the club, not the athletes - rejected with vehemence, the executive Rodrigo Caetano, explaining the change in terms of technical committee. 

He says the training of yesterday afternoon was canceled because of physical wear, and today by changing the time of the game against the CFZ-training (from 15h30m to 9am), and tomorrow in light of the confirmation of the first in the Rio Cup , against Friburguense, for day 8 (not on 7), which has given the Sunday off. 

EXTRA heard by some players also denied the motion, and the chairman, Roberto Dynamite. This, however, said the rumors are being made to destabilize the club.

- This story came to strike because they want to emerge something. The football is going very well. External problems happened in the Guanabara Cup, but they showed strength in the field, and then starts to create another type of situation. I can not speak for others, but the situation of Vasco is to some extent different. I do not mean that we live in a sea of roses, but not go through those things that are creating - the bubble chair.

O melhor lugar em beleza

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Nosso amenidades incluem itens como acesso sem fios à Internet em nosso alojamento, jardins levando até a piscina e um jacuzzi complexo, um baixista estocados lago, padle e barcos de pesca, canoas, mini-golfe, trilhas, um parque infantil, ferraduras, camarotes, um estado da arte balneário.

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